Tere Sheher Mein 12th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Tere Sheher Mein 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amaya going to sleep. Mantu’s sad and talks to Uma after losing his dad’s watch. Uma consoles him and asks him to sleep. She wishes he gets the watch back. Yuhin bewajah……………plays…………. Amaya sleeps holding his watch. She dreams of Mantu coming to her. Dheere dheere se meri zindagi me aana…………….plays…………. He takes her to a dream land and shows the surprise. He dresses in black suit and dances with her. She says there is no music. He plays and they dance on the song Jab koi baat…………..

She wakes up in morning by the temple bell sound. She washes her face and says thank God it was just a dream. She says she has to stop this madness. Chiklu talks to his friends and is happy to score well. He meets Jaz and says he has got

good marks. Chiklu tells her that Mantu was beaten up by goons and Uma was angry about dress, don’t be angry. Jaz says she is not annoyed with him, why did he get low rank. He says he is weak at Maths. She says she will come to teach him.

Amaya reads newspapers and reads about dangerous love. She says she was right, its just infatuation, not love, she has to return the dress and watch, then she will be free of infatuation and everything will be fine. Rachita asks what. She says she is going to market to get Sneha’s medicines, what does she want. Amaya says she has to come out of Sammolan/infatuation. Rachita asks what. Amaya says I mean that dress of Uma. Rachita leaves.

Amaya says this is my final plan to return things, but how. Rachita hears Kavita saying her marriage is fixed, she does not like Rama, she wants to marry him as she can rule in the house. She says Rama is very simple, and I will make her dance on my fingers, I will control that house. Rachita is shocked. She says she heard he has madness to clean things, its good he will keep things clean. Rachita takes Uma’s dress and thinks what did she do, she asked Rama to marry Kavita.

Rachita comes home upset and gives the dress to Amaya. Amaya asks Jaz to return the things to Chiklu. Jaz says not now and sits to have food. She asks why is Amaya and Rachita not listening to her, is she adopted. They say sorry. Jaz says a boy was caught cheating, we got angry on him, then we came to know his parents died in accident. Amaya recalls Mantu’s story. Jaz says teachers spoke to him well and said the kids who don’t have parents spoil. Amaya says no, not everyone become criminals, few became good human beings. Rachita says life is tough without parents. Amaya says don’t know how kids move on after losing mum and dad, it would be difficult. She says she will come along Jaz.

Uma makes Chiklu have food and asks him not to disturb Mantu. He says fine. Jaz and Amaya come to him and Uma leaves. Chiklu greets them in low tone and says Mantu slept by difficulty. Jaz says ok and sits to teach him. Amaya thinks she will keep Uma’s dress here and return Mantu’s watch as Uma is not here. She says can I see him for a min. Chiklu says Uma will kill me. Amaya says just some time. He says fine. She goes to Mantu and sees him sleeping. She thinks Mantu will be fine and she will keep his watch here. She does not keep the watch and looks at him.

Amaya looks at Mantu. Uma comes and says you… Amaya gets stunned and drops the watch. Uma asks what is she doing here.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I meant iam first but have to read the update.

  2. Amaya and mantu u both rock luv u couples

  3. Nice episode

  4. Uma has over possessiveness disorder just like raghini, ritika queen noor queen charu rukaiya begum new sanam indrajeet sarkar, mansi, raani maa of pratap, vasu,aliya komolika etc villan/vamps

  5. Lovely epi with lovely couple manya ….
    Yuck ? Uma u r overreacting….

  6. This is too much…uma thnks herself to b a ruler of dat house nd evn mantu..i wud lyk to see her face wen mantu wl say he love amaya.

  7. awww so cute couple hai yaar…. lovely.. ^_^ … but this ummmaaaaaaaa ……. ab bas uss din ka intazaar hai jab mantu-amaya ek doosre ko woh three words bolenge. …. aaawwww!!! ♥♥♥……

  8. I hate all the shows .. just love this ummaahh

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