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The Episode starts with Uma asking someone to stop Amaya from coming in puja tomorrow. Pushpa gives some money to Neeti and hugs her. Neeti says she has to go college. Gajanand asks is she in hurry. She says I have to give Prasad to the classmates, so I m going early. He blesses her. She says she will call all her friends next time in puja, like Amaya and Rachita did. He asks her to go college later and call everyone in hall first. Pushpa asks did anything happen. He asks her to call Sneha.

Amaya holds Mantu’s watch and says Mantu is angry with me, when he sees her in puja, he will forget his anger, she is taking 2 steps, he should also take 2 steps towards her. Jaz comes and says Nana ji called them now, and asks her to come. Amaya keeps the watch and thinks if she gets late for puja,

Mantu can feel bad. Mantu waits for Amaya.

He asks Uma did she inform Amaya. She says yes, don’t worry. He says then she will surely come. She says don’t get so hopeful that your heart breaks. He says I m sure she will come. Mrs. Dubey and her bahu come there and say Uma that she looks pretty like a bride, and asks her to give next invitation of her and Mantu’s relation. The man says they are a good pair since childhood. Mantu waits for Amaya. Uma smiles seeing him.

Gajanand talks to everyone and says he is feeling weird to talk to them, but its important to say, Neeti did not ask me permission, but she told him that she will invite her friends at home, girls and boys…. And I believe world can go ahead, but we should not leave our values behind. He says no guy will come in this house. Rachita murmurs that its 15th century. She says they know he wants good for them, but they have grown up freely to live and choose friends.

He says you have grown up to see in my eyes and talk, freedom does not mean breaking ethics and rules, this is not Mumbai, its Banaras. Amaya says what if we call our friends here, what rule did I break? Rachita says we know our limits. Sneha says stop it. Gajanand asks why are they arguing, he is saying this to everyone. Rachita says you called everyone, but signing to us. He says Rachita you are elder daughter, and your doings will affect younger sisters.

He asks Sneha to say if they get permission to do anything, what will happen. Kaushalya says Amaya and Rachita have made friends, what if they come to meet. Gajanand says why is Rudra here then. Sneha says don’t worry, I gave them values which you have given me, I m sure they won’t do any wrong work. He says even I had such belief on you, anyways its all past, but it does not take time for situation to change, you know this very well Sneha. He says he has told them, and they have to obey him. Rudra smiles and thinks Dev and he were finding spark, and he got the spark here, he will make them fight and ruin the house.

Gajanand tells Sneha that he has thought well, the girls were brought up in different environment, too much freedom is not good, history tries repeating itself, I got old now and can’t bear any shock now. They cry.

Uma makes Mantu focus on puja, while he looks for Amaya. She stops him from leaving the puja. He wishes Amaya comes, else everything will be over, he will feel she has nothing in her heart for him. Amaya thinks if she does not go, then.. Mantu’s heart will break, and if she goes and comes soon, no one will know it. She goes downstairs and Gajanand stops her. He asks where is she going. Sneha comes and asks Amaya to go with Rachita and Jaz later, and asks Gajanand to come. Pushpa says they have done all arrangements, and told Neeti to stay with girls. He tells Rudra that he will drop them to temple.

Amaya asks whats happening. Jaz says its Brahman bhojan, and the elders went for puja, we will go in sometime. Amaya thinks fate is trying to keep her and Mantu away. Shamu comes and gets Rama’s letter. Rachita reads the letter and says it has written that Rama is unwell and could not come in class, so he requested notes. Rudra thinks so Rama studies in her class. Shamu says Rama coughs a lot, he got old. Rachita says tell him to take care, I will come to give him notes. Rudra asks them to be ready and says Gajanand is very strict to them. Rachita and Jaz ask him to go.

Amaya says all this had to happen today. Rachita asks what. Amaya says Mantu invited me in puja, what shall I do, Mantu will feel bad. Amaya asks how shall I go. Rachita says we can’t change living our life, you are going in puja, Mantu is your friend and colleague, go. Amaya asks if Nana ji knows? Rachita says you come back in one hour, and no one will know. Amaya thanks her and leaves. Amaya does not get rickshaw. Mantu’s friend meets her and says he can drop her to temple, as Mantu’s puja is happening there. She thanks him. He thinks Uma’s work is over, now Amaya can’t reach there. Mantu wishes Amaya to come, else their love and trust will fail. Amaya says we can reach soon by other route, drive fast. The guy hits the car. She sees the car number and gets tensed.

Mantu waits for Amaya. Amaya says let me go. The constable asks her to come to police station.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  10. Amaya i dont know why your role is like stupid.look at uma she is too smart and mantu oh gosh seriously one lalu.I think the trp of this show will fall if they show this serial this way.just loosing interest

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