Tere Sheher Mein 12th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Tere Sheher Mein 12th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with pandit doing puja in Chobey Nivaas. He asks them to keep a fast today for Gajanand’s recovery and they can’t even drink water. Sneha says yes, we all want him to get well. He says puja will go on for long and all members can sit one by one. He asks for a coconut. Dimple goes to get. Kaushalya makes
Rudra sit. Rudra says I can’t keep this fast, I m going out to eat some snacks. Sneha and everyone sit in the puja. Sneha prays that Gajanand gets fine soon.

Amaya is hungry and gets stomach ache. She looks for some food in kitchen and does not get anything. Sumitra and Bua come after having food and tell Amaya that she did not make food for Rama and Gupta, and they have eaten food. Amaya asks what will I eat now. Sumitra says you were sleeping till late.

Amaya argues. Sumitra scolds her. Amaya says fine, I will arrange breakfast for me.

She sees puja going on in Chobey Nivaas and thinks its puja for poornima. She takes samosa at a shop. Rudra comes and asks whats happening, Gupta’s bahu is having breakfast here, and tells about puja kept for Gajanand’s recovery, everyone is fasting, I can’t keep fast. She says I don’t believe in all this. She thinks she can’t eat this, she will also keep fast and pray for Gajanand.

Rudra says what will fast do, it will happen whats written in fate, I felt I m dramatic, but you more dramatic than me, you are very selfish, you did right to marry Rama, got haveli by Sneha, I was angry before, now I understand you did right by fooling everyone, you don’t care for Gajanand, even I was fed up of him, he has made me do all the work, its peaceful now that old man is in hospital now. Amaya gets angry and slaps him. She calls him shameless, Gajanand did so much for him and Kaushalya, and now Rudra is saying such words. She cries and leaves. Rudra asks people to eat food, its his personal matter. He thinks she is shameless to make everyone’s nose cut and giving lecture to me, I will make her shed blood tears.

Amaya comes to Chobey Nivaas and prays for Gajanand’s recovery. Amaya comes to her home and says she will not eat. Nani says I think she kept fast for Gajanand’s recovery. Sumitra says she will teach a lesson to Amaya. Amaya comes to her room and prays to have strength to keep her fast. She says she will sleep for some time. Sumitra comes to her and asks her to clean Kangana’s room.

Amaya says but she is coming tomorrow. Sumitra sends her. Bua says now Amaya will faint by this heavy work in hungry state. They laugh and have sweets. They leave. Amaya cleans the room and makes it look pleasant by her hardwork. Sumitra likes the room. Amaya says the room looks good now right. Sumitra says yes, just hold this. Sumitra holds a hot bowl with her saree and gives it to Amaya. Amaya’s hand burns and she drops the vessel. The daal falls on the floor. Sumitra says you spoiled the floor and asks her to clean it well. Amaya goes to bathroom and does not get water in taps.

Amaya goes to get water from handpump. Sumitra sends her out in lane to get water in buckets. Amaya takes water and the bucket falls. Rama comes and she says she will do her work. Rama says you go, I will get the bucket, I don’t want anyone to see your helplessness, I don’t trust you, you can say my mum tortures you.

Sumitra fills Rama’s ears and says Amaya is not eating Prasad. Rama asks Amaya to eat Prasad. Amaya gets hesitant as she is fasting.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. There is nothing left to say but still Amaya ko jitni bechari dekhaya h itna koi real life mein ni ho sakta that ki koi bhi support na kare. Rama should know how much his so called relative torture her n his mum is the head jo har plan ko anjam tak puhuchati h.
    His bua does not have her home n family to take care of.
    Massi is so beautiful n pretty that no one is able to find a match for her by the way ‘dev’ would be a Gud match for her.
    Nani says Choubey Ji as ‘budhao’ as if she is only 20 yrs old.
    Now Kangana would be more tortuous to Amaya.
    Where is Uma now may be she bring some positivity in the story.
    Please tell would Manya be back or this stupid track would be going on.

    1. Everybody please calm down!! Huba Nawab (Amaya) and Dhruv Bhandari (Mantu) have confirmed that in a couple of weeks they will re unite again! And all this Kangana hing isn’t true, in fact Kangana will feel bad for Amaya watching how she’s doing so much work and will help her instead!! This track may be bad now but the directors are changing it, please just show your love for this show a little bit more so they can get a second chance to make it better!! All shows have bad tracks at some point, and we don’t permanently leave those shows, so please do watch for at least another month, if it still doesn’t change them I will also quit watching show.

