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The Episode starts with Amaya and Rama leaving from hospital. He thinks how to arrange money and they go to his shop. She checks the money and she thinks whats Rama doing. She recalls doctor’s words. She thinks he is worried for money. Rama thinks this money won’t be sufficient and asks Amaya to go home. Later, Amaya gets a bath and wonders why did Rama not come till now. She says I have to help him, as its happening because of me. She thinks of some way and shows her jewelry to get loan against it. The man says you will get 2 lakhs. She says fine, give me 2 lakhs. He says you can get it tomorrow, I don’t carry cash. She says its urgent. He says I have to go shop and inform my boss. She says fine, you give me money tomorrow.

Rama comes and sees jewelry. The man leaves. Amaya asks

Rama not to stop her, she can do this for Kangana. Gupta and Bua think how to get money for Kangana’s treatment. Bua gets letters and throws an imp letter. She blames Amaya for all this. Jaz thinks its all her mistake and talks to Amaya. She asks Amaya to meet her.

Amaya meets Jaz and asks her not to break her promise. Jaz gives her money and says I can’t see you struggle more, I got this from house’s locker. Amaya says its for Gajanand’s treatment, I will manage, I can’t accept this money. Jaz says keep this, I won’t take this back and leaves. Amaya says I have to put this cash back. Sneha and Rachita have a talk. Amaya comes as utensil seller. Sneha asks her to go and Amaya asks about Pushpa. Amaya insists and sends Sneha.

Sneha thinks its something fishy and goes back. She sees Amaya in that attire and asks is she stealing cash from their home. She scolds Amaya and kicks her out. Rachita and Jaz look on. Sneha asks Sumitra to open the door. Bua asks what happened. Sneha says your bahu was stealing in our home, I caught her, I could have given her in police, I can’t fall low, I know your family is going through difficulties. Rama gets shocked.

Amaya cries and goes inside her house. She cries in her room. Rama comes to her and says he knows everything. Jaz prays in the temple and tells she has stolen money from home, she would have told truth to everyone if Amaya did not stop her. Rama hears her. Rama says you lied as Jaz is under 18, its crime to drive car in her age, don’t worry, I will not let Jaz’s truth come out infront of anyone, we need money, so I took part in this competition and shows the pamphlet of fight competition. He says I will win for Kangana, don’t worry, I will get strength having no option, I will fight and win, this is my promise, see I got the form. She says fine, but we have many other ways, we can take loan.

He says it will take 3-4days time, we don’t have time. She says fights are dangerous, if anything happens to you then… She holds his hand and worries. He says don’t worry, I will be fine. You did not think to take Jaz’s blame on yourself, you always took risk, its my turn now, I will win, you just see. He says I have decided it. She says I went to take pen to fill the form, do what you feel is right, I will always support you. He thanks her and goes.

Its morning, Rama works out. He asks Amaya to help him and sit on his back. He does pushups. She says she will make something for him, and asks him to continue exercise. Shamu gives the ghee. Amaya thanks him. Shamu tells Sumitra that Amaya is making sweets for Rama. Bua asks Sumitra is there good news. Sumitra says I will find out.

Bua asks Sumitra about Rama in fight competition. Sumitra asks Amaya. Amaya says its for Kangana’s treatment. Sumitra asks why is she after Rama, fight competition is dangerous, you are risking his life. Rama says this is my decision, its not Amaya’s fault, stop this saas bahu drama, if Amaya can keep her jewelry mortgaged, I can do this, I m sad you don’t trust me. He goes. Amaya says Sumitra worries for Rama, but I trust him, I will support him and encourage him.

Kangana says I don’t want to get surgery done. Rama says I will get it done. Rama gets beaten in fight competition. Amaya worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. DYM diehard fan

    PLZ if anyone knw could u tel me whether Mantu is stil there or left tsm … It is more than good for him to leave … He has got a bright future and not this idiotic starplus … He is very talented ., those who r talented wil not B survived in starplus ….

  2. yaar someone write a Fan Fiction on MANYA plssss……..its my request. I am not so good at making up stories.
    plus I badly survive without manya. someone plssss. ???
    it can be done in the fan fiction.

  3. Amaya has resorted to stealing………………wow she really has changed from the days of Mantu!!!! Dont matter what the reasons are, and who you are taking money from……stealing is stealing. why have they put this on the show.

    Now Rama will fight????? And he gets Amaya to sit on his back while he does press ups. Anyone else find this absolutely humiliating!!! This is Rama for crying out load. We know the writers are trying to turn him into a hero, but come on. Make it realistic. So Rama will get beaten badly and Amaya will get upset………boo hoo! What a load of crap.

    They need to bring Dev back, so that we can focus on something different, than this pathetic Rama-Amaya debacle. Maybe then Amaya will remember she has a job on a 3 year contract lol!!!!

  4. Lolz.this is remaining.nothing is interesting in this show

  5. Mantu has left now Dev should come and solve problem The twitter has forgotten Mantu Uma and Mantu s brother


  7. Where is mantu

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