Tere Sheher Mein 16th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Gajanand and Dev arguing. Gajanand says he is not related to Rishi, and Sneha died for me when she has run away with Rish and married him, I have thrown her out of my life, she is dead for me. He says if you take Rishi’s name or not, I m not related, if you link his name with mine, remember I will not leave you, Rishi’s family is bearing punishment till now, I have seen her insult today, you wanted to hear this right. Dev says you got angry, I will do puja now. He gives the cheque. Rudra says this is right chance to impress Gajanand. He stops Dev and says he won’t take cheque, and just wants cash.

Dev says I will sign and give. Gajanand taunts Dev, and asks how can anyone do bidding without cash. He asks does he have 21000rs. Dev asks is there any difference

between cash and cheque, do you know me. Rudra says you might be big businessman, but we can’t take cheque. Dev says I will send someone and get cash in 1 hour. Rudra says its 41 mins left for Rudra Abhishek. Dev says I will pay 1 lakh per min. Rudra denies. Dev says I have to respect time, Gajanand has time and cash, so I will take my bidding back.

Sneha hears them arguing and cries. Gajanand asks Rudra to give mic to Dev. Dev says he is taking his bidding back. He says don’t get happy by this small win, as our fight is much ahead. Gajanand says I have won the fight and bidding too. Dev leaves. His pen falls and Sneha hides her face. He goes. Kaushalya thinks she will make Amaya and Gajanand fight. Rama’s mum says why should we talk to Rachita well, if Chobey does not care. Rama feels sad for Rachita.

Kaushalya asks Amaya to do bidding, for Sneha’s sake. Amaya says she does not have money. Kaushalya says you and Rachita work, I will get some money, don’t worry. She brings money and asks Amaya to do bidding, and emotionally blackmails her. Gajanand is giving money, and Amaya bids saying 22001rs from Rishi’s family. Rudra and Kaushalya smile. Uma asks Mantu why is Amaya bidding. Mantu says I don’t know. Snehe asks Amaya what is she doing. Amaya says I have taken loan. Rachita asks Sneha to let Amaya do this, she is doing this for dad’s self respect. Jaz disagrees.

Gajanand scolds Rudra for calling him for insult. Rudra asks Amaya what is she saying, she can’t bid. Amaya says this bid is of her dad’s name and respect. Rudra asks Sneha to explain. Gajanand insults them. He says Amaya did not save me that day and left me to die. The hospital admin sees her and asks Chobey to see she is Nidhi Sharma. Amaya asks him not to say. Gajanand asks what, did you leave anyone to die again. The man says no, she has saved your life, she is Nidhi Sharma. Gajanand and everyone are shocked.

Gajanand says what nonsense. The man says I m saying right, you are alive because of her, she saved your life. Pushpa smiles. Kaushalya signs Rudra. Rudra holds his head. Gajanand recalls Amaya helping him, and he has made her go away. He shakes up and Dinesh holds him. Gajanand says how did I do such big mistake, she saved my life, I did not identify her, I should be punished for this. He says I m ashamed that she saved me, whom I said I will like to die than getting saved by her. He says I have to live on Rishi’s daughter’s pity. Pushpa asks what is he saying. Gajanand says I m not ashamed to accept my mistake.

He apologizes to Amaya infront of everyone and takes his words back. Amaya says no Nana ji. He says no, we will never be related. Amaya and Sneha cry. Kaushalya smiles. Gajanand thanks Amaya for saving a stranger’s life. He accepts his failure infront of everyone, and takes his name back from Rudra Abhishek. He asks Rudra to give this chance to Mathur family. He asks Amaya to say what she wants, he will pay for her favor. He leaves from there. Mathur family is called to do Maha Abhishek. Mantu claps and Uma stops him. Mantu says Amaya has done this for her dad, she is brave. Rishi’s name is written on the board. Sneha says I did not think this will be so costly.

Uma and Amaya drink some bhaang, Uma plans to see how Amaya manages now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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