Tere Sheher Mein 14th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rama bringing the water bucket. Sumitra says she will see Amaya, as she is troubling her son by making him do the work. Amaya says she will go and see the puja, and finishes the cleaning work in the room. The puja is getting over. Sumitra gets Prasad and says she went to temple. She asks Amaya to have Prasad. Amaya refuses. Sumitra insists and asks her to eat it being her bahu. Amaya says I can’t eat. Sumitra cries and says Rama just see, how she is not eating Prasad, she wants Lord to curse us, that we get ruined. Rama asks Amaya to eat the Prasad, she can’t disrespect it.

She moves back. Rama asks her not to do any acting. Amaya thinks she can’t break fast kept for Gajanand, how to explain Rama. She gets near the wall and hears the pandit chanting mantras.

Sumitra asks Rama to make Amaya have Prasad and smiles. Amaya hears the puja is completed, now they can break thir fast by eating the Prasad. She thinks her fast got completed and prays that Gajanand recovers. She eats the Prasad and cries.

Sumitra and Bua get shocked. Amaya goes from there. Rama eats Prasad and goes. Sumitra thinks she got late today but next time she will make Rama angry on Amaya. Sneha gives Prasad to Jaz. Jaz talks in Amaya’s favor and Rudra tells Sneha that Amaya was eating samosa, jalebi outside, I told her about puja here, she did not care for Gajanand. Sneha scolds Rudra and asks him not to take Amaya’s name in this house.

Gupta asks Amaya to arrange the papers. She says but if I make any mistake. He says you have work experience, just arrange by dates, I have to file tax tomorrow. He goes. Rama goes to sleep. Amaya comes in the room with the file and switches on the lights. He asks can’t she see he is sleeping. She says Gupta has given her shop accounts work, she can’t sit in store room and work, so she has come here.

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Amaya sits working. She goes to get tea and he switches off lights. She comes back and switches on the lights. Rama plays some slow music to get sleep. Amaya says what happened to Rama at night, whats this classic sound. Rama says its better than your calculator sound, I like classical music. He sleeps. She goes and plays latest music. He gets up and breaks the cd player. He goes to sleep. She thinks she did not see such adamant person in her life, he gets irritated for everything.

She works till late and says its finished now, and goes after switching the lights. Its morning, Rama says he will go to shop as he has work. Bua asks where is Amaya, is she sleeping till now. Amaya comes with the files and gives the files to Gupta, and asks him to check. Gupta says Rama has gone to shop, go and explain him. Sumitra says Kangana is coming in evening, cut onions first and then go to shop. Gupta says fine, finish work in kitchen first and then go to shop Amaya. Amaya agrees.

Sumitra asks Amaya to cut many onions and scolds her. Amaya says is she making pakode for entire Banaras. She sits cutting onion and gets watery eyes. She recalls Sneha giving her a tip to put onion peel on the head and then tears won’t come. Amaya keeps the onion peel over her head and tries Sneha’s tip. She cuts the onions. She smiles and says don’t know this tip works or not, but it gave me moral support. She says I will go to shop now and can visit Gajanand too, no one will know here, they all will think I m with Rama at shop.

Sumitra comes with her trio and ask Amaya to go, and come back soon. Amaya takes her permission and goes to keep onions. Bua says Amaya has cut onions without crying. Amaya comes to the shop. Shamu tells Rama that Amaya is coming. Rama asks why did she come. Amaya says Gupta has sent her to show account papers. Amaya tells about the papers and goes to keep it in almirah inside the house. The ladies smile seeing Amaya and say Amaya and Rama does not make a good couple. Amaya comes to show something else. Rama says I will see, you go now. Amaya says fine, but you could have said thanks, I have some work I n market, if Sumitra calls, inform her.

The ladies pass comments on Rama and smile that he felt bad. The guys comment that foolish Rama got a model like wife. Amaya scolds the guys and asks them to mind their own business. Rama comes there and asks Amaya to come, he will give her lift. She thinks she has to refuse, as she has to go to hospital. She says no, I will go. He says I have enough drama, sit, I will drop you. She sits on his bike and thanks him for coming on time. He says I have seen you arguing, so I have come to show I don’t make my wife answer them, don’t get any other meaning. He applies break and she holds him. She looks at him. Music plays…..(Weird, don’t know why music played!!)

