Tere Sheher Mein 11th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Tere Sheher Mein 11th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the guy hitting the car and getting into a fight. Amaya says sorry, I will pay for the loss. The man takes her purse and says he will call police. He calls police and she gets tensed for getting late for puja. The police comes and the man complains about the accident. Amaya says see they took my purse, let me go. The constable asks her to come to police station and get her purse there. She says I will get late. He asks her to come. She says fine, keep the things, I will go without it. She runs. The guy asks her to stop, as temple is away. Amaya runs fast.

Rudra asks Rachita about Amaya. Rachita says Amaya will meet us at temple. Rudra asks what is she doing there. Rachita says she had some work there. Rudra asks work on holiday? Rachita says you don’t know her.

Rudra thinks they all do drama. Mantu is tensed as puja ended and Amaya did not come. Uma says I said she won’t come. Amaya is still on the way, Uma gets the call and says fine, let her run. Uma asks Mantu to come. Mantu says just 5mins, it will be my last try.

He falls down and Uma holds him. Mantu sees a girl running and coming to him, and smiles. He says she has come, I knew she loves me, see Uma. He gets sad seeing its someone else. Uma gets glad and asks him to come home, leave this madness, its not Amaya. She asks him to forget Amaya. Chiklu comes and asks shall we go home. Mantu says come Chiklu. Gajanand scolds Rudra for not getting Amaya. Rudra says I went to pick them, and Amaya was not at home. Rachita says she will reach the temple, we won’t be late. Gajanand asks why did she not tell us. Rachita says I permitted her to go. He argues with her. Rachita wishes Amaya comes there.

Uma takes Mantu and does not let him see Amaya. Amaya asks Mantu to wait. Mantu says Amaya called me. Uma asks auto driver to drive and says Amaya is not here. Mantu says I can’t be wrong, she called me. Uma denies it and says she did not hear anything. Amaya runs after her. Mantu says I feel she is around me. Uma diverts Mantu saying she got hurt. Amaya asks Mantu to stop. Uma sees her in mirror and asks him to drive fast. Gajanand’s car comes in between and Amaya stops. He asks her to sit in the car. Amaya thinks she did not reach Mantu, but he would have not heard her heart, just turn once and see Mantu.

Mantu stops the auto and a procession comes in between. He does not see Amaya. Uma says she is not here. Mantu says she was here. Uma says we are getting late, come. She takes him and asks him to come to his senses. Gajanand scolds Amaya. Amaya wishes Mantu hears his heart. Mantu feels she broke his trust. Amaya wishes he gives her one chance and trust her, she is helpless, he isn’t. He says he will not make him helpless and not put his self esteem at stake. Amaya cries.

Rachita asks Amaya what happened to her. Amaya thinks she can’t tell Rachita, its test of her true love. Amaya says nothing. Mantu is sad and Uma is with him. Rudra talks to pandit and tells about Amaya. Amaya serves food and pandit moves his plate, asking where is her focus. She says sorry, I will pick it. He asks will he make her eat fallen food and they all get up. She says sorry. Rudra asks what happened. Amaya apologizes and cries. Rudra asks where is her focus, she made them wait for one hour and now insulted them. Rachita asks for solution.

The pandit says Amaya has to go, till she is here, they will not eat food. Amaya starts leaving. Gajanand stops her. He scolds her and she apologizes. The pandit says they won’t eat if she does not go. Gajanand says she is young, forgive her, I apologize to you. The pandit asks him to teach her some values. Gajanand asks Rudra to put this food for fishes. Uma pacifies Mantu. Mantu says she was right, he will forget Amaya. The guy comes to meet Amaya and returns her purse. She thanks him.

Mantu messages her and she apologizes to him that she has come very late, she is helpless by her oath, she can’t tell him that she has come there. She hugs the dress and his watch. She gets the message and gets glad. She reads it.

