Tere Sheher Mein 16th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Tere Sheher Mein 16th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tilak asking for the letter. He sees Amaya looking for auto. She goes as she has to meet the worker. Tilak gets to know this about auto strike. Amaya tries to hire an auto. Tilak takes someone else’s bike. Amaya calls Rama and asks him to come to drop her. Rama says I m far, I will take 2 hours to come. Tilak comes to her and asks why is she worried. She says she has to go somewhere urgently and he offers her lift. She thinks she has to meet worker soon, if it was not necessary, she would have answered this ill mannered guy. She asks him to get any auto for her. He asks her to sit on the bike and hold him tight as there are pits on the way. She says its fine.

He says you called me Bhaiya, whats the problem them, hold. She holds him as he drives rough. He drops

her. She thanks him for dropping her and saving her. He removes the helmet. She gets shocked seeing its Tilak. He says mention not. She says he is big cheater, he has beaten Rama so much, Rama did right to beat him, she would have not taken lift if she knew its him. He holds her hand and asks will you go after I helped you. She slaps him and scolds him.

She leaves. Tilak says this slap has hit my heart, now my eyes will be on you. Amaya meets the worker and asks about any way to go back by bus. He tells her the way. She thanks him. Tilak asks his friend to serve the postman to get answer and waits for Amaya. He asks the worker where did the girl go, who was she, her name… The man says she went that way, I don’t know her name. Tilak thinks where did she disappear. He comes back to his friends. They ask where did he go, whose bike is this. Tilak says he was helping a girl and got a slap. He asks did postman say anything. They say no. Tilak says we will beat him till morning, he will answer in morning.

Amaya tells Gupta that she reached on time and got all the items. Gupta says you are fulfilling Kangana’s order and blesses her. Amaya does the work. Rama smiles seeing her and talks to her about Chaar Dhaam yatra. She says I m not old. He teases her seeing the white color in her hair. He stops her from seeing the mirror and pulls her leg. She sees the white dye in her hair and beats him. Music plays………….. She scolds him and calls him old. They sit and laugh. She tells him about Tilak and she has slapped him. He asks did she slap as he has beaten Rama. She says yes, he has misbehaved with me. He says good, all girls should be like you, where did you meet him. She says when she was going to get order items. She says she is hungry, they shall have dinner now.

Sumitra does the puja and gives Prasad to everyone, except Amaya. Amaya prays that she succeeds in doing the order well and goes. Rama leaves for the shop. Tilak asks the men to get answer from postman. The man says I don’t remember. They torture the postman. The postman says I don’t know. Tilak asks for the girl’s name.

The postman says there were many letters, he can’t remember the name. Tilak scares him and asks him not to go to police. He leaves the postman free. Shamu gets the letters and one letter has Amaya’s name. Amaya gives food to the workers and asks them to take 15 min break. She gives tea to Gupta. He blesses her for working so hard for their family. He worries seeing the diya blowing off and tells Amaya. She gets busy in kitchen. He says it will be abshagun if diya gets blown off. Tilak says we have to find that girl and letter, it has our secret and fate, we have to kill that person.

Tilak and his friend see the girl’s pic and says she is Amaya. His friends go to stab Amaya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Horrible epi ..wats goin on in this show

    1. Horrible episode yaar… what is happening..????
      what a floppy flow… So predictable…

  2. Kudos to the writer for turning a promising and beautiful show into utter crap… Either bring back the old characters and storyline or just shut this show for good…. If the production house had to turn it into a regular and utterly stupid saas bahu drama, why did they start with a different storyline?

  3. guys tilak kuch kar sakte hai.

  4. Waste


    Don’t watch


  5. Who is tilak ? Y he want to kill amaya ?

  6. Excuse me.. Cn any1 say me whr z mantu? Pls pls..
    I usd to watch diz shw fr manya.. Bt aftr i gt to knw amaya married rama i lft watchng diz..

  7. What a bakwass episode

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