Tere Sheher Mein 11th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 11th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amaya waking up by the bell sounds. She says she will never get habituated to it. She wakes up Rachita and Jaz. They make tea. Amaya says she will get bread and asks them to cut cucumber. Dimple asks Pushpa shall I come along to temple, as she is not well. Pushpa says I m fine, manage home, I will come soon. Amaya goes to tea stall and he tells her that he bought 10 kettles, after she took from him. She says we don’t need tea now, we are going back home soon. She meets Atom and says she is shopping. She tells him to cancel electricity connection, as she is leaving Banaras.

She meets Dimple on the way. She says she is leaving Banaras and going back to Mumbai. Dimple says great, that’s your real home, I will come to bid bye. Amaya says fine. Sneha sees the girls

in kitchen making breakfast and greets them. She asks whats happening. Amaya says you always make breakfast for us, so we made something special for you. Rachita asks her to have tea. Sneha says wish me luck. She tastes it and says its perfect, whats the reason for all this. They all just like that.

The girls help Sneha in work. Dimple comes and says she came to say good bye. Sneha asks why. Dimple says I came to know everything, you are going Mumbai, Amaya told me, she met me on the way. Sneha asks did Amaya tell you, no this is misunderstanding, its nothing like that. The girls get stunned. Sneha says we are not going anywhere, how is everyone at home. Dimple says everyone is fine. Jaz says maybe mum wants to keep everything hidden. Dimple leaves.

Sneha says so we are going Mumbai, how? I should ask Dimple, she knows all plans. Amaya says she met and told in excitement, sorry, I did not know I should not tell her. Jaz says I heard you talking on phone, we know everything. Amaya says Jaz heard you talking to Sinha, that you are making arrangements. Sneha says fantastic, did anyone ask me, why will you all ask me, I m just mum, no use to ask mum.

She says will I talk and think about you three, do you know anything else, you don’t care for anyone. She says she was talking to Sinha about Hari, he is in jail. Jaz says we did packing too. Sneha gets angry and scolds them. She says this is final, no one will ask me my decision, when I decide, I will tell you. Amaya says its Jaz’s mistake and they argue. Rachita apologizes to Sneha and says we will stay here, where will w go leaving you, and if this is final, then we will not ask you, please think once will this decision be good for all of us. Sneha cries.

Rachita and Jaz unpack things. Amaya says mum did not say anything. Jaz says you think she will agree. Amaya says I m positive. Rachita asks her to stop it, there is no point in discussing this. Sneha stands in window. Dimple waves her. Sneha sees Pushpa and rushes out to meet her. Pushpa does home. Kripa asks Pushpa to think again, if Gajendra knows, it will be problem. She send Kripa to Sneha. He gets worried seeing Gajendra. He tells her that Pushpa wants to meet her, but is tied in vows by Gajendra, and he gave this number, asking to call if she needs any money of help.

Sneha says my husband has left enough for us, and my daughters are not orphans, I m with them, I can take care. He says I know, keep this phone number. She takes it. He blesses her and leaves.

Rudra tries to know about his friends, and does not get to see anything in news. Sneha cries and talks to Rishi, thinking about the girls and her decision. She says what was I going to do. She says she could not understand his problems, and today she is not understanding her daughter’s problems. She says I will do what the girls want and what has their happiness.

Sneha asks Rudra to cook their tickets for Mumbai, and girls get glad. Rudra sends his friends to Mumbai and they protest against Rishi, and media covers the news against Rishi Mathur and defame him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This show s ntng bt going 2 Mumbai blah blah soooo boring

  2. Amaya is so stubborn. Grow up big girl . C ur mom n what problem cz facing. Stop being childish be mature.

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