Amaya comes to meet Mantu at night.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This uma i hate u

  2. y these writers dragging this serial so much?????if it goes on like this its trp will go down……. mantu plzzz go and confess ur love to amaya….. and u amaya plz break this promise bcoz its just a bullshit promise and these promise r made only to break….. so at least u confess ur love…. u both r cute couple so plz join soon and don’t make ur misunderstandings rule u……
    uma u just go to hell.. just get lost… never come back n manta’s life

  3. No . No more i m not going to see this serial any more its getting wrost day by day.nd mantu did he lost it… Missing my fav show
    plz get back the spirit
    M losing all hopes.no comments for uma..coz she is……aaahhh dont want to use slangs

  4. Wrst episode dragging too much please make it interesting let mantu and amaya say that how much they love each other if it gonna b same m done will surely stop watching show 🙁

  5. very stupid direction…they r not talking as friends also….the promise was not to tell that she loves him but she can talk as friend…even that is not happening….very stupid

  6. I have been saying here many times. Writers are just dragging and this serial has become monotonous and predictable.

    Come on, Get DEV into this more. You can have plenty interesting plots. Whats so much with UMA and her madness….You guys losing viewers… Nobody will tolerate the non sense for long time.

  7. lucy hipolite

    hate uma mantu plz confess you r the man …so act lyk 1

  8. Uma is ridiculous . If she really loves mantu she has to realise that his happiness is wid Amaya and not her. They r dragging this serial a lot. Plz continue the story fast or else the serial will lose viewers.

  9. I dont undstnd what all ds dragging is all about.How can mantu be so stupid?is uma his friend or his mother why is he so scared of her?cant he atleast look back to clear his doubt?idont think i have more interest in this show again.

  10. It’s going off track now..this Uma is so irritating..In case by next 1-2 episode they do not confess their love..I will seriously stop watching this serial..
    Writers plz stop it now..your TRP will go down drastically if you drag it more.. We want to see Amaya and Mantu’s love and their dating!!!!

  11. chanda panday

    So simple things why do the writers complicate matters,simple both need to say I Love You at the same time,Amaya with her silly facial expression and talking to herself,will definitely lose her love to Uma,an irritating and cunning person

  12. Uma……..
    i will kill you
    . plz leave manya..

  13. Ohh god every time when I saw Uma in this episode,I wanted to kill? her,slap? her, ?beat her and many more things were there to do with her.she was irritating like helllll?.And our stupid love birds one is stuck with that stupid kasam which she has given to that selfish uma who herself is making all the efforts to get mantu,by hook or crook ehhhh and another one is mantu with his selffff respect.If they will not make any effort it is obvious that fortune teller’s words will come true.And after all of that gajanand choubey and Rudra no words for them?

  14. I just hate her , uuu umaaaa…. go to helll… liked the precap.. now amaya , as shown in precap that u go to meet mantu at night… then u have to tell ur feeling… hate the writers more that umaaa…. they r dragging soooooooo much…. yaar…. let themmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tell na…. aur kitna chilllllllaaauuuuuuuuuunnnnnn…. this is final warning if in today’s episode also they don’t confess then I’ll will not watch frommm 2mro

    Howevr i jst wana say uma how long wl u stop mantu….

  16. This show is getting bore day by day manta plz propose amaya, I hate u uma. I m going to stop watching this show

  17. Really mantu and amaya both are falling down the uma trap

  18. plZZZ writers remove this uma.. and y don’t u understand that the trp is decreasing bcoz of this umaa and her devil plans… remove her or make her a nice person… and there are dev , rudra , and also this nanaji for bringing new twists and also for the villain character… no need of this ummmaaa… this show is about a girl.(amaya) who suffered a lot… .. so u should show us her smartness not foolishness…

  19. Mantu nd amaya pls confess ur love to eachothr..
    Or else no one is gonna watch this uma crap:@
    Love manya…

  20. This uma story is boring. just make a twist and remove this uma. and that mantu is mad or what. alway asking uma for every single dream. and rudra just throw him also out

  21. The serial is just getting ridiculous.I mean it is shifting away from the main track and for god sake how can mantu be so stupid.The have made he charachter look so immature.

  22. Why r u dragging the show now it will be boring to watch plz mantu confess ur luv. Nd writers plz remove this uma. Uma get lost

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