Tere Sheher Mein 10th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Tere Sheher Mein 10th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rachita asking Jaz to go and bath. Jaz says will anyone know if I don’t take bath, and just changes clothes and wets her hair. Kaushalya hears her plan. She asks Jaz and tells Sneha that Jaz is lying, and she would have slapped Rudra if he did this. Sneha asks Jaz did she lie. Jaz says she has taken bath at night too. Kaushalya says she is blaming me as if I m doing black magic. Sneha asks her to apologize. Jaz says sorry. Kaushalya cries. Sneha asks Jaz to go and take bath, else they all will stay hungry, as they are one family.

Rama is stumbling. Rachita comes there and rickshaw stops at his shop. She asks the man to drive ahead. Rama says I m mad, but where is Rachita going. He takes bike to follow her. Shamu asks where is he going, his dad will beat him. Rama

says get beaten up, tell dad that I went by imp work. Amaya meets Uma. Uma asks her about her lie. Amaya asks what lie. Uma says she went to dry cleaning shop, you took my dress. Amaya asks is she spying, what does it matter to her. Uma says now you admitted you have kept the dress, why did you lie.

Amaya says she won’t answer. Uma holds her hand and asks her angrily. Amaya says you want to know, so hear it, I don’t want to return that dress. Uma asks why, Mantu has given me that dress my love, its close to my heart. Amaya says fate got that dress to me, as if it was made for me. Uma says it went by mistake. Amaya says its not mistake for me. Uma asks why can’t she give it. Amaya says because I love Mantu. Uma is shocked. Amaya asks did she get the answer. Uma fumes and cries. Amaya says about the dress, the dress will be with one for whom its made, but I will get other dress for you, that dress is for me, its mine, forget it.

Uma says I thought you are mad, but you are more mad, Mantu is mine, and that dress is mine, I love Mantu a lot. Amaya says I m not mad, you are mad. Uma says yes I m mad, Mantu is mine, you thought you will trap me, I love him since childhood, we shared happiness and sorrows. Amaya says I know everything, Mantu told me that you are his family, he worries for you, I respect your relation, but I can’t believe he loves you like you think, he loves just me. Uma says you are a fool, he does not love you. Amaya says I m not mistaken, you are mistaken, Mantu does not love you, as he loves me. Uma asks did he tell you. Amaya says he did not say but I have seen in his eyes.

Uma says you have seen what you wanted, how can you think he loves you. Amaya says I m sure. Uma says he can’t love you, as he loves me. Amaya says fine, did Mantu come to you and said he loves you. Uma says he did not say, but I know him since childhood. Amaya and Uma argue. Uma says Mantu is either yours or mine, the one he chooses will be his love and other person will not come in his life. Amaya accepts. Uma says lets see. Amaya says time will say. She leaves.

Rachita asks why is Rama following her. He bumps into rickshaw and falls. She worries for him and goes to help him. He asks her to come along him on his bike then his focus won’t get divided. She asks him to go. He follows her and asks where is she going. She says the place and he says he is going there too. She reaches there and he looks at her. Uma thinks does Mantu love her. Mantu says he is going office, why is she so quiet. She asks do you love me Mantu. He coughs. She asks I mean do you care for me. He says what are you asking, you know I care for you, I have to go. She cries and thinks if he loves her, he will stop.

He sits and says he won’t go, whats the matter, why is she worried. She smiles. He says work is not imp than her, she is his family, what happened. She says I m feeling alone and worried, you go office, I wil manage, but it would be good if you stay. He says I m here with you. She asks will he leave her and go. He says no, why are you crying. Amaya comes to office and works .She says Mantu just loves me. She waits for him and asks Manish. She messages him. Uma thinks its her love test and asks Mantu to check message if its imp than her. He says I m not checking.

The man gets glad seeing Rachita, and says its good she decided to join them. He takes her to show the class. Rama looks on. Amaya thinks he did not reply, where is he. Mukherjee asks her about Mantu. She says he did not come. He says he has imp work, call him and find out till when will he come. Mantu gets office’s call and says he has to talk. Uma says fine, but don’t know you worry for me. He keeps the phone and says I will not see it, don’t say this please. Amaya worries and says where is he.

Amaya prays in temple and says she kept fast for the first time in life, and Lord knows for whom she kept it. She forgets her fast and sits to eat. Mantu comes there in office café.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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