Tere sang Yara (Intro & Epi 1)


Hello frnds..I’m shubhra n here with story ‘Tere sang Yara’Hope u enjoy it….

Scene 1
The screen shows Beautiful garden with beautiful flowers…Green trees everything is parfect & Beautiful..where a beautiful girl is shown who’s Holding red rose in her hand,she’s wearing pink goun with red & Orange flower printed on it..Her hairs r curly at the bottom she’s simply beautiful..looking like fairy..
A guy comes there whose wearing white shirt,white blazer & Jeans his having parfect eyebrows, charming smile,deep brown eyes…
seeing the boy…Girl smiles..
Boy-Swara I love u..
(Yes the beautiful girl is our swara)
Swara-I love u too sanskar…..
They both smiles n have cute eyelock….
Suddenly lots of white smoke appear n now sanskar can’t see swara..He’s trying to find her but she’s nowhere…He’s shouting his name”Swara”…But she didn’t appear him…..
Suddenly sanskar wakes up with big jerk from his bed..n realized its dream…
He’s looking around n saw swaras photo covered with Garland..
He gets furious n shouts” Ramu kaka”
Ramu kaka come
Sanskar(Angrily)-How many times I told u don’t cover swara picture with garland..she’s not dead..Saying this He removes garland…Ramu kaka says Sorry sir n left from there..
Sanskar cares swaras pic n says-‘Where r u jaan? since 10 months u have left me..I am searching u everywhere.. Where r u?
[So frnds swara is sanskar wife n his soul but people says she died in accident 10 months ago..But sanskar says She’s not dead,she comes back to him..he’s waiting for her] Sanskar(with swaras pic in his hand)-Plzz come soon jaan I’m waiting,Don’t u love me???


A girl is shown
Girl(with tears in her eyes)-I really love u!!
Boy(Angrily)-Oh shut up Ragini.I just ask u to do simple work..but ur good for nothing.
Ragini-Im really sorry Laksh.
(Yes the girl Ragini &The boy is laksh)
laksh-Now ready for ur punishment.
Ragini(with fear)-No laksh I..
laksh push her on floor N start beating her with his belt.
Ragini is screaming in pain..she’s pleading laksh to stop
but laksh is such a devil he beats her like animal…..
[so frnds ragini n laksh is husband wife,Ragini loves laksh BT laksh is such a devil…Who just uses his wife to satisfied his needs,his bossy nature hurts ragini a lot]

So frnds this is 1st epi of Tere sang yaara..The story revolves around sanskar n his love swara.will sanskar find swara?will raglaks relation improved?For finding answers stay tune.

Precap-Flashback from swasans life,Their 1st meeting,Raglak present scenes

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  1. Amazing

  2. Fats

    Great start. Poor Ragini and Sanskar, they’re both going through such traumatic times. Can’t wait to read more ?

  3. Shubhra

    Thank u fats

  4. Akshata


  5. Aasthu

    nyc…….wanna beat the hell out of Laksh………poor Sanky…….do update soon……

    1. Shubhra

      Thank u l’ll update soon

  6. Asw


  7. God My Favourite singers best Song title Tere Sang Yaara…I love this Song N love your story too…Plz don’t change the pairs…They should Be SwaSan N RagLak only…Waiting for further Episodes…

    1. Shubhra

      thank u..that’s my fev song too..n pairs r swasan,raglak only

  8. raglak concept is new next part soon

  9. Fairy

    Oh god devil laksh hate u hate u!!!how could u ???how u dared to beat my ragsss!! Ahh!!my pooor rags feelng so sad for her… 🙁 hope laksh sooon change!!feelng pity for sanky…hope swara is alive n sanky finds her soon…superb story dr..amazng amazng amamzggg …very awesome ff..keep rockng n stay blessed dr 😉 😉 ;)…

    1. Shubhra

      Thank u Fairy

  10. Interesting

  11. Interesting

  12. Swasan pls

    1. Shubhra

      thanks & Its swasan

    2. Shubhra

      thanks & Its swasan & Raglak

  13. Ragz_teju


  14. IQRA222

    awesome pls change lucky soon sad for ragoo and sanky

  15. A.xx

    Fab love the concept can’t wait for more so update soon xx

  16. Sreevijayan

    Awesome start dear..laksh is such a beast….arghhh..hate him

    1. Shubhra

      Thank u!!!

  17. Asra

    superbbb dear…feeling bad for ragini…tkcr dear…

  18. Manjula20

    Awesome dear but please don’t make Ragsan

    1. Shubhra

      Thank u. I won’t make it ragsan

    2. Shubhra

      pairs r swasan & Raglak only

  19. SNY

    Awsm dr….

    1. Shubhra

      Thank u SN Y

  20. Arshaanya

    Intrstng shubhra…
    Exctd for swasan story ??…
    Shubhra plz try to chnge cover pic of ur ff from nxt episode coz it luk lyks its raginiz story… i was also going to avoid it bt thought to give it a try n found its swasan story si dats y

  21. Shubhra

    thank u Arshaanya..But dear I havnt give tu any pic,They uploaded it…stay tuned

  22. Hemalattha

    fantastic dear.waiting to read.

  23. Super interesting

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