Tere Sheher Mein 10th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 10th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bua and Sumitra filling Rama’s ears against Amaya. Rama takes Amaya and leaves. Bua apologizes to the guests. Rama makes Amaya stand in the shower and she faints. He lifts her. Its morning, Amaya wakes up and says how did I reach here and sees her saree changed. She recalls Rama taking her to room. She says did Rama…. Rama comes there. Amaya asks what happened yesterday night, answer me, did you… I don’t remember anything, answer me.

Rama says whats the problem, I m your husband, you cheated your family to marry me, whats wrong I did being your husband, don’t be mistaken that I m interested in you, leave about touching you, I don’t want to see your face, I told Maasi and got your clothes changed, I don’t love you, I see my bad fate in you, my life

is not less than hell, you did not leave your mum, now you are ruining our name, you got drink in mu dikhai ritual, these are your values. They argue.

He says he can’t trust her, as she cheated Rachita and Sneha, she has fallen so low, no one will forgive her. She cries and says its not true, trust me, I did not drink. He says how much will you life, I don’t have time to hear this nonsense. He leaves. Amaya thinks how to tell everyone I did not drink, why did I do that in mu dikhai, what happened to me and recalls Sumitra making her drink the kada. She says it means Bua did this to take revenge from me.

Sumitra talks to Kangana and talks to her mum. Nani asks which room will you give Kangana, its just storeroom left. Sumitra says she will make Amaya clean the room, I have thought how to trouble Amaya. Amaya confronts Bua for mixing wine in kada. Sumitra scolds Amaya. Amaya says I don’t drink, why will I drink wine in my mu dikhai, Bua has mixed something.

Bua gets angry and starts drama. Amaya says she is acting, and asks Sumitra to listen. Sumitra says I will teach a lesson to Amaya. Amaya says I m not lying. Sumitra slaps her. She scolds Amaya. She says she knows everything, Amaya is a cheater, she has cheated her family and them too. She asks Amaya to get ready, she has to go Maayka for her pagphere. Amaya asks how can I go there, she has ended all ties with them.

Sumitra says you ended tied, we did not, you know how to go there, its ritual in our home. I will see how your mum scolds you, I have just slapped on your cheek, your mum will slap on your existence, fun just started, see what happens next, there are many rituals to keep, go and get ready. Amaya thinks how will she face her family and cries. Rama talks to Mantu on phone and asks him to come, they will go together. Amaya comes there and says I can’t go. She collides with the bed and waters fall on the papers. Rama asks what did she do. Amaya asks for Rama’s help, and asks him to talk to his mum, she can’t go for pagphere.

Mantu hears them. Rama says you called me coward, why should I help, he goes. Amaya thinks how to stop this pagphere rasam. She looks for Sumitra. Mantu comes there. Amaya says I have to ask for Mantu’s help, he can explain Rama. She asks Mantu to help her, and convince Rama to tell her mum that she can’t go for pagphere. Mantu says I came to meet my friend Rama, where is your husband.

She says I can’t go there, everyone hates me, I really need your help. Mantu refuses and goes with Rama. Amaya asks Bua to talk to Sumitra. Bua says you have to go. Amaya gets ready to go to Chobey Nivaas.Sumitra reminds her that she can come after completing pagphere ritual. Rudra sees Amaya coming, and tells Sneha. Amaya knocks the door. Kripa shuts the door seeing her. He tells Sneha that Amaya is standing outside. Rachita says did they make Amaya leave her house and goes to see.. Rachita opens the door. Everyone come there and see Amaya.

Sumitra asks Sneha will she just make her bahu stand at the door and tells about pagphere rasam.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Heny

    Someone plzz kick out these 4 irritating old aunties !
    N writers we love Manya n Rara so plzz stop this unwanted crap !
    Frustrated fan ??

