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The Episode starts with Rama asking Amaya is she fine. She says yes, and thinks to send Rama, as she can’t tell him she is going to meet Gajanand. She asks him to stop bike and scolds him for driving bike well. Rama argues being annoyed and leaves. Amaya meets Gajanand. The nurse asks is she his granddaughter. Amaya says yes. The nurse says he just slept. Amaya takes permission to keep the idol and prays that Gajanand recovers soon. She keep the idol there and leaves. She stops seeing Sneha coming and hides.

Sneha sees the Mahadev idol and saks who has kept it here. Amaya folds hands and signs the nurse. The nurse says many people come to meet Gajanand. Sneha blesses the one who kept idol here and goes to meet doctor.

Bua asks Amma to have samosas, and asks Sumitra whats the

time, why did Amaya not come till now, call her and ask. Amaya comes out and her slipper breaks. She tries taking auto. Sumitra calls her and asks where is she, its time for Kangana to come. She asks her to come in 5mins. Kangana and Amaya stop the same auto. Kangana sees Amaya not walking well. The driver says that madam called me first. Kangana asks him to take Amaya first, as she is in problem. She sees Amaya sitting well and scolds her, for being clever and fooling her. Amaya says you are mistaken, my slipper… and gets call. She says think anything, I don’t have time for lecture.

Kangana says even I have someone handicapped in my family and know the pain. Amaya says let me go, and argues. She pushes Kangana and leaves. Kangana says she is very ill mannered, I will see her if she meets again. Amaya comes home. Sumitra asks where was she. Amaya says I went to market and bought flowers. Sumitra asks her to arrange flowers in Kangana’s room and thinks why did Kangana not come till now, if Kangana bonds with Amaya, it will be a new problem.

Kangana comes home and Sumitra hugs her. Sumitra asks why is she upset. Kangana says she met an ill mannered girl, she was acting as if she is handicapped. Amaya comes and says she has put flowers in Kangana’s room and gets shocked seeing Kangana. She thinks this is Kangana. Kangana says this is the girl who did acting and took the auto, outside the hospital. They scold Amaya for lying. Amaya says wait, listen to me.

Amaya says yes, I met her and took auto, I did not lie, my slipper broke, you asked me to come home in 5 mins, I went to meet Nana ji, don’t I have right to see him in his unwell state, what bad did I do. Bua argues. Nani scolds Amaya and raises hand. Kangana stops her Nani and says maybe Amaya is saying true, who is she. Sumitra says that’s Rama’s wife Amaya. Kangana says lets end this fight here, I m very tired after long journey, show me my room. Sumitra asks her to come. She asks Amaya to send tea and snacks. Amaya nods and cries.

Kangana likes the room and hugs Sumitra. Bua says Amaya made your mood off. Kangana says its fine, she did not know me. She hugs Sumitra. She says I will show what I had from haridwar. Sumitra says she has always regarded her as her own daughter. Mohini says we missed you in Rama’s marriage. Kangana says yes, I wanted to come, he would be annoyed, I will make his fav food.

She shows the shawl she designed for Sumitra. Bua asks her to rest, she will get snacks for her. Bua, Mohini and Nani leave. Kaushalya asks Rachita is she going out. Rachita says yes, I m going to market, do you want anything. Kaushalya says no, and asks her not to go, as people still have her marriage matter fresh in talks. Rachita does not care and goes.

The ladies gossip about Rachita and say how her younger sister cheated her and ruined family name. Nani says Rachita is fool, we will teach her a lesson. Nani says Amaya snatched her husband as well her food. Bua passes taunts. Rachita gets sad. Bua says no one will marry her now. Sneha comes and asks how dare they taunt Rachita. Nani says who will marry her, its true. Sneha says I will find a better guy for Rachita and make her get married in a rich home, tell Amaya that she will choose a guy who accepts Rachita by love, this is my promise. Rachita cries. Sneha asks Rachita to come. Nani says I m having headache.

Kangana shows the banarasi sarees she has designed. She gives her earnings and asks her to keep it. Sumitra gets touched. Kangana says you did my upbringing after my dad died, you loved me as a mum despite being far relative. Sumitra says so you are paying for mum’s love…. Kangana says no and hugs her, saying its proud feeling when a daughter gives her earnings to her mum. Sumitra says fine, I will keep this to use in your marriage. Kangana says I can’t see you worried, why are you all against Amaya. Sumitra says Amaya is a cheater and clever girl, Rama loved Rachita and I was making him marry Rachita. Amaya sat in mandap and married him, she had ghunghat and we knew after marriage completed, we and Rama are bearing her. Kangana says Amaya does not look cheater, I will know her slowly, don’t worry, everything will be fine. Sumitra thinks if Kangana knows Amaya is a nice girl, her heart should not melt, else my plan will fail.

