Tere Sheher Mein 13th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 13th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mantu asking Uma to hurry up. She gets dressed in Anushka’s style and shows her dress to Mantu, asking how is she looking. He compliments her and asks her to sit fast. Mukherjee and Manish are also in the function. Gajanand and his family leave and Pushpa wants to see Sneha. Sneha and the girls leave from home. Rudra tells Kaushalya that he will make a drama between Gajanand and Sneha, they will not see their faces all their life. Rama and his family come there too. Amaya sees Mantu and stops the auto. She sees Uma and gets upset. She leaves.

Everyone catch up in the function. Rudra makes Gajanand’s family get seats. Gajanand asks him to keep Mathurs away. Rudra says fine, I will make them sit at last. She asks Kaushalya about Sneha. She says Sneha will come.

He says plan should not fail. Rama’s dad starts scolding Rama and asks him to sit. Rama thinks why did Rachita not come till now. Sneha and girls reach there. Rudra greets her and welcomes them.

He asks them to sit in last seats. Amaya says they can’t see anything. Rudra says seats are full. Sneha says its fine, and they sit. Rama sees Rachita and smiles. His mum sees this and asks him to look infront. Rudra tells Gajanand that he made Mathurs sit in last row. Pushpa and Dimple turn and see Sneha. Gajanand praises Rudra and asks Dinesh to give him some big work. Rudra thanks him. Mantu comes with Uma and Chiklu. Uma goes to meet her friends and Chiklu goes to play. Rudra sends Mantu to Mathurs. Amaya smiles seeing him and he greets Sneha. Amaya asks Mantu to sit with her. Uma sees them and sits between them. They shake hands angrily and talk sweetly. Mantu says great, you both became friends, you look good smiling.

Uma says see Mantu has come with me and sat with me, your score 0 and my score 1. Amaya says this is just beginning, see what happens next. Uma says Lord is with me. Amaya says Lord is with everyone. Kaushalya applies tilak to everyone. Rama’s dad asks him to get cold drink. Rama’s dad argues with his wife. Rama greets Kaushalya and she blesses him. He meets Sneha and greets her. He shakes hands with Rachita and does not leave. Rama’s mum looks at them. Rachita takes her hand back and goes to drink water.

Rama hugs Mantu and goes after Rachita. The man gives Prasad. Rama says we are fasting. She takes the laddoo and says why will I keep fast. He says every girl keps fast to get a good groom. She eats the laddoo and says I did not keep fast. He gets sad. Sneha says its my fast too, I mean I have diabetes. Amaya does not eat and thinks Mantu does not know. Uma and Mantu are also fasting. The man announces about the fast, and money charges for the couple and single persons who wish to take part in puja and donating. He says the people who are fasting can take part in this puja. He asks them to raise hands on who want to take part in puja. Many raise hands, and Rachita looks at Sneha. Jaz asks is she fasting. Rachita says mum would have kept for dad’s peace. Amaya thinks she is fasting for Mantu and raises her hand to take part in puja.

The man announces the names of people who can take part in puja. He says Mantu…. And last name is…

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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