      1. Hiba Nawab*

      2. Zazzy…..you say Hiba and Dhruv have confirmed they will re-unite. Where did you get this source from???

      3. Nirali Patel ❤️ TSM

        That’s good but where did u get that info from

    2. Nirali Patel ❤️ TSM

      I hope something good happens…if u search tere she her mean it says the u all episode date s October 2 but I don’t believe that because for saathiya it said it was gonna finish on August 22 and that never happened it is still airing

    3. manyavala tsm, leah

      yeah megha u r right, but manya will again spilt with double strength because of their stupid fate as said by that pandit earlier

      1. No, didn’t the pandit say that after the full moon, Mantu’s horoscope will change. Before he is better suited to Uma, but after the full moon, his horoscope will change right????

      2. Ya u guyz r ryt

  2. In the ongoing track it will be seen that rama’s sister Kangana coming to Banaras . Amaya has been thrown out to store room . kangana was soft with ammu but sumitra provokes Kangana . It will be seen that Kangana working in mantu’s office . Mantu takes care of kangana as she is his bestiess sister . He will drop her home which leaves ammu jealous . I hope it brings an amazing plot in ammu’s life . I hope she will tell the truth to mantu due to her raising jealous .

    1. Nirali Patel ❤️ TSM

      Where did u get that info from?

      1. Just type tsm spoilers .. You’ll get it. And haa one more thing. If you want the track to change sent feedback to [email protected]

      2. Even after sometimes Kangana will change and she will be a positive character. after all she is Rama’s sister. she will help amaya.

  3. i guess rama ll start luvng amaya!!! nd moreovr it s tsm..anythng may happn ..lol

    1. Nirali Patel ❤️ TSM

      Tere Sheher Mein has stated that there will be no love for Amaya from Rama. As the saying goes “Love can only happen once.”

  4. What is happening !though I’ve said that Iquit.but I liked this show very much.I was hopeful that like other serial it’ll not take long time 2 make any twist..when I was eagerly waiting 4 manya’s reunion suddenly the serial got totally changed.how much time will it take 4 reducing all the misunderstandings.

  5. Wtf……… This serial has become. Hate and condemn every minute. Just super bakers

  6. I do knw wt makers r gng to do they hav made ds serial lik hell i dnt think der is a increase in trp’s by ds stupid track

  7. No hopes.I don’t know why this show torturous me a lot.

  8. A very stupid script with all the melodrama
    If the elder sister Rachita is not Rashid daughter can you just rely on rumours and Anaya like a silly moron indulge in becoming a sacrificial goat for no reason

    Is the family so moronic not to suspect Rudra who had in fact spilled the beans to Dev
    I believe a maya has to die in the end with flood of tears in the eyes of women watching this regressive serial
    Atul desai london

  9. Most melodramatic script which would make women bring flood of tears
    Moronic family does not even suspect Rudra who had told Dev about Rachita not being Rishikesh daughter

  10. The plot of tere sheher me has changed and it’s for the worst. I have stopped watching it as what is being shown is utter nonsense. The serial has taken the quickest downfall in recent times. No other serial degraded so fast as tere sheher me has. So disappointed that I wasted so much time watching it earlier.

  11. They are making it more horrible day by day .. story does not make any sense .. people should stop watching the show altogether maybe then makers will understand and remove this uneccessary twist !!

  12. The show is veering towards negativity. Better end it quickly pls.. (Nigerian viewer)

  13. What’s going on…… TSM iz getting worst day by day. Now this kagana. I think TSM should go off air.

  14. Anybody else think that todays episode was just pointless. Bit of a waste of time really. Amaya has been portrayed as so naive in this show. Surely she knows that Sumitra and the ugly women are deliberately putting her in troubles. Yet she goes with it and just cries. Pathetic situation.

    This show has turned into a drama about bullying and ignorance. I know bullying is a thing that happens, but it winds me up, not because it is bad, which it obviously is. But because everybody should have the balls and gut to fight it. Call me old school, but if anybody has tried anything around me, i’ve always either raised my fists, or put the other person in their place with mind games. I guess it just winds me up when people bully, and the victim does nothing about it, as in Amaya’s case. which is just pathetic.

