Tere Sheher Mein 13th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Amaya caring for Mantu. She thinks what is she doing, she should just keep watch and go. Dheere dheere se………..plays………. He talks in sleep and says he has ache, and asks Uma to apply balm. Amaya applies the balm to his feet. She recalls him and thinks her heart wishes to have him. Uma comes and asks what is she doing here. Amaya gets tensed and drops the watch. She thinks Uma will know the truth if she sees the watch. She says she came to see Mantu. Uma asks her to leave. Mantu wakes up and says Amaya, when did you come. Uma says don’t know when she come, I just came.

Mantu says I thought it was you. Amaya asks him is he fine. Mantu says I m fine. Uma asks him to sleep and argues with him. Mantu says the girl was innocent, foolish and sweet, and even

Uma would have saved her. Uma says she would not. Mantu says I knew you will take care of me and make me fine, the kada made me better. Uma says she will get kada. He refuses. Chiklu asks Uma to give food. Uma says Chiklu is hungry every 30mins, and I m bringing the kada. She leaves.

Mantu asks Amaya how is she. Amaya says how can I be, I was worried about you, she was thinking about him, even in dreams, she means that she was worries for his state. She was feeling guilty, as its all because of her. He says sorry, I was your missed calls. She says even I have seen. He says I think we both wanted to talk and missed the calls. She says I felt only I was missing you, did you miss me too. He asks what. She says nothing and she will do the work for which she came.

He asks did she come to hide below his bed. She picks the watch and shows him. He gets happy and holds her hand. He asks did she have it, she did big favor on him, its his dad’s last memorable thing, thanks. Uma says she is bringing the kada. Mantu thanks Amaya and asks her to keep it. She says but you said its very valuable to you. He says Uma knows watch is not at home, if she sees this, she will know we were together, keep this watch safe.

She says don’t worry, I will keep this safe. He says he promised himself that he will get anything for the one who gets his watch. She asks anything, really? He says yes, tell me what you want. She talks like him, and says she has to think, she will ask when right time comes, when she returns the watch, you don’t forget your promise. He says fine, but ask anything that I can give you, if you ask for moon and stars, I have become astronaut.

She says don’t worry, I will ask that you will have, when right time comes. He asks her to trust his promise and forwards hand. She holds his hand and smiles, thinking she has lots of trust on his promise, she has to control her emotions. She says she will leave now, she is getting late. She thinks now no one can help me and waves bye to him. She asks Chiklu about Jaz. Chiklu says she went to wash face, she was feeling sleepy. Amaya says tell Jaz that I left. Uma asks about her dress and Amaya hides the pack. She says she gave it to laundry and will return soon. Amaya leaves.

Rama’s dad scolds Shamu. Rachita comes and recalls Kavita’s words. She thinks she did mistake to ask Rama to marry that girl. Rama’s family meets Kavita’s family. Rama recalls Rachita’s words and asks her to keep engagement soon in next week. Ore Piya……………plays……….. Rachita says Rama deserves a very good girl, he is my friend, I can’t let this happen knowing everything.

Amaya comes home and says I would have got stupidity award, I went to return the dress and watch, and did not, I did not get rid of infatuation, I think she made her feelings more stronger. She thinks Mantu gave his valuable thing to me, how could I refuse. Main pareshaan……………plays……… as she imagines Mantu around her. She keeps his watch and also her watch beside, saying its perfect Jodi like her and Mantu, they are made for each other.

Amaya says why did she not return the dress, was Vasudha saying right, am in really in love with Mantu, no it can’t be, its just infatuation. Rachita asks her to come fast. The girls hug Sneha and are happy seeing her. They say they missed Sneha a lot and will not let her go alone anywhere. Amaya says I m sure you missed us a lot. Sneha says yes, I missed you a lot, and was everything fine here. Amaya thinks how to tell her dad got a heart attack.

Sneha and family talk about buying a fridge. Mantu talks to someone for his friend Amaya’s job. The man asks him to send her details to him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. OMG I really luv TSM!!!!!!!!

  2. Haha eera i thought i was the only childish typo

    1. Nice episode n update.

  3. Hi guyz I’m Arohi this is the first time I’m pen down my comment I just love the show because of manya they are just perfect a sweet couple hope amu accepts her love for mantu and also wish mantu to reciprocate I’m eager to see when they both confess their feelings for each other and make uma jealous let her rotten in jealous day by day I’m going insane for manya love u guyz keep rocking

  4. Amaya has fallen for mantu completely omg I mean the girl is blushing throughout the episode both look good together.

    1. not only good they r just awesome …. it (manya) is more sweetest couple then nibir….

  5. Gm guy’s I to love this serial a lot n today’s episode was to good

  6. today’s episode was wonderful 🙂 nd luv u manya a lot 😉

  7. u both r awesome manya 😉 😉

  8. ohhhhh!!! wow brilliant amaya that u accepted …. just love this show/serial… and all others shows/ serials r just waste of time….

  9. lovely couple manya ….. 🙂

  10. I like manya…. And i hate uma… Don’t know what s she think abt herself…. Irritating uma…. PlZ writr make some chang n sneha character… First she s nice… Bt nw……….. Now we imagine sakshi tanwar in her place… So plz make SME change… Rachi u sud have not dne ds 2 rama…. Poor nanaaji what WL u do after knwng that amaya only savd u…

  11. I’m very happy that amu got an award in starparivar … 🙂 😉 ☺ 👏🏼 ️

  12. I’m very happy that amu got an award in starparivar … 🙂 😉 ☺ ‍❤

  13. I love this episode very much and manya also…they are the cutest couple than anyone…….

  14. Nice episode love u manya

  15. uma loves mantu, any girl in her place would love that person with whom she has grown up sharing all the joys and pain…its very natural that mantu and uma love should love each other, what amaya and mantu feel is only infatuaution, the excitement of finding something new……but don’t know why in the case of long term friends ; only one person loves the other whereas the other one doesn’t

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