Tere Sheher Mein 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Uma coming and giving rose to Mantu. She says it was rose day in her college and a guy gave her rose, and she has beaten him a lot. She says you did not give me a leaf till now. He gives her 1 rs. She asks where is Chiklu, he knows fashion and compliments me. She says at this time. He says I did not see time, where did he go. She says he will come, and asks does he want rose. She does not leave him and goes. Dinesh asks Kripa to get water.

He says power went again. Dimple says Kripa is getting generator repaired. Dinesh fumes. Mantu thinks where is Chiklu. Chiklu plays with some bad guys and puts money in game. Sharma tells Dinesh that short circuit is by overload. Dinesh asks him to find who has dared to steal electricity from them. Amaya goes and Dinesh looks on.

Mantu waits for Chiklu and gets master’s call. He says he did not send Shkilu for tuition since two days, I will come to pick him. Mantu is shocked and says he will send Chiklu tomorrow. He says where did he go, I will find him. Pushpa asks Dinesh why is he standing outside. He says someone is stealing power from us. She says find it. Sharma says its stolen in neighbor haveli, they are thieves. Pushpa is shocked.

Dinesh says I will teach them a lesson and she stops him. Dinesh asks them to make connection right. Mantu asks for chiklu everywhere. He hears about a kid’s accident and worries. Chiklu says he did not tell anyone that he is here. The power comes and Sharma says everyone is stealing power. Dimple says they are good people. Dinesh says she does not know and thanks Sharma. Sharma leaves.

Dimple says its small thing. Dinesh says dad should not know this. She asks why, whats there to hide. He scolds her and asks her to do what he said. She says fine. Mantu calls Uma and says Chiklu is nowhere, he did not go for tuition for 2 days. She says don’t worry. He says if he gets hurt, he can need me, I m not with him. She says I understand, but you know him, I will go your home and call you when Chiklu comes.

Amaya says there should be not powercuts till we go Mumbai. She sees Mantu. She looks for cyber café and goes there. She bumps into Mantu and her phone falls. He says can’t she see and walk and leaves. She says he made my phone fall and did not say sorry, idiot. Mantu comes to know some bad kids play there. He says my Chiklu is not bad. The man says everyone is good at home. Mantu scolds him.

Mantu sees kids fighting and a kid gets hurt. Police comes there and other kids run. Mantu asks kid not to bet and play. The inspector asks him what is he doing here, don’t come here, its not good. Mantu looks at Chiklu and finds him. He gets angry and Chiklu gets tensed seeing him. Mantu slaps him and drags him to home. Chiklu says leave my hand, everyone is seeing. Uma asks Mantu why did he scold Chiklu Mantu scolds Chiklu and says he is not studying, and betting money in bad area.

He asks Uma not to call a kid, all bad habits are caught in this age, you always supported him. Chiklu cries. Mantu says he is sad after beating Chiklu. Dinesh says dad should not know what happened today, you know his anger. Gajendra asks whose anger. Pushpa changes the talk. Gajendra says everyone want me to inaugurate the temple. He asks Dinesh how did power go. Pushpa gets tensed.

Dinesh lies that wires burnt. Sharma comes to fix wires. Gajendra asks him about power failure. Sharma says about neighbor haveli stealing power. Gajendra is shocked. Dinesh sends Sharma. Gajendra scolds Dinesh. Pushpa says I will explain. He says what will you explain, that my son and wife lied to me. Dinesh says its nothing like that. Gajendra says shut up, you lied for them who ruined our respect. He says he knows how to deal with thieves. Pushpa says they are own blood. He says shut up, don’t say this again. Dinesh says he did not wish to trouble him. Gajendra says how can anyone fall so low, I m stunned that my family lied to me. He asks them to go, he wants to be alone.

Amaya feels sorry to leave Sneha and Banaras, but she will proud of her one day.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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