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The Episode starts with Tilak asking for his demands to be fulfilled. He brings Rama there and asks media to record this, so that everyone knows this is not a joke. The police says this is not small matter, it will take time. Tilak says this is not our problem, we will kill this family if our demands are not fulfilled. Amaya comes to Allahabad and thinks to ask people about Mantu. Her mangalsutra falls and she worries for Rama. She hopes Rama is fine. She sees the news at tea stall. She gets shocked seeing Rama and her family held hostage by goons.

She cries and says Rama, she has to go back to Banaras soon. She tries to take lift. A man agrees to drop her, as he is also going Banaras. Rama asks for water. Tilak taunts Rama and drops the water glass. Tilak tells Rahul that he is sure

they will leave our members. Sumitra blames Amaya for all this. She would have come to save us, if she wanted our good. Amaya comes there and shouts Rama. The police stops her. Rachita says its Amaya, did she come back.

Tilak goes to see her. Amaya says its my family inside. Tilak comes there. She scolds him for hurting her family and calls him coward. The inspector asks Amaya not to provoke the goons. Tilak thinks he knew Amaya would come, now she will see them dying. Pushpa comes there and stops Amaya. Tilak shows the news to Rama and asks him to see, his wife has come. Rama says go back Amaya. Amaya asks inspector to let her go. She says tell me the plan of action, maybe I can help you. He says there can be many people there, our officer is going inside as reporter. The officer gets ready. The inspector announces that they have forwarded their demands, and they can pass their message via reporter. Tilak asks the man to get food for them. The men take the food and Rahul checks them. The officers in reporters disguise get inside.

Sumitra scolds them for getting non veg food in their house. Tilak asks her to shut up else he will kill her. Tilak tells his condition to get his men freed. The man asks his plan, does he think they will get saved. Tilak takes food and stops seeing the news. He sees the reporter as inspector in the news. He asks officer to have food. The man asks Tilak to eat, he is fasting today. Tilak says you are not eating food, as you are police officer. He beats the officer.

Tilak throws officers outside and warns them not to double cross them. Tilak says good news is one of family member will die, you all decide. Rama says kill me, but don’t do anything to my family. Gupta and Kangana ask them to kill them. Rahul says if woman dies, it will affect much. Rama scolds them. Tilak says we will shoot this old woman, she irritated us. They take Sumitra outside with them. She cries and asks them to leave her.

Amaya saves Sumitra and takes her place, asking Tilak to shoot her. Tilak holds her close. Sumitra runs towards police. Amaya cries. Tilak ties Amaya. Rachita asks whom did they get now. Tilak says I will not leave you now, you like to become Jhansi Ki Rani. Amaya cries. Jaz asks who is it. Tilak removes the black cloth from their eyes. Amaya says she came for her family, Rama is unconscious. Tilak asks Rama to see who has come, and shakes his face. Amaya cries seeing Rama. She asks him to open eyes.

Amaya asks Tilak not to hurt Rama, she will do anything. Tilak asks anything and stares at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Al finished bye bye tsm writers r responsible for ur haters any way hope to c u all again in any show rachita ,aamaya, jazz, rama n mantu gud luck 2all

  2. Will Tilak ask her to marry Him??? 😛

  3. I told you Amaya would run back and take someones place in danger. So predictable. What about the way Pushpa just appeared too………..we haven’t seen her in weeks. Sumitra scolded Tilak for bringing non-veg into the house……..like seriously, she has a gun pointed at her, and thats all she can think about lol.

    Seeing Amaya and Rama, and her concern for Rama etc………….its getting way to over-dramatical now and enough is enough seriously. This is like a cult trying to brainwash us. Ive seriously had enough of this fake un-real bullshit now.

    Can I just ask……how do you think the actors feel about being in this show. Obviously Dhruv left as he didnt like the direction the show was going, amongst other things in his personal life and left. Hiba was not really commended for her acting ability, but was loved due to her chemistry with Dhruv, Rafi was liked because he was a loveable goofy guy, and people liked Anjum because she played Rachita well. Now look, Dhruv is no more and people are longing to have him back. How do you think Hiba and Rafi feel, knowing they can never lit a candle to Mantu and Anjum is not even relevant anymore!!!! A job is a job, and these people obviously need their pay checks, but this show flopped the minute Mantu decided to leave. Now, people dont really like Hiba or Rafi!!!!!

  4. Hey dimeo
    Check out this portal called india forums and go to tsm. They have a new interview with dhruv post tsm. He’s also in the salon (sallooooon as the guy calls it) and getting a new haircut. Best part: hrs happy, smiling and drops a hint that you will be seeing him very soon every day!
    Foreshadowing please! So some good news there. The end of something horrid (tsm) brings something good for us dazed and confused viewers!
    I’m not good at linking up stuff
    otherwise I’d post it here but do check
    it out. It was nice to see him smiling after his recent tragedy. He is a classy guy. He alludes to it but doesn’t come
    right out and say his father passed
    away. And he is down to earth! Sure
    he was checking his hair out in the
    mirror a bit but hey, it’s india and I think guys do that In india just as much as the girls!!
    There is not much left to comment on tsm final shows now. I just shook my head in disbelief reading the update. Seriously. That’s what they have come up with. It’s so poorly written that I don’t know if I should laugh at how ridiculous it is. So Tilak decides he’s going on air about his threats. Amaya sees this on in tv and comes bk to save the day. Way To go looking for mantu. Such dedication. And then tilaks master plan is that he can still win amaya after this!???? Yes because kidnapping a girl’s in laws (no matter how crazy and twisted they might be) is the way to win her heart!!if the show had more time they might have actually shown amaya for Tilak. It’s just that nuts here.
    Good riddance to as badly written show that insulted their viewers and tore their lead couple apart and condescendingly dared the viewers to accept the bs they were writing! Shame on them!

    Amaya -hiba is a joke. Good luck getting a new show. After this debacle I would never want to see mantu- dhruv with her.
    Hope he finds a good show with an equally respectful lead to act within a strong story. Along with anjum/rachita.
    Rafi/Rama can also try his luck at acting in another show. But it’s best if hiba and him take a break to recover from this awful episide as viewers are in no rush to see them together.

    Long live amaya and Rama and guptas in the twisted forced works if tsm.

    The rest of the cast and dhruv- we will eagerly await for you guys on the other side of normal tv!

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