Kangana says don’t know where Rama went. Sumitra asks Amaya to get Rama. Amaya goes to some café and sees Rama drunk.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. No mention of mantu. What a waste. He should start looking for a different job on another show. He is being wasted here. Uma and him might as well ride off into the sunset. This drama and the writers are beyond understanding. They have made this far worse than saathiya. If that was possible. It’s time to close the chapter on mantu. Here comes kangana. If amaya only feels feelings for mantu when kangana is interested then how sad and selfish is that. Otherwise she doesn’t care for him?? She only is jealous and then she wants him? Have the writers lost their mind. It feels as if something had seriously gone wrong with the team. I wonder how the trps are? Anyone know? Cuz if they are higher than before thane they are laughing at us.
    Maybe with this horrible storyline they have suckered in the older ladies into watching.
    Rachita. Sneha. Rudra. Mantu. Uma. Dev. All shud get new jobs. They are clearly not part of this show

    1. It’s really crap and nonsense show

  2. nice episode…

    1. What was “nice” ???????

    2. Ya what was nice in that worst episode

  3. SO SAD Manya apko kabhibhi nahi dekh payenge

    Tsm team aap log khuni ho-aapne hamari tsm ka, manaya ka,hamara biswas ka,true love ka *khun* kiya hai.Iske liye ham sabre fans aapko kabhi nahi maf karenge.

    Sonali jaffer -aapne show ka satyanas kar diya.Aap ek acchi writter bilkul bhi nahi ho.
    A brainless writter…..

  4. (Bullshit + crap) x 100 = TSM

    1. so true

  5. Ok you are kidding me know. We’re on earth is mantu and why isn’t he trying to get amaya back. He knows simething is up. And all this Rama and amaya nonsense is just annoying. I know you guys say you will fix it soon and amaya and mantu will be together soon but could u at least incorporate all character(at least the main) and finish this silly nonsense off quickly.
    Everyone is getting bored and be though u might fix it you are losing viewers for these episodes.

  6. -tsm ki trp aise he-(1)
    -ramya ki romance dikhane par trp hoga-(
    -aage jab manya ek sath dikhate the tab trp tha-(3.02).I am 100%sure abhibhi agar manya ka romance dkhane par trp hoga-4.0.
    Aap kyu nahi samajh te ho ki writter manya ko ek sath dikhane se fans ki dil me thandak pohochti hai
    .Kyuki manya ko ek sath dikhne se fans ki dil me ek bohoti good fellings hoti hai.
    So plz tsm team aapko hamari emotions ke sath khelkar bohot maza aati hai….
    Manya ko phir se ek kardo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. It is becoming tiring and waste of time to watch.

  8. sala Kutta hai yeh tsm Kat director….

  9. I haven’t watched a single episode since Mantu proposed. Now I skip the update to read comments to see if the story has turned positive by any chance. Unbelievable crap.

    1. Same here. I’m only reading the comments. Maybe we should get amena to write what would have happened after mantu proposed. The way we , the viewers, the customers, the paying audience would have liked. That would actually be so much more worthwhile. I’ll be honest. I’m getting kinda of down reading the comments too now because when and how long till the story turns positive?

  10. I have no doubt the TRP will increase with all the useless, good for nothing, khali dimaag, middle aged to aged mahilayen watching this regressive stuff. They are the ones sitting there gobbling up this type of stuff – same as the western daytime soap operas that go on for years.

  11. Most if the serials convey one message ” Asatyamev jayte, always”. Now writers and directors have adopted another evil way of using cultural rituals for evil purposes.

    Love story ka democracy(sic) kar diya .

  12. What shit are u showing no one is interested in ramya we r jusy interested in manya manya only manya why r u showin thousands of hurdles i their love to succeed insyead of tere sheher mein keep it as pyar mushkilo kaa it will suit for to present storyline sorry to say but this serial is the worst after ramya rama and rachitha are good together
    The whole team has lostthr ming…

  13. I dont know why I still watch this show. No Mantu………again. He is this shows bets character. Mantu and Amaya may get together, but only after getting over another million hurdles. Rama and Amaya will get close now. Apparently, Kangana will try and get Rama and Amaya together……so both Rama and Amaya will pretend to be a happy couple just to keep Kangana off their case……..and in the process get closer. What a load of SHIT!!!!! In the meantime, Kangana and Mantu will get close. This show is starting to make me sick physically.

    If I’m honest, i quite like the look of Kangana. Not sure if she is going to be good or bad. But if her and Mantu get together, and her feelings seem genuine, unlike Amaya, then i hope they get together and stay together for a long time. I can’t be bothered with Amaya anymore………writers have ruined her character. Besides this show seems to be all about her now. Mantu is nowhere…………..maybe he has done something wrong backstage, because how can anyone legislate why he is no longer part of the main story. Forget being part of the main story, he is struggling to even get 5 minutes in the show.

    Also, I know we can’t really trust wikipedia, but if you search TSM in wiki, Uma (played by Mrinal Kaur) is now down under FORMER cast members, with the likes of Rishi Mathur. Does this mean she has left the show. I mean she hasn’t been seen, for what, like 3 to 4 weeks now. She was another member of the main story, but can’t even get 1 minute on the show now. Something is not right backstage with this show…………actors/actresses are in then they out, plots are changing, twists are occurring………….something doesn’t seem right with this. This show was on one track and has been completely changed. Somebody has messed this show up big time!!!!!

