Tere Sheher Mein 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 13th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the girls getting sad and seeing their Paris pics. Sneha asks Rachita to call Rudra. She calls Rudra and Sneha talks to him. She asks him took their Mumbai tickets. She says we are going back to Mumbai, and the girls get glad. Amaya asks Jaz to pinch her. Jaz pinches her and the girls hug Sneha. Rudra asks is this final. Sneha says yes, my decision is final. Rudra gets angry and says it can’t happen so soon. He says I will try. Sneha tells them that they are going Mumbai. The girls get glad and dance. Sneha asks them to do packing.

Rudra calls his friends and asks them to do the work soon. The men start defaming Rishi Mathur in Mumbai, and the media covers the protests. Sneha and Rachita have a talk. Amaya runs to beat Jaz and they stop her. Jaz says I did not

know anything. Amaya and Jaz fight with the mosquito racket and run. Rachita says they are happy to go Mumbai. She asks why did she say yes suddenly. Sneha says she remembers their childhood and when she understood their pain, its such bond of mum and daughters.

The people throw black colors on Rishi Mathur’s home and are angry on investing in his company. Sinha is on the way and gets a call. He gets a call and says its Hari’s bail today. He gets the news and asks what clipping. Dimple tells Pushpa that Sneha is going forever. She says they are very good people. Pushpa gets sad. Sinha goes for Hari’s bail. The people protest there and he leaves. Hari gets injured.

Rudra sees the news and smiles. He sees the protest and sees the clipping. He tells his friend that he did great work, and asks them to see Mumbai, he will manage Sneha. Rudra calls Sneha and says he has booked tickets and he will come and give.

Hari gets treated. Sinha tells Hari that everyone is cursing Rishi. Hari says why, he just did a mistake and did not take anyone’s money, he took money from bank, he has given bonus to his staff even after his company got in debt. ?He says he had a big heart, he was not a coward, he dies as his conscience was shaking him. He asks why are people throwing stones, he did not do loss of any ordinary people. Sinha asks him to calm down, but this thing is in media and people, and this becomes truth now. He says his bail got into bad effect by this.

Rudra’s mum comes to him and asks what happened, and reminds his dad’s bail hearing today. He says its rejected. She cries and says now what will we do, call Sinha. Rudra calls Sinda and asks about Hari. Hari talks to Rudra. He says he will come soon, everything will be fine, and asks about Sneha and girls. He asks him to look after them well. Rudra says don’t worry, they want to come back to Mumbai. Hari asks why. Rudra says I don’t know. Hari says they can’t come here, you should have told me before. The call ends and Hari’s wife cries. Rudra says maybe he wants to Sneha first, they matter more than me. She asks him not to think so, Hair loves him a lot.

Rudra asks the man to play news and increase volume. He sees Sneha coming and says he got the tickets. She asks is there any problem. She hears the news and is shocked. Rudra smiles seeing her cry.

Hari tells Amaya that they can’t come Mumbai. Amaya says no, I m coming there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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