    So this Kangana is coming now. Apparently her and Mantu will get close, more from Kangana’s side. Anybody else think this is going to be awkward and a bit cringe-worthy, Nothing will surprise me about TSM, but if these 2 get together, the show might as well fold now!!!!!! Speaking of Mantu, nowhere to be seen today, again. I think he is the only reason I watch. I want to see how Mantu’s life pans out, rather than this Chaubey Mathur jokers. I like the fact the Mantu (the apparent lead in this show) is a standard everyday kind of guy. Not like the usual rich, lives in a big fancy house, works at his dads business, arrogant wears suits all day guys that these shows always gives us. Mantu is different which makes a change. Shame that his show is following the same old dribble and filth that other indian serials show.

  15. I really hate dis show, please end it quickly….. stop watching it beeps

  16. guys I think kangana is going to help amaya n things may get sorted

    1. Nirali Patel ❤️ TSM

      I hope so too I will hate this show if the rumors that Kangana and Mantu will get close are true! They should get Manya together and do some other drama to keep the show going but don’t separate Manya! Please!

  17. Kya mazedaar story likh rahe hai ye log….itne logo ki awaaz inko sunayi kyun nahi deti…agar aisa hi karna tha tho pehle kyun manya se itna connect karvaya….rama aur amaya ko dekhne se yuck aa raha hai…ab kangana aur mantu ko dekhenge tho phir aur yuck ayega…its total yuck yuck yuck….written update may bhi kuch baki nahi raha…bus Rudra ka thappad ke sivaye..

  18. Emotional atyachaar of viewes…nothing more than that……everybody wants viewers to watch their show…but here its reverse…v r trying to watch and they are forcing us not to watch…vah…

  19. Nirali Patel ❤️ TSM

    I have been watching the episodes still but I don’t like where the story is heading! Today’s episode was pointless and time-wasting. The only things that happened were Rudra’s and Amaya’s conversation and Amaya doing all the work even though she is fasting.

  20. Watching old episodes in hotstar n enjoying….hating this new track

  21. Final episode date is given as oct 2nd 2015
    Don’t know wat is gonna happen??

    1. 2nd oct 2015? Kya hone wala hai

  22. I hate this serial lot lot lot lot lot lot lot ………………. ………!!!!!!!!!….!……………….

  23. This serial was a very interesting serial till Amaya’s wedding. it is loosing al its charm, it is been shown women can be taken for granted and women does not have intelligence power and can only sacrifice and women is greatest enemy of women. which Is totally wrong and should not happen.

  24. manyavala tsm, leah

    maybe amena u can write nice plots n tracks instead of this disappointing ones on air! lol

  25. It is not possible. ..writer should change the track…show us practical thing which can be happened…now it became too impractical…

  26. Uma ka role khatam kr dia inhone without any reason
    N ab track ye rhega k amaya n rama ka romance start hone wala hai jaldi
    N dhire dhire mantu bhi chla jayega
    Mantu side role me hai ab rama lead me
    Kangna ko mantu pe crush hoga n mantu use shadi kr lega
    N then amaya rama ki ho gyi this is the new track wht they want to show us
    Pathetic sick ppl
    No trp now
    Show will end up soon
    Miss u mantu n Manya
    Hate u amaya u r such a mad person

  27. Uma is out of show guys…she is the only person who knows that amaya loves mantu..n Rafi malik in twitter posted that he is main lead in tere sheher mein..they ditched dhruv n viewers…no hopes of manya..stop watching tsm

    1. What really rafi is the leading character. Ohh no. What’s wrong with the writers.

  28. What is happening? It will be better to stop this serial now.

  29. Yes agreed with all negative comments above, when it started it was really good story but after that dev came its all about negativity left in serial…it’s too much saas bahu typical drama going on which doesn’t exist nowdays…it’s really good actor and actress in serial which can take serial very far and on top level…so please change the story and give some good massage to all viewers and our society…

  30. This is going very dull and unbearable i dont want to see This •I only fell bad for montu •Hate amaya very very much ¿••••

  31. guys,plz call on 1800 3000 7827 it is a sp number.
    for manya together..

  32. Hate this track amaya n rama …plz end this topic as early as possible……

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