Sumitra asks Amaya to come fast and welcome Kangana. Amaya and Kangana stop the same rickshaw, and Kangana allows Amaya to go first. Amaya thanks her.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Yuck yuck yuck….only this I cud say….from tomo vl not read written updates even…for me tsm is done since its 150 episodes….a big bye to tsm….dhruv ji v feel very sorry for u…

  2. MoriumShirin

    What’s happening….. I can’t understand anything. I must say all the people read the telly update plz stop it. Never watch this show .

  3. Shravya

    Besharmi ki sare had par kar diya hai writters ne. Ab yeh music bhi!!!!! Patha nahi aur kya kya bacha hai padne ke liye? Koi tho Bathado please

  4. S

    It’s over guys. Music played. They are going to make Rama and amaya a pair.
    A Paris educated girl who used to work at the office doesn’t even think about her job? Why doesn’t she even think she had to report to the office? And dev. How come they don’t show him?!! He wanted to destroy sneha. That angle is gone. He shud be demanding her bk to the office. It makes zero sense.

    No uma. No mantu. Sneha. Rachita. Shud all move to other shows. Suddenly it’s all about amaya peeling onions and doing small shop accounts!!! For what??!

    It’s not even realistic anymore. She knows as well as everyone that she can never keep those three women shut. Of course they will threAten to tell rachita that she isn’t rishis daughter. Isn’t it better that amaya tells her?!! What a joke.

    I can’t even stand to read the updates. Don’t know how amena writes them. Makes me sick to read amaya acting like this. Doesn’t she even think of mantu once ??!! She spent months drooling over him. The writers are horrible. Clearly gone on some twisted trip. This sucks. Sucks. Sucks. I am watching suhani now. Anything to get over this nonsense

  5. Anjali

    What nonsense iz this amaya nd Rama getting coming closer. No ooooo plz writers change the track. Plzzzzzz we want manya back. Plzzzzz

  6. Guys fb pe tsm team ne kaha hai, is sabke liye team responsible nahi hai.
    Star plus bale responsible hai.

    Tsm team ne sp ke number diya hai (1800-3000-7827) or bola hein #manya&#rara ko milane ke liye call kare or complain kare.

    Agar ap manya ko milana chate hai to guys call them plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  7. naela

    wat about amaya’s contract with dev’s company?? uma trying hard to get mantu?? she trying to marry him?? she is not in the show nw….and wer is hari?? so many questions only…even writer did not knw the answers…

  8. Ks

    I really heartbroken
    because manya never coming back.they r trying to unite rama and amu….
    speechless such a good story starplus team destroyed..
    every loyal fans of TSM is hating the new track…
    confirmed another news
    new entry Kangana is played opposite mantu as pair..
    more more questions is about these story line..
    wr is GC?Uma?dev?hari?rudras mother?mantu?chiklu?
    another joke is ramas mother is lead actress??
    y the need of each new entry in TSM?

  9. Shravya

    Is really Rama will be playing lead role? Please confirm guys. Noooooooooo aur bhi bakwaas ban jayega show. I. Guess writters pagal ho chukhe hai ya viewers ko pagal kar rahe hai. Star plus please off air this show before some1 become completely mad. Plzzzzzzz.

  10. Oh god ab yehi baki tha.. disgusting… yuck.
    It has been confirmed that ab mantu ki love interest kangana hai so ab se hume MANKA ka romance dekhna padega.. So better to stop watching this show because director wont care about our feelings.. From the starting day of RAMYA marriage even before that we all are requesting them sorry not requesting literally begging but they are not at all responding, just doing of there wish then why should we watch this show??? From today RAMYA romance chalu ho gya iska mtlb no MANYA & RARA….
    Thank you TSM for such a ridiculous show hats off we appreciate you people…Atleast DHRUV, HIBA, RAFI & ANJUM to react krte kuch to ni bs jo director bol rhe h vohi sunna hai, fans gye bhad me ab lo bnao khushiyan sare fans kho diye aap logo ne jitna pyar krti this is serial ko ab usse double hate kr rhi hu… GOOD BYE…

  11. RUSH

    Ha Ha Ha quite interesting comments SMILES**

    I have NOT watched the show on screen after Mantu confessed…… but closely following the written updates, I guess they are less stressing 🙂 but now really into the daily comments that comes through :))
    Oo La La someone even floated a HOT line number to call

    As per the new girl that is coming in I believe her name is Sana Amin Sheikh she is NOT an underplayed actress….. So will have to bear her presence and time dedicated exclusively to her on screen.
    Her romance with Mantu seems inevitable looks like………..maybe we’ll start liking her…..? ONLY WRITER KNOWS who seems to be an escapee from a mental institution!!!!!!

