Tere Sheher Mein 14th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Rachita asking Amaya did she keep fast. Amaya says yes. Mantu says Lord will know did she know fast or not, he has seen her eating sandwich in office. Amaya says she kept fast, and thinks Lord knows the truth, when will Mantu understand. Jaz jokes on how Amaya stayed hungry. The man announces that they will make lucky draw and choose the people who will do puja as couple and as singles. He asks them to peacefully give their names. He tells the names, and Mantu’s name comes. Uma says she will come and sends him. Rama’s name also comes. Dinesh and Dimple are called too.

Rama’s parents Vijay and Sumitra are called next. Sneha gets glad as her name comes. Amaya and Uma pray for their names to come. Amaya’s name comes and Kaushalya angrily signs Rudra. He checks

register for his mum’s name. Amaya smiles signing Uma and comes to her. She says now Mantu and I will be doing puja together. Rudra asks the man to cut Sneha’s name from the list. The man stops Sneha from going inside and asks her to go back. Gajanand looks at Sneha sadly returning.

Dinesh and Sneha’s family looks at her. Amaya asks Mantu whats happening here, tell me, and apologizes to Lord for not knowing all this. Mantu says I m praying. She asks him to teach her the mantras. He explains her. The lady says he explained well. Amaya thinks he is her hero, he has all qualities and she loves him. He asks her to repeat after her. She thinks the puja looks imp and she will take blessings. A pandit asks her about her husband. He says she came in wrong line, its couple’s line. She says she is unmarried, and what if she has to do puja for her Shiv. He asks her to compete in the Amar Jodi contest, if she wins, she will get the guy she loves. She gets glad. Mantu asks her to come and do the puja. Amaya looks for Sneha.

Gajanand and his family do the puja. Pushpa thinks whatever Rishi did, but he was Sneha’s husband, if the people stopped Sneha, I will do puja for Rishi. She asks Dimple to go, she will come. She tells pandit that she wants to do puja by Sneha and Rishi’s name. Rama says he is doing this puja to get Rachita as his life partner, and next year he will be with Rachita in couple puja. Rama’s mum prays that Rama forgets Rachita. Uma is not allowed in the puja.

The pandit gets mistaken that Mantu and Amaya are husband and wife. Mantu clears that they are not married. The pandit says I felt you both are married. Amaya says leave it Mantu, we will do puja and smiles. They do the puja together and she gets very happy seeing him. Sneha is upset. Rachita and Jaz say it’s the mistake in list, they will talk. Rudra asks Kaushalya to be with Sneha, he will see. Sneha says it does not matter to me. Rama’s dad asks Rachita to come to the shop. Rama’s mum also acts sweet and asks her to forgive them. Rachita says its okay and leaves. Rama goes smiling to Rachita. Rachita sees him and goes away. His mum thinks Rama is after this Rachita, what shall I do.

Gajanand meets the hospital staff man and asks him to say about the girl. The man says he will say when he gets her. He prays that he gets to know about the girl soon. Rama tells Rachita that he got the Prasad for her. She takes it and asks him not to follow her. Rama says she is melting slowly. Uma waits and says its so late, Amaya is planning. She asks Chiklu to call Mantu. She goes to see Mantu and gets angry seeing Amaya. Amaya slips and he holds her. Amaya thanks him and smiles.

Mantu says he has got Prasad for Uma. Uma asks about puja. Amaya says it was so nice, we had fun. Mantu says Prasad is very taste and sweet. Uma asks him to make her wear, her hands have cowdung, and asks Amaya to go and do the ritual, she can get blessings. Mantu makes Uma have the Prasad by his hands. Uma looks at Amaya. Amaya asks Mantu to come, and Uma takes him. Amaya gets sad.

Dev enters in the puja function, and does highest bidding. Sneha gets shaken up seeing him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. nice epi…..sooo now its tym for d twist in story…..welcum dev…hope u r in a positive role

  3. Nice episode

  4. this show is tunring out to be slow and boring…

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