  2. Megha

    In 21st century a educated girl from Paris is been slapped n harassed by in laws is not uttering a word against it. Their is no rules n regulation in banaras or they are not that educated also . N that Kangana rama’s sister is also cuming . These 4 are not enough for Amaya to handle that she is also added now.
    Worst part is now mantu is also not supporting her. Please Kuch tuh positive dekha do . Nhi tuh sabse best off air Kar do atleast expectations tuh hurt ni hogi viewers ki.

    • Ritu

      Agree. Rama also needs to get out of this show. I will throw up of he is united with Rachita at some point. She never liked him that way.

  3. MoriumShirin

    I’m from Bangladesh. In our country people says woman’s are ruining by Indians show. I argue with them. Now I’m feeling they are right.I stopped watching this show when Amaya getting married..but now I m thinking l have to leave the telly update….

    • Ritu

      These stupid shows are trying to teach Indian women to go back in time, regress and become a lot like domesticated animals. Even a cow will kick you if mistreated but not an Indian bahu is the fantasy these shows are feeding.

  4. Ritu

    They talk about rituals as if someone is talking about enforcing a Supreme Court order. what bakwas! That whole Rama Rachita angle was stupid to begin with. Rachita had zero interest in him. This Mantu and Amaya angle makes no sense either. Which Amaya is he in love with? She has certainly gone through several identity conversions since the show started. Sumitra’s character would mAke sense forty years ago when mother-in-laws could go on insane power trips to work out their PTSD from their own mother in-laws. How is that doable in today’s day and age where you can get your in-laws hung out to dry for abusing you? Btw, can’t Dinesh afford to rent a small house for Rudr and company? Letting a grown man live with girls unrelated to him is pretty far fetched.

  5. Saumya

    Please guys dont watch this shit..
    Its utter nonsense ..
    Viewers could have written a better story they could shown rama being a strong guys who would still marry rachita even if she was born out of wedlock
    Show amaya working hard and struggling to build a empire like her father
    Rather then this saas bahu regressive shit
    Watch tagore stories on epic or ishq ka rang safeed atleast there is blooming lovestory there

  6. Shravya

    Itna bakwaas hai ki suhani serial ki dadi ko bhi peeche kar diya in 4 ladies. Producers please tell us that when your serial is going off air. Dont irritate viewers by such stories.

  7. skvr

    Bkwas irritating Rama n uski 4 mhan deviya plssss get out
    Kitni Negtivity hai unme plsss
    V r living in abroad ppl r crazy for bollywood n indian serials they like Indian actors n stories
    Bt now evrybdy is asking
    Still india is so backward
    Ye sb kuch sch me chkta hai?
    Pagal hai star plus n TSM team plsss
    Fed up now evryday with new hope we sit in front if tv bt same ghtiya nonsense v r watching
    I hate amaya character also whtshe is doing apni saas pe vishwas krk use mna rhi hai k bua g ne kia wah use to uski nature pta hai n amaya knws very well k saas kabhi uski bat nai sunegi
    Bt still amaya acts so polite with faith
    N ab jturt padi to mantu yad aa gya is she selfish too?
    Wht u want to show us
    Plsss Ghatiya track ko bnd kro
    V expect alot from u
    Show slogan is Youth generic romantic show
    Kis angle se koi bta do
    Pagal bna rhe hai chubey g kahan gye vo dikh hinai rhe sara land kra kab gayab
    N sneha k chhat wala scene aj tha hi nahi
    Lgta inko serial chlana hi nai hai
    I heard 2nd oct wil b last episode I thought it is rumour bt now I can bet
    It is true n it will stop soon

  8. Misha

    Such a stupid track running right now.. At least let Mantu know Amaya’s truth nd save his love from these tortures..
    Pls try to show some positivity.

  9. Sweets

    This is the only episode I used to like but now in vain ..it’s all crap now
    I still expect that the writers will bring some sensibility towards the show.
    I am hoping that uma will now tell truth to Mantu that Amaya loves him .
    But I wonder where did she vanished ???
    Writers please explain .,..

