Tere Sheher Mein 14th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 14th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rama and Tilak fighting in the ring. Sumitra blames Amaya for all this. Tilak beats Rama and asks him to accept defeat, else he will land in hospital. Rama says I will not lose easily. Tilak beats him further. Sumitra and Amaya get shocked. The referee count downs and Rama loses the round. Tilak is the winner of the first round, and man announces that Rama has to win the second round, else he will not go in finals. Amaya asks Rama is he fine and takes him. She does his aid. Bua and Sumitra scold Amaya.

Sumitra asks Amaya to stop Rama, Tilak has beaten him a lot. Rama asks Amaya to get water for him. She goes. Rama says dad was right, I m useless, I can’t do anything, and asks Sumitra to become his strength being his mum, Amaya is supporting him, why is Sumitra

scolding her. He asks Sumitra to leave, but not weaken him. Sumitra and Bua leave. Amaya sees Tilak. She hears Tilak talking to someone.

Tilak asks the man to throw the cloth out, and no one should know it. A man gives water bottle to Amaya. She thinks to find out whats the matter. She follows the men and hears about some Nakalpanja/metal puncher hidden in the cloth. She says I will not let Tilak cheat, he can’t do this. She goes to Rama and sees him in the ring. Tilak beats Rama in second round too.

Sumitra and Bua cry seeing Rama. Amaya asks Rama to get up, Tilak is cheating, he has Panja in his hand, organizers are with him, you just show him you have real courage. Rama gets up and holds Tilak’s hand. He removes the Panja. It falls far and Tilak’s friends hide it. Rama beats Tilak. Rama wins the round 2. There is a 15 min break. Amaya cares for Rama’s wounds. Rama thanks her. Amaya asks him not to lose energy by talks, he has to fight with Tilak and win over him.

Sumitra asks Rama not to leave Tilak, he will win. Amaya says yes, you will win. Tilak drinks and asks the men who did Rama know about the Panja, I can disqualify. The man says we have bribed the organizer. Tilak says Rama is already hurt, I will make him lose anyway. The final round 3 starts and Rama takes Sumitra’s blessings.

Tilak throws some powder in Rama’s eyes and cheats again. Amaya and Sumitra get shocked. Tilak beats Rama. Rama could not see and blows in air. Amaya looks on and goes near Tilak. She claps to alert Rama. Rama hears the sound and catches hold of Tilak. He beats Tilak. Tilak falls down and Rama wins the finals. Rama is announced the final round winner. The people clap for him. Rama gets the medal and prize money. Rama says I want to go hospital and deposit money for Kangana’s operation.

Rama tells Kangana that he has won fighting competition for her. Sumitra says I was shocked seeing him fight, he did this for you. Rama says yes, I won because of Amaya, she encouraged me. Kangana holds Amaya’s hand and Rama’s hand together. She thanks Amaya and blesses them. The nurse asks Rama to come out to do Rama’s dressing. Sumitra takes him. Amaya tells Kangana that her hand will be fine after this operation. Kangana says all this is because of you, I m seeing him focus and have an aim now, I m seeing a positive change in him, thank you. Amaya comes out and says everyone feels I made Rama a better responsible man, but truth is Rama has supported me a lot. She says he is a better person than me, I have to tell this to him that I…. She smiles.

Rama goes to ask about Rama. The lady says Rama went out to chemist to get medicines. Amaya goes to find him. Tilak talks to his friends and says I m not a girl to get aid, I will make this small wounds memorable to remember why I have come here, I m going, no one will come after her. Amaya asks a man about Rama and comes to know he went towards ghaat. She thanks him and goes to ghaat. She says so you are sitting here, hats off to you, you did a great work, I used to feel you have attitude, but I was wrong, you are not like I felt, you are so helping, my dad used to say we never know when life changes, I did not know I will get you unknowingly. Her reflection is seen in the waters. Amaya says I feel proud seeing you, we can become good friends, I admire you a lot. She goes. Tilak turns to see and says I will become your superman to give a solid answer to Rama.

Amaya hears Sumitra’s problem of Kangana’s order and says I think I have to complete Kangana’s order.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What rubish is dis?Itna cheap kyu kar dia itne ache show ko.I mean few weeks ago she was madly in love with Mantu n now Rama.What r dey trying to portray a adarsh Indian Bahu or a moron who falls in love with every guy she mets they shud seriously stop airing this show.Utter rubbish.

  2. Only because mantu left the show there love story starts ?

  3. They have really forced this one………and now Amaya will confess her love. They give Rama the sympathy vote by having him get beaten and then make him the hero for winning………and Amaya helps him, so they are the perfect combination blah blah blah. The writers are so predictable.

    Now Tilak is here………and we have………yet another………..LOVE TRIANGLE!!!!! Can the writers not come up with anything else. Next month the love triangle will be Rudra, Nidhi and Chiklu!!!!! Oh wait, these characters are hardly in the show. My mistake!!!!

    I know some of us read the updates, but does anyone actually watch this rubbish anymore?????

    1. I am not watching just reading updates to see how far decomposed this dead show is. Simply amazed that it is still running. Feeling bad for talented actors who got roped into this show that looked very promising and all of a sudden turned into this. For those of you who have watched “little mermaid” – remember that scene where this pretty girl that prince Eric is about to marry just turns around and transforms into Ursula, the gynormous sea witch? That’s TSM for you – a complete bait and switch. A horrifying wreck.

  4. dont waste tym readng ths ..i thnk readng d fanfiction is far btr dan ds

  5. its better to end the show.

  6. It used to be my favourite show. But now it is just a bullshit.

  7. what the hell yr amaya is in luv with rama r u a complete idiot..i have remembered that she was in luv with mantu and btw mantu is her first luv and true luv so why she is falling in luv with rama plz mantu come back yar this is too much whole serial become too boring my god

  8. badtameez dil diehard fan

    i just read the updts of this show and comments of this page.. but seriously today i was so so amazed when i read amaya said to herself I… what type I was that.. completely unpredictable.. i cant believe in couples of days amaya forgot mantu… what a script… it has become a saas bahu crap.. SUMITRA is so annoying.. i just hate dis serial..

  9. There is fresh chapteres of amya nd mantu……pls pls pls pls pls pls follow it…..pls pls pls pls pls its jst asme

  10. Flop show……..

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