Tere Sheher Mein 15th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Sneha meeting the girls. Rudra cries and drinks wine recalling Hari’s words. He tells Kaushalya about Hari asking him to sell their home, he has just this one thing that belongs to them, Mathurs girls lost their father and snatched his father, he is shattered now. She cries and says she is with him, they did not tell him anything till now, she was helpless as a mum, but Hari did wrong with him, now it will happen what is in her son’s right. Amaya does head massage and Sneha says its magic touch. Amaya recalls Mantu.

Amaya asks her about Rishi. She asks how does this love happen. Sneha asks why is she asking this. Amaya says please I want to know about you and dad’s love start. Sneha says when we came Mumbai, we did not have anything, one day he got an expensive

mangalsutra for me, I scolded him as the money was for home expenses, he told me that you are my home, world, spending on you is spending on home. Amaya asks how did her love story start, everyone is conservative here, do they used to hide and meet. Sneha says no, your dad and mine love story started after marriage.

Amaya says you said you and dad did love marriage, then how did it be love after marriage. Sneha says she is feeling sleepy. Amaya says sorry to remind you about dad. Sneha says nothing like that, I want to rest. Amaya leaves. Sneha sees Rishi’s pic and touches it. Her inner self meets her and asks why did she not answer Amaya, she asks to recall when the truth comes out, what will she do. Sneha says leave from here and shuts ears.

She asks till when will she run from her past, she did a mistake to come back in Banaras. She says you have hidden this from your parents and now your daughters, truth will come out one day. Sneha says she won’t let it come out and shouts. Its morning, Rachita gets Sneha to doctor. He asks her to take insulin dose and shows her. He asks them to store the insulin in fridge, its necessary as she has to take the insulin daily,

Mantu meets Manish and asks him why is he tensed. Manish says Dev is very strict, he is in London and will come in few days. Mantu recalls Amaya and says his friend needs a job, and recommends her. Manish asks him to send the details, HR Mukherje will see about hiring. Mantu says fine, don’t tell her that I have recommended her. Sneha asks Rachita to give the injection to her. Rachita says she is scared, she did not see the demo, she can’t do this.

Sneha asks Amaya. Amaya says no, I have not even seen the demo. Sneha says its simple, I will take myself. Amaya says fine, I will try and asks Sneha not to be afraid. Sneha asks her to open the eyes. Rachita says we can call any doctor and take it. Sneha says they have to give doctor fees then. Amaya gives the injection and Rachita closes eyes. Rachita and Amaya say they have to buy fridge. Sneha says we have 30000-40000 rs, we can’t spend. Amaya says Rama has fridge in his shop, he keeps cold drinks here, he is helpful and Rachita’s friend, she can ask him. Rachita says great idea, and thinks she will tell him about Kavita.

Rachita comes to meet Rama and he stays annoyed with her. She asks him to help for her mum, and keep the insulin in the fridge. Rama’s dad argues and she says she will pay. He says he will take 500rs per month. She says fine. Rama’s mum comes and tells Rama’s dad that Gajanand got a heart attack and they have to go and see him. Rachita gets shocked and leaves.

Rachita comes home and Amaya asks her to explain mum not to find job. Rachita says Rama’s dad asked for 500rs p.m. to keep insulin and I agreed. Sneha says fine and goes to get money. Rachita tells Amaya that she does not know to tell Sneha or not, Gajanand got heart attack on reception night. Sneha hears this and is shocked.

Sneha rushes to Chobey nivaas and stops at the stairs. She faints and Rachita holds her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  3. luv u manya 😉

    Lovely couple manya …..

  5. Who is this Dev guy??????????

  6. Amu ka new boss hai dev
    hope he doesn’t fall for amu n create a rift between manya. Coz hez frm London so mantu will also try ke amu n dev paris n london mil gaye. Hope he isn’t the main villan beside rudra n uma already dre

    1. Dev is sneha’s. Past..

  7. Boring as hell Sneha is back….Babujiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii thats all she says…

  8. Past of sneha is translucent she din lov rishi n ran away with him. But circumstances lead her to marry rishi with out her parents will. N might have done so to save gajanand (her dad) from big loss or to protect his dignity. This is what I guess.

    1. I too think so ji…

  9. Nice episode;)

  10. Just watched today’s epi

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