Tere Sheher Mein 16th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Sneha running to her room crying, knowing about Gajanand’s heart attack. Amaya and Rachita go after her. Rudra talks to Sharma and asks him to return the haveli to Mathurs, he will pay the money. Sharma asks why is he bearing loss. Rudra says sometimes loss is also benefit. Amaya and Rachita ask her to open the door. Sneha says she is fine and asks them to go. They leave giving her some time. Sneha recalls Gajanand and cries. She says mum will be very worried. Rudra sees Hari’s pic and says Mathurs have snatched my home and my childhood memories, not my plan will not go waste, I will ruin everything.

He says they don’t have anything else than haveli and recalls Hari’s words. He says how are they related to Gajanand Chobey, is there any close relation with

him, he has to find out. Sneha comes out of her room and Rachita says where is she going. Sneha goes out and stops at the stairs of Chobey nivaas, recalling her oath. She cries and faints. Rachita comes and holds her. She asks her to get up and come home, why did she come out when she is unwell. Rachita calls Amaya to come fast. They make Sneha rest.

Rachita says everything will be fine, don’t take stress. Amaya thinks mum will be worried till she does not know that Nana ji is fine, he is fine but how can I tell him. She recalls Gajanand’s words. She asks Sneha not to worry, Nana ji is fine, she called hospital just now, they said he is fine and will be discharged soon. Sneha thanks Amaya. The girls talk that Sneha is near her dad, but still can’t meet him. Amaya says her aim is to take care of mum, she has applied for jobs and will get any call.
Manish calls her and offers a good job. She asks how did he get her details. He recalls Mantu’s words and says it does not matter. He asks her to come for interview. She thanks Lord as the financial problem will be solved. She says she never gave any interview, what if she is not selected. She tells Rachita the news and asks her not to tell anyone till she gets the job. Rachita says she will prepare her for the interview.

Uma scolds Mantu for not having food and coming late. He asks him to have food and says Chiklu had food and slept. She asks where did he go. He gives her money and says its just advance. She asks will he affect health for money. She says its not just for money, but for Chiklu, home and her marriage. She gets glad. He likes the food. She says I knew it. He says he will keep her marriage grand. She says she will study, and then work, to help him in arranging money. He says fine, money will be arranged soon, I will do your marriage far, serve your husband, I need some good guy. Uma is shocked and cries.

She calls him the foolish guy in the world and scolds him. She leaves. He says don’t know what happens to her when he talks about her marriage. Manish calls him and says he has called Amaya for interview tomorrow. Mantu thanks him. Manish says he called her one hour before and asks him to prepare her in one hour for the interview. Mantu says fine, but she should not know I recommended her.

Amaya tries to focus and not think about Mantu. She imagines Mantu and smiles. He says if you don’t have feelings for me, then its fine, tell me that you don’t love, see in my eyes. She says no, its not true, I love you. She hugs him and opens her eyes. She says Vasudha told right, this truth can’t hide from me, I m in love, I love you Mantu.

Amaya tells Mantu that its her interview with Mukherjee. Mantu says he can give her tips to impress Mukherjee in interview. Uma looks on angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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