  10. Dimeo

    Crap, crap and more crap. This show must be set in the 1940s. Amaya’s medicine got spiked, she remember it, and then decides to confront the aunt in front of everyone. Is she stupid???? Surely she can see that all of the women are conspiring against her. Why would she start preaching to Sumitra that the aunt is lying, and trying to prove it. Amaya is trying to be clever, fighting these aunties, but that was a stupid move. Also by Amaya getting drunk, she embarrassed the Gupta family, when other relatives came to see her, but Sumitra and co didn’t really seem to care, otherwise they wouldn’t have pulled this stunt.

    To end things, she has gone to Mantu for help. Is he kidding???? After the way she has treated him. I must admit, part of me wanted him to help, but he would have looked like a bit of a mug if he did.

    I must admit, i find this show boring now. Storyline and twists suck, and now the characters do too. Parts of story are very misplaced and just have negative vibes all over. Every writer(s) can be forgiven for 1 or 2 bad episodes but this is over a month of rubbish. These writers deserve to have eggs thrown at them.

  11. Dimeo

    This show has lost all meaning to me now. Will Mantu and Amaya get together in the end?????? Maybe……..Probably. But the shine has been taken off. What about Rachita and Rama????

    From Mantu’s point of view, how can he now get together with the ex wife of his best childhood friend. It leaves a bit of a stain on the relationship. Also if Rama and Rachita do get together, how does Rama and Amaya relation stand???? They would obviously be brother/sister in law, but after the way Rama and Amaya have been acting to each other, how do you forget all of that.

    Fact is, you dont just forget about all of the actions that have happened. In my view, if these couples do end up together, the speciality of it has just disappeared and it has lost its gloss and meaning.

    What does everyone else think?????

    • Ritu

      There is no way Rama and Rachita should ever get together. She didn’t love him before this khichri, why should she love him now? Mantu and Amaya won’t be salvaged either, you are forgetting my dear – that Indian deviyan have to somehow recycle abd refurbish whatever shit they get married to instead of opting for a far better alternative they actually love(d). Divorce

      • Dimeo

        Im assuming that Rachita/Rama and Mantu/Amaya will get together, but nothing will surprise me with this show now. This show has made a mockery of love, family and marriage.

        In terms of Rama and Rachita…….yes she doesn’t love him. But maybe he will prove his love to her at some stage and she will reciprocate. As mocked as it is, maybe love will prevail eventually. Lol……..well we can all hope can’t we with this serial.

    • ninesha

      I am so disgusted that have given up thinking about this drama. So Dimeo, sorry, I have no contribution for you. But having a great time reading comments. Pinky Gairola,s comment was very entertaining.

      • Dimeo

        No problem Ninesha. I agree…..Pinkys comment was funny. Reading these posts is much more entertaining than watching this god forsaken show!!!

  12. Rupa

    I’m. From BAngladesh. I thought that this serial would be different from the others but IWas wrong..ghisi piti kahani.ok..I already quit.

  13. Lost my patience….how cud that lady ask help to mantu after ditching and hurting him..omg!!! Kuch tho guilt rakho amaya…tum mantu ke piche padi tumne usme feelings jagaye…ab tho behave kar rahi hai jaise kuch hua hi nahi…madam ko jab bhi jaroorat pade mantu ji hazir hoke kaam karna hai shayad….senseless lady thoda tho daya rakho mantu pe…kyun aur hurt kar rahi ho…really I am feeling so bad about this serial…i watch only this and I was emotionally attached with these two characters so much…ab ye sab dekhana bahut hurting lag raha hai

  14. Deepshikha

    Once it ws my fav daily soap…b’t nw i hv stopped watching dis….By watching d promos i thought star plus iz going 2 introduce an exceptional daily soap….b’t dis iz bullshit…hw cn it possible??In dis 21st century an educated gal 4m Paris vl tolerate ol dis….she vl find an another solution 2 save her family….plzz stop showing dis nonsence…m vry disaapointed.

  15. How can a strong character like amaya who is so strong in her intentions and deeds becum so weak…v have all saas bahu daadi bahu tracks no more plz…bas iske sivaya kuch baki hi nahi…at least ek serial tho youth ke liye bacha ke rakhte…

  16. Sangeeta

    Wake up call 4 the writer.
    Viewers comments says all. People r not liking the show any more just coz of the stupid track the story has taken.
    Moreover, so much negative publicity about Banara and its rituals.

