Tere Sheher Mein 11th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Amaya talking to Vidya. She says Mantu is just her friend. She asks how to know whether its love. Vidya says when you feel by heart and not think by mind. Amaya says he is not like the guy I want. Vidya says deals are done by thinking, not love. Amaya asks how does she know. Vidya says she has seen the light of love, which I m seeing in your eyes. Amaya asks does she know everything about love. Vidya says somewhat. She tells her about her incomplete love story. She says she will leave. Amaya says how does love story complete. Vidya asks her to trust her love and then she will get all answers.

Rachita talks to Rama and asks the two most imp things in his life. He thinks of confessing his love to her. He says you tell me first. She says for me, my career and to find

a good life partner. Rama says our thoughts match. She says a good life partner can give new meaning to life, you can share your dreams, happiness, sorrows….. He says yes. She says a good job is needed to do duties for a marriage. He says so I m finding a govt job to keep you.. She asks what. He says like you said.

She says a good husband and wife always support and love each other, are you ready for marriage. He smiles and says he did not feel, but he is sure. She says yes, but its good. He says yes. She asks him to say yes to the proposal his parents found. He gets shocked. She asks him to think about Kavita, they look good together. He turns and cries. She asks will he marry Kavita. He says he will go and she has opened his eyes. She says this is best decision for you and your family. He says yes, come in my marriage for sure, and leaves. Ore Piya………plays……… He goes away and cries. She leaves.

Amaya says how to know its love, Mantu and me… Rachita and Jaz will laugh on me, we are so different, there is no match, this can’t be love. She says she will see after meeting Mantu, if she does not feel anything. She thinks how to come out of this madness. Rachita comes and asks what did she do now. Amaya says nothing. Rachita says I don’t understand. The doctor tells Gajanand that a girl Nidhi saved him. Pushpa says she could not find her. The doctor says she said she will not go till his treatment starts and she signed on form, who does this for stranger.

Gajanand says he will never forget this name Nidhi, she did big favor, and I wish to return her favor. Rama’s parents talk about his marriage. His dad is angry on him. Rama comes home and his dad asks him will he marry or not. Rama recalls Rachita’s words and agrees to marry Kavita. They get glad. Rama says he will manage his career and home, dad does not need to worry, he will do as his wish. His mum hugs him and says my son is mature and smart. Rama leaves sad. His dad says this is miracle. His mum thinks her plan worked and smiles.

Rama thinks of Mantu’s words. He recalls Rachita and hits the mirror, thus hurting his hand. Amaya goes out of the room and sits in peace away from the clock. She sees the sky, stars and the moon and smiles, recalling Mantu’s words. She thinks to help Rachita in work, and Mantu will be out of her mind. Rachita asks her to boil milk. Amaya recalls Mantu again and laughs. Rachita asks what did she do. Amaya says sorry. Rachita asks her to leave, as she has poured milk on washed utensils. Amaya looks at his watch. Kya hai kyu hai………..plays………..

Amaya wakes up and sees Mantu, giving his hand to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Amu has gone mad in love
    arjuni vidhya means vidhya balan she had come for her films promotion Hamari Adhuri kahani

  2. Cute love story I love this

  3. Little draging

  4. I knw its a dream sequence kash sach ho jata…!!!!

  5. Love this drama series.. But its dragging…..
    Two days of it has been dragging for two whole weeks.
    Its better if they have more of Mantu and Amaya scenes already….
    Drama plays on TV less than 30mins… and that too not much of scenes we would love to see!
    Enough of Amaya’s dreaming scenes… we wont to know how mantu is feeling too!!

  6. Sry its ahenkhena thanks dr lovely epi

  7. It would be better if mantu realise his feelings before amaya… it would have been quite nyc for us….

  8. You are right dude,we want mantu to realized his feelings b/4amaya say anything

  9. feeling sad for RAMA

  10. nice episode. Anaya and mantu looking cute?

  11. vidya has seen in two serials YHM and this one…. Amaya’s love story is tooo godd

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