    1. Hey I super liked Uma she was an awesome actress very electrifying performance on screen though negative role Good luck Uma best wishes

      1. I like Uma too. Obviously i wanted Mantu and Amaya get together, and Uma’s character was very negative……but she was a very good actress. Beautiful in real life too. Im not going to trust wikipedia 100%, but how can a character like this just disappear??? She has not even had 30 seconds in the last 4 weeks. Something is really fishy with this show!!!!!

  14. RIP TSM

  15. Even the comments are decreasing here. Ppl are moving on. I really think someone should start a brand new update and write would would have happened after mantu proposed. Amena seems the best person for this but maybe we can all pitch in.

    I’m not very good but perhaps something like:
    (Rewind to when mantu proposes)

    Episode 1:
    Rachita is upset. It’s the night before her wedding. She doesn’t want to marry Rama but she thinks of her dad rishi and what he would say to her. She gets up to get some water when she hears gajanand talking to sumitra. She hears sumitra threaten gajanand and that she isn’t rishis daughter! Rachita is in shock.

  16. First of all the makers should not have to make amaya married to rama… and now dat she is married to him she can’t divorce him so easily…and this is India so they will make her love track with her husband…exactly like Begusarai.

  17. Tsm has weakened the character of amaya as characterless…she doesnt even remember mantu…kal kisise aur aaj kisi se…me too reading only comments…sumthing seems cooking between Rafi and makers…he can nnever reach dhruv

  18. On TSM starlpus facebook Page
    Admin wrote manya wii back 200% sure
    N picture abhi baki hai
    I dnt understand why they r giving us false hopes n making fool of us
    Fed up now they r playing with our emotions plsss
    Jo dikhana hai dikhaye bt faltu me jhuthe updates n promises na kre courtesy sake

    1. I wouldnt trust the facebook page. Saying that its 200% that Mantu and Amaya will get together could just be a stunt to get TRP higher. I think they will eventually get together……..but not after a million and one hurdles, which will probably take place over a significant amount of time. But will viewers be able to hang on for that long…….i think not!!!! This show is dribble now!!!

  19. I think u should either change story or the name of the serial ……..
    Bcz tje story is diverting from the theme….

  20. This is a horrible show the time change is not good I don’t see only read and find it boring those three women are irritating and they have become main character so who would like to see the!m better the show go off air

  21. Sumitra scolds Amaya (Hiba Nawab) for going out

    The upcoming episode of Tere Sheher Mein will show that Amaya goes to meet choubey ji to the hospital secretly.

    After returning from hospital, Amaya is shocked to see Kangna in short dress.

    Amaya is confused on seeing Kangna and inform Sumitra about the same.

    Amaya insults Rama calling him useless

    Sumitra gets angry on Amaya for accusing Kangna and taunts Amaya for going out at night.

    Furthermore, Amaya insults Rama by calling him as useless.

    Rama then start to continue on his civil service exam.

    World no1 bakwaas serial…….

    1. Riya, did you make that up, or is that true???

  22. Another falthu episode

  23. TSM has introduced a new character whereas existing ones are all under – utilized like – Dinesh and Dimple , Uma, Rama’s father and of course Mantu.

    As far as I remember .. Amaya had signed a contract with Dev’s co( her employer) on getting a promotion that she will not quit her job for a few years . I may be incorrect here or may have missed something. Don’t know what happened to that contract?

    Amaya had resolved to teach Sumitra a lesson but doesn’t seem to be in a mood to do so now. She is only tolerating her which may not lead her anywhere. Hope GC gets back home,

  24. Dhere dhere new version(amaya mantu ko bolega):-**Dhere dhere se meri zindage se jana
    ab wo jagah rama ka hai samajhna**

    (Mantu rote rote or daru pite pite gayega):-**kabhi mujhko hasai kabhi mujhko rulai ,mujhe kitna satati hoo,

  25. Very soon we want to file a case on the producer of the serial and on the actress i.e Rama mother for torturing amaya in a inhuman way, otherwise all motherinlaws in the society will become like Rama mother, stop rama’s mother torturing amaya or else face legal action by a PIL in the Court of law.

  26. what is these ya ? we want mantu and amaya back together.

  27. I think writer nai film dhadkan dekh kar eppisod likhe hai

  28. completely detroying relational as well as moral values of an individual rites like amu rachu and rama..

    The story is diverted from the theme . I think the writers and editprs shpuld recall the the or promos of the TSM..

    And u guys are exploiting the name pf holy Banaras…

    Very upsetting..^﹏^



  30. This show has become utterly nonsense. Before Amaya’s marriage the show vouched some soul to it, oozed some freshness. Now it is non stop nonsense. I used to be fond of Rachita and Jazz. They had strong,brainy characters but now they are mere caricatures.

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