Tere Sheher Mein 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 16th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dimple asking Pushpa why did dad get so much angry. Dinesh says I could not bear his tears today. Pushpa says his anger is a curtain to his tears, don’t worry, I will go to him. Dimple asks whats happening, I m your wife, tell me. Dinesh says nothing, serve food, I have to go early in morning. Pushpa goes to Gajendra. Uma talks to Mantu about Chiklu. Rama comes and asks what happened, why is Mantu so angry. Mantu tells about Chiklu’s wrong habits.

Rama asks Mantu to cool down and explain Chiklu. Mantu says I respect you as friend, but I will not bear this. Rama returns the money he gave for fees, and asks him to come along. Mantu says I will meet later. Amaya packs her bag. Amaya tells Rishi that she is his super girl and will make all things fine by going Mumbai.

Uma asks Chiklu not to be angry, as Mantu loves him a lot, so he scolded you. Chiklu says so he slapped me, I know you are favoring him, he has sent you. She says go and say sorry to him, Mantu is his elder brother, he did wrong and so he got the slap. He says he slapped me infront of my friends and dragged me home, is this the way.

Amaya says she is going Mumbai back and takes Rishi’s pic along. Uma says Mantu wants you to get good numbers, then see he will believe you have grown up, have food now, come. Chiklu refuses and she leaves. Amaya says I m sorry Rachita and Jaz, I did not tell you, I m going, you take care of mum, I will earn money and call you all, this is what we all want.

Mantu comes to Chiklu and asks him to have food. He sees he slept and makes him sleep properly.Chiklu gets angry. Mantu leaves and gets sad. Amaya sees Sneha and cries. She apologizes to her and thinks Sneha always thinks good for them, but I know you will understand this, I m really sorry to hurt you and go like this, but finally you will be proud of me one day.

Chiklu thinks Mantu does not value him, he will become big man and then he will know he is wrong, and promises him. Chiklu sees Mantu sleeping and takes his bag. Amaya sees Sneha sleeping and takes some cash from the cupboard. Chiklu throws the books and takes some clothes in his bag. He takes money and says I will return it, I m not thief, I need this now. Amaya comes to sisters’ room and cries. She says my Jaz, and gives her mosquito repellent racket. She hugs their pic and keeps it beside Rachita.

She says bye to them and leaves. Chiklu covers Mantu with blanket and says I m going, I will come back when I become a big man and make you proud. He leaves. Amaya thinks where will she get rickshaw at night. She sees a rickshaw and wakes up the man. She says drop me to airport. He says go with someone else, I m sleeping. She insists and says come on, take extra money. He refuses. She leaves. Chiklu wakes him and asks him to drop him to station. The man says I told no. Chiklu lies to him of his contacts with police and scares him.

The man says I will take you. Rudra’s friends sees Amaya and calls Rudra. He says its big news, why is he not taking call. Amaya gets scared being alone.

Rudra asks his friend to stop Amaya. Sneha asks Jaz is everything ok. Jaz shows Amaya’s racket. Sneha goes to Amaya’s room to keep it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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