    So the bottom line is whole TSM crew knows what audience is craving for… the publicity is on RISE though negative but WTH the public is stuck to love birds they will keep on messing up with us showing a glimpse of MANYA every 4-5 episodes

    Also establish actors give a crap about directors and writers (and are obvious on a higher payroll) but hopefully listen to public that might be a reason that Dev and GC have NOT made a substantial presence on screen in past episodes

    So we are left with Miss newcomer (AMAYA) extending her on screen coverage, past 8-9 episodes. These dynamics are crucial to understand where this serial is headed. So in HINDI “ye Bakwas Jaari raheygii” weather we like it or NOT…

    It is up to us to engage or NOT………. I might drop out of this TSM Bullshit sooner NOTHING LEFT!!!!!! H A T E IT


  12. Dimeo

    Is this show for Real?????? The romantic music was playing with Amaya and Rama. Is this really where this show is headed???? They don’t even suit each other. My thinking is that Kangana will come in and like Mantu……..I think Rama may develop feelings for Amaya, but Amaya will still love Mantu, because it states that she will be jealous of Mantu-Kangana relation. If Amaya and Rama get together properly,…………………..i dont know, i guess i would have no words and would probably stop watching.

    I said a couple of days ago, I only watch this show because of Mantu now. He is the only normal good natured guy. I want to see how his life pans out. Give him somebody decent to love. If Amaya does start to love Rama (i really hope she doesn’t) then it just shows that love means absolutely nothing.

    I dont know why, but I can see this show really dragging out, maybe for a couple more years or something. Although we all want to see Mantu and Amaya together, putting them together now would just take the main point of the show away. I really hope I’m wrong, but I can see Mantu getting together with someone else, Amaya getting together with someone else, both maybe having kids, then a couple years later, finally getting together. I know it sounds a bit far-fetched, but didn’t this happen in Kyunki Sas Khabi Bahu Thi, where 2 people loved each other, took completely different paths away from each other, then finally got together a few years later, to prove that true love does exist…….blah blah blah. Lets be honest, nothing would surprise us viewers with shows on Star Plus.

  13. Dimeo

    BTW, quick note, anyone see at the start of the episode when Rama put the buckets of water in the room and walked out?????? When he walked out, the ugly witches were trying to hide in the corner and Rama didn’t see them!!!!!!

    ARE YOU FOR REAL!!!!!!!! We know he is dumb, but is he blind too. How can he miss 4 fat women, especially the biggest one in the front. This show is so un-realistic. Loollll. Good job writers.

  14. guys main ne dekha hai ki tsm team ne fb pe likh he kiis sab zimmedar sp hai.
    Tsm team ne likh hai ki humbhi hard working karrahe hai manya&rara ko ek karne ke liye .
    Tsm team ne or bhi likh hai ki agar aap log sachme *tsm* ki true fan hai or manya ko ek karna chatein hai to plz 180030007827(star plus number) par call kare or email bhi kare-([email protected]).

    Guys tum log plz call and email karna

  15. Dimeo

    Guys, i have seen that a few people have put a number up, stating that it is the number of Star plus or something. Can i ask, what is going to be achieved by ringing this number????? Are they actually taking calls on this number and listening to the viewers. I find that hard to believe if I’m honest.

  16. Deepshikha

    M rly heartbroken..i thought TSM 2 be an exceptional nd diffrnt story….far way diffrnt 4m those sas-bahu storie…which iz ol abt sacrifices nd ol….but d new track has destroyed ol my expectations…i hv nt watcd dis serial aftr amaya marries rama…but i could resist 4m reading d written updates with a hope dat evrythng vl be on track as be4….but NO….dis just ridiculous…Now d TSM team is going 2show romance between rama nd amaya…They r crazy or wat??never going 2 read d updates

  17. skvr

    Old track wahi ghissi piti kahani
    Agr mantu ko maya se milwana hua to pkka rama ko kuch kr denge jais KSBKB thi me hota aya tha same wahi
    Same writer same story nothing new
    Youth centric to rha hi nai saas bahu serial bn gya hai ye
    Cheap hadd hoti hai

  18. skvr

    Old track wahi ghissi piti kahani
    N amaya ka koi character nai phle mantu ab rama plsss yukkk
    N agr ab inhone mantu n amaya ko milwaya to pkka ye rama ko kuch kr denge
    Wahi repeated anpad gwaro wali story
    Nothing new baseless drama
    With Negtivity we were crazy to watch this serial bt now we just hate this
    Same writer wahi 10 yrs old bkwasss story
    Sick ppl mentally sick
    Plsss nai chlana aa rha show stop this nonsense logo ko galt lesson kyun de rhe ho
    Grow up grow up n be broad minded 🙁

  19. ninesha

    I think we, the liberated to some extent, with access to internet, form the minority of the viewers. The majority are probably in India living outside the urban areas with no ways of telling what they feel about the show. Most of them must be getting a kick to see a Paris educated girl suffering the way most of them do. That has to be the only reason why the producers are blind and deaf to our comments.