  17. shuvi

    this show has now become disgusting, very poor, vicious, inferior, stressful, wretched, spurious, etc…..
    hate it and I’ve already stopped watching it…

  18. S


    Not worth our time.

    Is there a place we can write to the writers to give feedback? Someone please share.

  19. Manya is never cuming back so remove ur false hopes and stop watching it…they have even removed the video where hiba and dhruv say they are cumin back soon….they are big liars…lost trust on tsm and sp

  20. Pinky Gairola

    BULLS EYE!! writers u nailed it…superb screenplay n script. a kirana boy suddenly becomes the most eligible bachelor in d town. a paris return educated sophisticated rich girl suddenly transforms into saree clad ablaa naari wid a masters degree in kitchen politics. sasuraa rudra becomes guardian of all d beautiful khaandani girls n women of banaras. mantu an otherwise sensible guy becomes a moron to hold a live wire inorder to save his ladylove and mind u he doesnt get d shock which any normal human wud .sneha seems to be a real no brains lady since she believes each n everyone who plots against her family making their plans easier to execute.the women in rama’s family have no husbands no family to look after n no kids except double decker munnu though he was sweet. Gajanand suffers stroke for the 90th time but is still alive. dinesh mama dilates his eyeballs in every damn situation. pushpa only sheds tears irrespective of the occassion. rudra’s mom is changing banarasi sarees faster than sumitra evil plots.PHEW…I m about to faint ..plz call d ambulance

  21. Harsh Subash

    I used to love watching the show, now it’s so disgusting the way the producer and the writer
    has twisted the story,

    What happened to Amaya signing a contract to be Dev’s Sectary?

    What happened to Uma’s and Amaya’s promise over Mantu’s love

    It’s sad but time to switch on to watch something else

  22. tina

    i think rama will realize amayas truth and will fall in love with him and but amaya will be unaware of it and but later she will love rama and for archita new charcaters will come

  23. Riya

    AaaaaaammmmmmaaaaaAaaayyyyyyyaaaaa. I want to give a tight slaps you.
    Sry it’s not for Hiba ,it’s for the character

    Dear writer a good advice for you.
    Now mantu & uma ki saadi karwa do & show ko off air kardo…..
    Sp deserve this….

  24. Ye sabse tho Uma ka drama acha tha….no more patience not goin to watch it anymore…hope to see hiba and dhruv paired in any other series waiting for that….cum soon with something new and youthful…not kachara like this….

  25. Naaj

    Tere shehar mein started with a really gud and entirely different theme from other serial. But it took a big twist which makes this as the worst serial. But we the viewers want tere shehar mein back. Please this is a request for the writers. Accept this request.

  26. Amaya ki shadi mantu ke sath isliye nahi hui kyun ki mantu ke paas maa nahi hai aur Rama ke paas maa hai ab saas nahi tho kaise…e kachara kaise banega?

  27. S

    So I wrote to starplus. Fat chance anything will happen. If you guys go into india forums and type in tere seher mein, you can read what others are writing. Similar sentiments as here. Though one interesting read was they actually contacted the head writer and she defends the writing- says that 80% women in india face this!!!

    And can someone verify- did the writers change at TSM? I got the impression from the articles that the old writers had left and replaced by a new batch that were doing this typical writing we hate!! Is it true? Then there’s no hope for manya ever getting bk.

  28. sri

    Well said at @ pinky. I love reading these comments. I hate the show. Its the worst. They have mocked at a holy thing like love n marriage. I think writters belong to some naxal grp. They wanna torture us by showing such story line. I hope it goes off air soon. Waiting for new star plus serial( Balaji telefilms). At least that wud be better than this nonsense.
    Loved reading these comments.?

  29. Abhixx

    I feel the writers should try and work on something that’s loved by the viewers. just simply ruining a good show

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