Tere Sheher Mein 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts Amaya happily preparing for Mumbai. The girls have a talk and are eager to go back. Amaya asks them to hurry up, they have to end packing. Gajendra is worried for Pushpa’s health. She says she has cold and cough, she will be fine. He asks is he kid, that he will be convinced. He asks her not to worry for Sneha. They see the news about Rishi. He says see him, you are showing pity on him and his family. Amaya plans a farewell surprise for Sneha. She says when will mum come with tickets, we will celebrate. Sneha comes home and sees them happy.

The girls see Sneha and ask for tickets. Rachita asks is she fine. Sinha calls her and Amaya takes the call. Sneha says I need to talk, its urgent. Amaya says we have superb news, we are coming back. Sneha says I saw the news and

whats happening there, why, bank got everything for recovery. Sinha says bank will recover, but its those who lost job after Rishi’s company ruined. Sneha says I need to talk to Hari.

He says he is with me, talk to him. Hari talks to Sneha. Sneha cries and says I m sorry, you are there because of us, and your bail could not happen. Hari asks her not to worry, but he is worried for them now, Rudra told they are coming Mumbai, and requests them not to come. Amaya asks what happened there. Hari says people attacked on home and office, and even on me, I m fine, but don’t come here. Amaya says she will not stay in Banaras. Sneha says Hari is right. Amaya says no, I will not stay here, are we happy here.

Jaz says yes, I don’t want to stay. Sneha asks did she ask them. Hari says no one will come till Sinha and I decide. Amaya says I m coming. Sneha scolds her and Amaya says we will sit and hide like losers. Sneha says say sorry to Hari. Hari says its fine. Sneha says they are not coming, they will do as he says. She asks Sinha to get bail for Hari soon. Amaya cries and asks how can she do this. Sneha says try to understand. She goes being sad.

Rudra comes and asks them are they ready, hurry up now. The girls get sad and stay silent. Rudra says they have good fate, and provoke them to taunt. Jaz says mom is in room. Rudra talks to Sneha and asks what happened, where are the bags. Sneha says we are not going, we will stay here in Banaras. He asks why. She says he has seen in news whats happening there, Hari also stopped them. Rudra gets glad and says fine, what can I do now, I m for serving you.

He says tickets will not get cancelled. Sneha says sorry, you did a lot. He says I will pay. She says she will pay. He says no need. She says I have hurt everyone, don’t refuse to take money. He says fine, and tells 6000rs. She goes to get money. He smiles. Rudra gets money and taunts the girls being sweet, and make them feel sorry for themselves. He says he will pray for them and leaves.

He pays the auto driver and asks them to leave. Kripa talks to auto driver and come to know they are not going. Amaya and Rachita have an argument. Rachita asks her not to talk about Mumbai now, and they go to unpack their stuff. Amaya says she will not lose like them. Kripa tells Pushpa that Sneha is not going and she gets glad. Gajendra talks to some people. They ask him to inaugurate a temple and he agrees. The guests start feeling hot and he asks Kripa to make AC high.

Rachita and Jaz make the electrician work. He says they have power at home, they don’t get in every home. Amaya says she does not feel they will stay here. Rachita asks him to make points and corrects the markings. The power goes in Gajendra’s home and they get puzzled. Kripa says maybe its short circuit. Rachita says power went and will come soon. The guest say electricity should not go, come my home, else lets sit outside. Gajendra agrees to go with them. Dinesh says he will see power problem. Gajendra says Kripa will see. Kripa tells Pushpa that generator is not coming, Ganejdra is annoyed, he called electrician and he will come. Amaya thinks she will not stay here, its good if she goes with someone who guide her.

Sharma tells Gajendra that someone is taking electricity from them. He comes to know its their neighbors. Pushpa is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Even I tried for amaya Mumbai episode pls show more amaya&amantu,rama&rach and shena&her parent pls show something DT will make ppl have interesting in dis show

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