Tere Sheher Mein 12th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Amaya reading Mantu’s message. He writes to return his dad’s watch, he will send Uma. She recalls his words and cries. She says it means he does not love me. Mantu tells Uma that he asked Amaya to return his watch and goes. Uma sends message from his phone to Amaya asking her to return the dress to the one for whom he bought that dress. Amaya hugs the dress and cries. Uma calls her and asks is she hurt, her love failed infront of fate, whats the use to cry, she can cry, Mantu is sending me tomorrow to get the watch and dress, which Mantu gifted me. She says she has pity on Amaya, as she has seen hatred in Mantu’s heart.

Amaya says maybe I lost you and my love. She recalls Mantu and says when he has asked for the things, he should have come to take it himself.

She says I will return this dress and watch, only to Mantu, not to that Uma. She goes to Mantu’s house. Mantu gets stunned seeing her and says you, at this time, in this windy weather. She asks can I come in? He allows her inside the house and asks how is she? She says why did you not tell me when you wanted these things. He says its same if I take or Uma, its my thing and I asked for it, why did you come at this time, you could give me tomorrow.

She says if you ask me your thing suddenly, how can I keep it, so I came to give. She gives the watch and the dress. He gets stunned seeing the dress. He thinks she is returning this, when he did not ask this. He says good she returned the dress, it was special for her, he bought it by his first earning with love. She says I know, that’s why I did not wear it again. He says I will ask Barfi to make this dress of Uma’s size. She says yes, tell him that the dress was made for Uma, not for me. She says she is going. They cry. She leaves. Aisa bhi kya jeena…………..plays……… She cries walking on the road and recalling him. Mantu sits crying and recalls her.

She comes home and cries ion her room, saying she has lost. Uma asks Mantu not to cry for Amaya, she does not care for him, she could not wait for one day, she is hard hearted. Mantu asks Uma to stop it. Uma says I can’t see you like this, did you ask her to return the dress. He says no. She says it means she lied, she said its lost, how can you trust her. He says leave it. She says how can I leave this, I can’t see your failure, tears, pain. Everyone is over. He says yes, its all over, there is nothing, she ended this, I will not see her face and not hear her name, I will forget her. He cries and leaves. Uma gets glad holding the dress and smiles.

Its morning, Amaya hears the temple bells and asks Lord to say how to live without Mantu. Rudra tells Dev about Gajanand stopping guys from coming home. Dev asks what is it. Rudra tells about Mantu and Amaya, and Rachita and Rama. Dev smiles and says its good idea, use this against Gajanand. Rudra asks what. Dev asks how will Gajanand manage four grand daughters, do as I say.

Rama asks Shamu about Rama. Shamu says Rama is unwell. Rachita says she will see Rama. Shamu thinks Rama should sleep, else Rachita will catch him and his love will end. He asks her to meet in evening. She says no, I can’t come in evening, I will just see her. Rama says shayari and holds a doll. He says Rachita I became philosopher in your love. Shamu thinks how to tell Rama. He asks her to wait, he has to buy medicine for Rama. He calls Rama standing at medical shop. Rama asks did their plan work. Shamu says yes. Rama asks him to say everything. Shamu says she is coming with me, you have 10 mins, else your lie will be caught. Rama says fine. Shamu says he got medicine, and asks her to come.

Rama’s mum gives tea to Rama’s dad. He spits it and she asks for money. He argues with him. A man enjoys their fight. Anither man comes and asks do they fight like this. She throws the slipper and it hits Rachita. Rama’s mum says its good. Rama’s dad says it happened by mistake. Rachita says its fine. He asks what items he needs, is everything fine. She asks about Rama. He asks her to meet Rama. Rama’s mum stops her. He pulls his wife and asks Rachita to go. His wife argues with him. She twists his hand and says she does not like Rachita. She says if anything happens to Rama, then see. Rudra looks on and thinks Rama, now Rachita will know your truth, you won’t know what I will do now.