    • Ritu

      Totally agree with you. Nothing like seeing a free bird caged, when you have been living in a cage all your life. Sick but true.

  20. Rikki

    Is show ko dekh kr hansi aati hai
    Comedy show ban gya hai pata nhi ab kya kya padhna padega
    Better end the show……

  21. pata nahi guys sp ko call karne se kuch hoga ki nahi par tsm team ne sp ko call karke complain karneko kaha hai.

    Main ne bhi bohot bar call kiya hai.
    Hum jitne fans call karenge #manya utna hi support payenge ,,shayad phir kuch ho sake……………………

  22. RUSH

    Million dollar question: who is the writer & what are the credentials to write such a F***ED up story!!!!!! Complete idiots!!!!!!

  23. hushpuppies

    I think whoever be the writer, he/she has some personal grudge towards either star plus or star plus viewers, otherwise he/she would not have spoiled a wonderful storyline. It was an amazing script initially. They would have shown Amaya and Mantu together supporting her sister Rachita and sorting out all issues, instead they are showing some nonsense things which in this century won’t even happen and that too to a well educated girl..what crap r they thinking…very pathetic storyline….pity on you writers…

  24. Kal ko likhegi ki gc uthega aur bolega…amaya Rudra se shadi karo hamari family reputation is at stake…rama ko chodke tab amaya ka love track Rudra se shuru hoga,…tab Rudra Twitter pe post karega lead role in tsm lol…

  25. skvr

    TSM is going off air on 2nd oct
    So dnt takr tension
    Show bnd krna hai isiliye ye sb kuch kia
    So stop calling them they will nt respond to anyone
    Chill bye bye TSM
    Very disappointed show ever watched in history 🙁

  26. hushpuppies

    the writer can be at peace now…for screwing up a very good storyline and bringing the saas-bahu s**t in… writer sucks..i used to really wait for the show everyday..dont know what these ppl get after thrashing the viewer’s happiness….matlab all of a sudden why this unwanted twist???what the hell is happening in TSM..such a nice story with such an awesome and talented actors…they have wasted it all..RIP TSM…

  27. shuvi

    oh!!!! sacchi… any way its good … they should end it now but with happy and unity of our manaya… I don’t want the great actors to be spoiled bcoz of this ridiculous twist in the show…

  28. skvr

    This serial name shud be Amaya ka sacrifice
    Bs isi bat pe bar bar writer highlight kr rhe hai
    Amaya is loving n pampered daughter she has sacrificed for family sake bla blaaaaa
    Youth centric se kya bna dia actually syar plus pr new serial start hone lga hai romantic youth track agar TSM bnd nai hoga shyd uski TRP na increase ho
    Isiliye TSM cast team usko brbad krne me lagi hai
    N no mantu secens now days
    They have no story now just formality k lie show chla rkha hai 🙁

    • Ritu

      They should just replace all shows with random scenes of weepy women getting tortured and humiliated by their families. There is no need for a storyline…… Just nonstop rona dhona. Oh, don’t forget a teaspoon full of sindoor in everyone’s maang and a standard long mangalsutra that probably gets recycled from show to show. This shit is making me have second thoughts about mangalsutra’s as a symbol of marriage, more like a symbol of oppression really.

  29. suzz

    aarey yeh Kangana toh Bin Badal Barsaat yaani Ritu hai Kya Mast Hai Life Serial ki, Then Pratigya me v yeh aayi thi Ganga banke …. then yeh Gustak Dil Series ki Lead actress thi …
    she is pretty … I like her woh famous v hai … her real name is Sana Saeikh …. kya woh avi iss serial ki v lead banne aayi hai .. oh god …. Ammu ka Acting v toh aacha tha itne kam dino me famous ho gayi but avi actually yeh Sana Saeikh ka position bara hoga real me…

  30. ye how dhere dhere bohot hi ghatiya hota ja raha hai
    tsm sayed sun nahi pa raha hai hamari awaz.

    Abeey aur kitni jor se bolu we love manya roance ,not ramaya romance?Ok to plzzzzzzzzzzzz yaar mantu aur amaya ko ek karo..Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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