Tere Sheher Mein 10th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Amaya lying and asking Uma about Mantu. Uma says he is sleeping and asks her not to worry about Mantu. She asks when will she return her dress. Amaya says she will wash it and send. Uma asks her to give it to her soon. Amaya says I know its your dress, Mantu gifted you, I will return it to you soon. She asks can she talk to Mantu once. Uma says he is sleeping, Chiklu gave thanks message to Jaz and ends the call. Amaya says its good that his exam went well. Uma says she will wash her dress again after Amaya gives her.

Amaya tells Jaz about Chiklu’s message. Jaz says why did Uma call you, Mantu and Chiklu could call. Rachita says yes, how did she call you. Amaya asks them not to ask. Rachita asks why is she getting irritated. Amaya says Uma wants that dress. Jaz says

she will throw it on her face. Amaya says she is not bad girl, she is possessive for Mantu. Jaz asks why is she praising Uma. Amaya leaves.

Rama’s mum sits at the counter and argues with her husband. Rama looks on. Her dad sends him. Shamu says Rachita has come. Rama asks did she ask about me. Shamu says yes. Rama’s dad asks him to deliver items and sends him. Rama smiles and thanks Lord for sending Rachita. Amaya smiles thinking about Mantu, and holding his watch. Dheere dheere se meri zindagi me aana…………..plays………….

Mantu looks for his watch and asks Uma. Uma says she remembers he has worn it in the reception. He says it means it fell while fighting with the goons, it is special, is my dad’s last gift, how to find it, its lost now. Uma says she will come with him and they will find it. Amaya says this dress is made for me, but its not mine, I have to return it. She says Mantu will be finding this watch everywhere. She says great, I m talking to a watch. Mantu and Uma are in the auto and they try to find watch everywhere.

Amaya acts like Mantu and says his trademark lines. Uma asks Mantu what was he doing with that girl here. He says I mean I was alone here. She says sorry. Amaya says she has to return this gift and calls him. Uma says I know the watch’s value in your life. He says dad gave me that when I was 13 years old. She says we will find it,now we have to go, Chiklu will be coming home. Amaya thinks call is not connecting, maybe its network problem and goes to Rachita. Rachita recalls Rama’s mum’s words and thinks why did she ask me to talk to Rama, strange.

Amaya takes her phone and they get Sneha’s call. Amaya goes out. She gets courier and gets sad. Jaz looks at her and asks how did she open door, is she waiting for anyone. Amaya says no and thinks why did she not get this idea, she can go to meet Mantu with Jaz. She says you should congratulate Chiklu, he will be glad. Jaz says yes, who will go alone. Amaya says I will come along. Jaz asks whats urgency. Amaya says nothing, I can do this for you. Jaz asks her plan. Rachita says mum called and she will come tomorrow morning, finally she is coming home.

Jaz asks Amaya to go if she wants. Rachita asks where are they going. Amaya says she wants to give dress to dry cleaning. Rachita says get well and then go. Amaya says I m fine. Rachita says I will not leave you alone, I will come along. Amaya says fine, I will get dress. Rachita calls Rama and says she needs to talk something imp, and wants to meet. He gets glad and says he wants to talk too. He asks her to come at shop. She says no, not at shop, we have to meet somewhere out. He smiles.

She says she is going to give dress to dry cleaning, He says there is temple nearby, come there and the day is auspicious too. She asks what. He says nothing, come there. He thinks its great she called me. Amaya and Rachita give the dress for dry cleaning. Amaya thinks she has to meet Mantu. She says she has to go market. Rachita says she is going to temple to meet Rama, come along, she will not leave her alone. Amaya says but.. Rachita says get well first. Amaya thinks how to meet Mantu and return this watch. Rachita likes the temple and looks for Rama.

Rama recalls the dance with Rachita and thinks today he will tell her I love you. He thinks she called me, so she should say. Amaya and Rachita see him. Amaya says why does he look confused. Rachita says I will meet him and come. She greets Rama. He cleans the place and she thanks him. Amaya sees the watch and smiles. The watch falls and Vidya picks it. She talks to Amaya and Amaya says she is from Mumbai. Vidya says me too, I m Vasudha. She asks is this watch special. Amaya says nothing like that. Vidya asks did she ever lie, as her eyes are saying something else, she is seeing what Amaya is not able to see.

Amaya asks how to know its love or not. Vidya says when you feel by heart and not think by mind. Amaya says he is not like the guy I want. Vidya says deals are done by thinking, not love.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hm,,,, nic episode

  2. nice episode 🙂

  3. Pace of story is so slow. You need to move it bit fast. Look at Man Marziyaaa. If you keep it slow, this serial will close soon. Becoming bore as hell….

    Least said about Sneha better….Babujiiii…..sinhajiiii……and her boring way of delivering lines…..Please replace Sneha…She is good for nothing.

  4. Nice episode

  5. Vidya? Who is vasudha?

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