Tere Sheher Mein 13th October 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Amaya saying I will support Rama always. Bua asks Sumitra to see how Amaya answered her. Sumitra says she is right, Rama is doing this for Kangana, I m worried being a mum. Rama and Amaya meet Kangana in hospital. Kangana says she does not want her surgery to be done. Rama says I will get it done, I know your work is your life, and your hand has to be fine for the work, I m there to arrange money. Kangana asks how. He says don’t worry, I will manage everything, I will come with a good news. He leaves.

Amaya keeps the flowers at her side. The nurse asks Amaya to wait outside. Amaya asks Rama is he fine. He says I can’t see my sister like this, I will get her operation done. Amaya holds his hand and says I know love gives the power to convert failure into victory,

I m sure you will succeed. She says I will come with you. They leave. She stops on the way and goes to buy a black thread for Rama.

Amaya tells the vendor about her husband participating in fight competition. The man says he has sold off the last one. Rama thinks where is she. The man asks Sneha if she can give the thread to Amaya for her husband. Sneha gives the thread to Amaya and asks her to stop being after them. She leaves with Rachita. Amaya ties thread to Rama’s hand. Rama says I know you are bearing your family’s hatred with a smile, you are being hurt, I will solve this and end this distance with your family, I promise.

The man announces about the fight competition. The man asks Rama to apply oil on his arms for the fight. Amaya applies the oil. Music plays………… She asks him to sit right. He looks at her. Rama is called for the fight. He says I have to go now. She wishes him all the best. Rama goes in the wrestling ring. Rama fights with the man. Sumitra, Bua and Amaya look on. Rama wins in the round. Amaya applauds for him. The round 2 starts. Rama wins again. Amaya asks is Rama fine. The semi final round begins and Rama fights well. He then gets beaten. Sumitra scolds Amaya. Amaya encourages Rama. Rama falls down being wounded. Sumitra cries. Amaya asks Rama to get up and win for Kangana. Rama fights back and wins the round 3. Rama gets a place in the finals.

Amaya gives water to Rama. She cares for him and says you reached in finals, you have done it. Rama says not me, we both have done it, we reached the finals, you applied oil well, else I would have been caught. Sumitra and Bua look on. Rama says lets see whom I face in finals. Amaya says I trust you, be confident. Sumitra and Bua worry seeing the fighters. A guy comes there and hands over watch to a girl. He enters the ring. He fights with the wrestler and says its my wish to beat you today. His friends ask Tilak to start on.

Tilak beats the man and says I m going in finals. His friends cheer. The people clap for him. Bua asks Sumitra will Rama fight with him. Sumitra asks Rama to leave this competition, Tilak has beaten Lakhan, who won for 5 years. Rama says whatever happens, I will not move back. He asks Amaya not to make him withdraw, its imp for him to win. Amaya says you have won for me already. Rama is called to fight with Tilak. Amaya wonders what will happen and prays for Rama.

Rama and Tilak fight. Amaya looks on worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Done and dusted…THis show has gone to the dogs!!! What a pathetic directors and cast….It was gold and made it bronze!!!

    Good lesson to story writers and directors…VIEWER IS ONLY KING……….

  2. Maha bakwas show so pathetic
    Aree Rama what r u trying to prove ?????
    Amaya why r u still hanging to this idiotic serial move on guys just sign off this is just a drag show nothing exciting
    Stealing fights for money yakkkkkk
    Seriously somebody stop this crap!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is like a car wreck you can’t take your eyes off, or something truly grotesque that compels you to turn around and take another look. Feel sorry for these poor actors who must need that paycheck or are tied to some contract to keep playing these stupid roles.

  4. Watch “zindagi gulzar hai” if you need to detox after watching this crap

  5. I am not watching this P****C serial.I am watchig only on BiggBoss.So you what watching?

  6. Is daffer jab se ye story likh raha hai ,tabse hamari zindigi ko hell&irretating bana diya hai.A re pagal aurat kamina tu bhag ja .Har serial me khudki zindagi likh likh ke show chalete ho.Tu pagal hai, fully madness hai aapk andar.I&manaya fans alo hate you.Mahadev aapko kabhi maaf nahi karega.Mahadev ka ek bhakt(mantu)kamane ke liye.OkkkkkkkKkkk.Sar fans ki duya hai mahadev se ki daffer aapki show kabhi na chale,aur ekta mam aapko naukri se nika de.Us din me bohot zyada khush hunga.I am confident ki wo in bohot zald aayega.What you thinks guys Aayega na?diemo how are you?

    1. Hello Ajoy, forgive my incompetence, I dont understand Hindi!!!!!!

  7. Rama…………..this once, clumsy, goofy, idiotic mummy’s boy is now going to win this wrestling competition. I mean he was a nice enough guy, but not great enough to win this competition. I’ve said it before, the writers are really trying to promote the Rama-Amaya pairing, and are also trying to make Rama a strong heroine-like character. Hate to say it………….they are basically trying to make him like Mantu. In the process, it seems they are desperately trying to make us forget Mantu. (Never going to happen).

    As I said, they could make this transition subtle, but are rather forcing it on us. Just gives it a fake feel. They seriously need to bring Dev back.

    I’ve been back from holiday a week, and I still haven’t watched the shows whilst i was away, and more are recording. This show is so bad, that I dont feel like watching. I will read the updates, hoping that something drastically changes.

    1. Don’t bother wasting time on those recordings. I disconnected star plus. This is pure BS. You land I are both NRIs, do you know of any girls who are trust fund babies educated abroad and will turn into this 19th century version of a traditional Indian woman?

      The only thing left for starplus is to now show a PhD in Neurophysics climb atop her husband’s funeral pyre to become a sati. Dear God….. I just gave away the plot of the next star plus serial where this Phd marries a rickshaw driver to trick her best friend and he accidentally gets killed trying to take an airplane for a joyride during their honeymoon in Paris – paid for with money she earns by selling her mother’s kidney – the one she cleverly removed when she got her mother the leftover chloroform used on Rachita in TSM.

      1. too gud ritu…ROFL

  8. i want to see the repeat show of this serial

  9. kinshuk is not suitable for goonda type role and his chemistry wid Amaya wil be 0%.N abt mantu they have not shown anything.

  10. Guyz.. Mantu has left da show.. He wont b seen anymore like uma ? the show has gone worse.. I agree but how can rama frget his love fr rachita n amaya her love fr mantu.. Itne din me apna pyaar bhul gaye.. Thts so stupid ?.. Show is goin worse thn ever..

  11. See guys likha hai amaya tied thread on rama hand ful rakshabandhan ho gyi

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