Rachita says she won’t talk to him. Rudra asks Rama to leave her hand. Rama says its between me and Rachita. Rudra and Rama have a fight.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What the hell manya had did… Y u guys spoiled the serial…

  2. Wrost episode hate it

  3. shephali srivastava

    what is this yr
    idiot uma aise kaise jeet sakti hai
    plz amaya n mantu apni misunderstandings jaldi she clear kro n is uma ko apni life se bahr kro

  4. Uma is evil num 1

  5. Today’s episode was very boring. Again mantu nd amaya went far from each other Wat non- sense iz this. Writers the show iz going boring nt boring very boring. Uma go to hell. If amaya nd mantu didn’t confess their luv within one week den definitely I’m nt gonna watch this show. Now TSM doesn’t rocks.

  6. Ths was one serial whch I thot wud b good..I thot these girls will fight fr thr rights prove thr dad innocent n understand real life of a common man struggle etc etc..they brought in love stories..ok fyn justified ..bt why create thez useless siyapaa!!

  7. There is no point of dragging or stretching things out unnecessarily plz CV understand this.complete time waste and nothing else.manya were so unique but now they have become pathetic.

  8. Now the show has become irritating…..when will this uma named devil get out of the life of mantu and amaya..uma is becoming irritating and mantu and amaya are stupid to trust her !!

  9. TSM is flopping big time. Agreed amaya and mantu were unique……but their relation and characters have turned into depressing cry-ers. They have gajanand, dev and rudra to conquer. All getting a bit too much. Missed my 1st episode today……usually im so gripped but looks like i didnt miss much, apart from a depressing story line. Needs to improve. A show of great promise seems to be on the wane, and may lose me as a viewer.

  10. Guys…….hate to be a part pooper……..but more depressing episodes are coming in TSM. Negative Mantu and Amaya episodes where they drift further away. I like mantu as he was quite a down to earth humble guy. But they are turning him into a moody sad aggressive character which i dont think does justice to his character. Storyline also makes Amaya look pretty pathetic due to this silly promise she made uma. Even when they get together……this has taken the gloss off from the story

  11. Plz stop this bull shit love story their is no serial without f**kng love story

  12. Agreed with all comments above! I don’t even watch it anymore and just read the written updates here! What a total annoyance!! When mantu and amaya finally get together it won’t be as special because the viewers are already so frustrated with the story line!!!!!!!!

    Rachita is too damn smart to put up with rudra. And rudra is too dumb to be a proper villain. And mantu and amaya!! Seriously amaya. You know how uma is? Then why are you letting her win?!! Use your brain cells!!
    Mantu. Stop crying. Start talking!
    Grrrr. This drama is making me so mad!! The writers are killing the story!

  13. uma is a loser

  14. I will watch this serial when Mantu finds out about uma and her mind games.

  15. Today’s episode was very boring. I hope tomorrow’s episode will be good

  16. Agree with all the comments above, I have stopped watching. Just read the updates and if it is going to be even more depressing in the coming days then will stop…way to go CV in messing up an interesting serial and making it run of the mill…

  17. Oh you b*t*h umma
    I hate you too much in reality ???????????
    See ??I have your pics u b*t*h

  18. I wish this drama ends
    Not manmarziyan
    You Umma b*t*h??

  19. u spoiled the serial….taking this love angle tooo longgg…..

  20. please make unite to mantu and Amaya soon as I cant see both struggling to hug each other and saying they love each other. please end the uma story as she is winning and Amaya is losing.

  21. Plz don’t create misunderstanding amaya & mantu……

  22. now I’ve just left seeing it….. jab tak manya love confess nahi karenge tab tak I’ve just stopped watching it…

  23. I wish mangy could shout at u ma for her brainwashed I really want mantu And Anaya u a should not be in this anymore I wish that mantu found out about that amaya is going through all this all because of that stupid umma

  24. What the stupid uma
    she misunderstanding btwn manya
    hate u

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