Tere Sheher Mein 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with girls having a talk over Sneha’s reply. Amaya says she is very glad that mum will agree, and she is very excited to go Mumbai. Jaz says I don’t think she will agree and Rachita says even I feel so. Amaya asks her to go and check. Sneha talks to Sinha. Sinha says Hari is great, he still worries for you and girls, and asks your welfare. She asks him to get Hari bail out. He says media is keeping the case fresh and that’s why its delayed, but I m trying my best. She says arrangements in Mumbai is necessary. Jaz hears this and gets glad.

Rudra is with his mum. She says she went to pray for Hari, and don’t worry, the decision will be in our favor. Rudra says yes, Sinha said its tough, but it will be fine. He calls his friend and asks him to pack bags to leave

for Mumbai. Jaz comes to them and says Sneha said yes for Mumbai. The girls get glad. Jaz says we are finally going Mumbai. Rachita goes out to buy cake and some men tease her. She bumps into Uma. Uma scolds her and sees the men teasing her.

She makes Rachita stand away asking her to hold the tiffin and says I will show them. Mantu waits for Uma. Barfi does shayari and says she will come. Mantu says she might be fighting with someone, I m very hungry. Barfi asks him to wait, she will come. He gets the tiffin by his friend and asks where is Uma. He says Uma has beaten two men, I got in between and I got also hurt. Mantu laughs. They say she first beaten then took to hospital. Mantu says she apologized, even I have to. He says we will have food first.

Rachita does not get the items and he asks her to go to any mall or Rama’s shop. She hides her face and passes by Rama’s shop. Rama sees her and stops her. He apologizes to her on his dad’s behalf. She asks why is he sorry, we are leaving Banaras and going Mumbai back, I forgot everything. He says I m glad that you forgot, but not glad to know you are going, but this has your happiness, so go, Banaras will miss you. He asks if she wants any help or anything, then she can tell him. She says she wanted some items and tells him.

He says I will get and they both talk about exact things, looking similar. He says I will deliver things soon, take care. She says bye. He looks at her and she leaves. Rama gets the forms and throws it in anger. Mantu comes to him and asks what happened. He sees the papers and says you always studied for govt job, and why did you throw forms. Rama says how long will I hide and write exams, if I take money from mum, dad asks and scolds me. Mantu says take this money and pay the fees. Rama says no. Mantu asks him to send application and return later. Rama hugs him. Mantu says he wants some items.

Rama says he has urgent delivery at Mathur house, they are leaving Banaras. Mantu says what. Rama says I have to go there. Mantu says I will also come, I have to say sorry on Amaya and solve the matter. Jaz asks Rachita whats wrong, is she packing or still aligning right. Rama comes to deliver the items. Rachita thanks him. Mantu comes with him. Jaz asks why is he hiding. Mantu says I was checking, as you had knife last time. Jaz smiles and says no, we are friends now.
Mantu sees Amaya and calls her a hurdle. She asks Rachita whats this fool doing here. Mantu asks does she get angry all day. Amaya says I don’t get angry. Mantu says I came to say sorry to you. Amaya asks what did he say. Mantu says I m very very sorry. Amaya says I have forgiven you. Mantu says so lets get friends and Jaz shakes hands. Mantu says only intelligent people become friends. Mantu says packing will be done soon. Jaz says no it takes lots of time. Rama says it took one day time to me. Rachita says yes, it takes time.

Mantu asks Jaz why is she going, Chiklu wanted to learn from you. Jaz says its final now. Mantu says good luck. Rama says good to meet you all, happy journey and bye. Rachita says wait, and goes to get money. Rama says give later. Rachita says when later. Mantu takes it and gives Rama. They say bye to them and leave. Amaya says its good they went. Jaz says they are nice and Rachita says Rama is helpful.

Amaya calls Mantu a Chipku and lose. Rudra tells his friends to take Mumbai ticket, and work should be started and he should just get to know that work is done without any hurdle. He says I will make it tough for Mathurs to leave Banaras, they will not have any option than Banaras, Sneha came by her wish and now it will be my wish.

Amaya tells everyone that she is going back. Dimple comes to say good bye to Sneha as she is leaving Banaras. Sneha is stunned.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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