Tere sang Yara (Epi 3)


Hello friends thank u soo much for ur responce .. keep reading & supporting me..& Friends I’m also writing “Kya dil ne kaha kya tune suna”FF….If u have time do read it u can find it interesting..so without wasting time let’s start epi 3

★Epi 3
Swasan Flashback countineous..

Sanskar is mesmerized by swaras beauty but managed to say-“Who are u???
Swara said slowly-Im swara swaaraa sharmaa..
Sanskar-How u came in my car?
swara(said slowly)-Vohh some goons were following me soo I..
Sanskar-Its okk swara where is home I’ll drop u.
[swaras mom dad died she was raised by her chacha chachi,They always scold her,beat her..They used to treat her like their maid..They never let swara be friend with others..swara doesn’t have any friend n That’s all shes always less confidence girl n she’s always lived in fear] swara-voh I don’t want to go back to house…Voh …(she can’t share her story with stranger but ) voh they r Greedy peoples..
Sanskar-Okk swara u can come to my home…
swara-But I ..How can..
Sanskar-Trust me!!!
She met many people but they always used her for their benifites…But Sanskar doesn’t seems her like all those people she don’t know why He looks her trustworthy..
she nods
He drove car to his home.
swara saw sanskars big banglow amazingly …
He gave her room…
Both dozed off in separate room..
In morning she wake up,freshn up herself n goes down
sanskar was seating on dinning table waiting for her…she hesitately goes n join him
Swara-Whats whats ur name?
Sanskar-Im sanskar maheswari..
They ate breakfast in silence
After finishing breakfast she said-sanskar Thank u so much but I should leave now…
Sanskar-Where will u go?Do u have any relative in this city?
A tear escape from swaras eyes…
Sanskar didn’t know what’s wrong..
Sanskar-Im really sorry swara..I don’t want to hurt u.
Swara-No sanskar its not ur fault..I have only chacha chachi but they don’t love me they want me to marry some old man that’s why I escape from ..now she’s sobbing..
Sanskar consoles her…
Sanskar-Swara,U don’t need to go anywhere..U can live
here we’ll live together as a friend
swara-No I can’t…How can I
(She’s confidence less but self respected girl)
Sanskar-Okk u can helped me in my projects…I know ur holding MBA degree.
Swara widens her eyes
Sanskar- U have left it in car (Holding swaras CLG I’d)
swara-Okk sanskar….
sanskar stretch his hand towards her n asked “Friends” swara shakes her hand n said with smile “Friends”
This is how they met 1st time n became friend…
Remembering this a tear escaped from sanskars eyes….

Laksh slap Ragini n left from there Ragini is crying….Laksh comes again after some time n take his pillow n blanket n left. .
Ragini now stops the crying she wipe her tears n follow laksh .
Ragini-Laksh, …..
Laksh enters in room n Ragini was about to enter but he closed the door on her face…
Ragini-Laksh plzz open the door,I’ll never asked to going out plzz I’m sorry!!!!
But the heartless laksh slept in room n raginis crying…
Ragini always loves laksh..Her society always teach her to love husband without any complaints…
she loved her but in returned she always gets hatred… why he don’t love her?Raginis fulfilling her all responsiblities…But she never gets his love…In past he’s treating her like this or not she tries to remembered it…But now she’s not able to remembar anything…she’s too tired she want to sleep…she’s tired of sheding tears…
She goes to sleep but her nights r mostly sleepless….Her life is worst than hell…where she can’t die & Can’t live…She’s just puppet of her husband..Who really didn’t care about her…

So frnds tell me how’s this epi

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  1. I love this ff please carry on and update fast and soon please
    Feel said for sanskar and ragani
    I think lash is hiding something from ragani that’s why he is behaving like this with her

    1. Shubhra

      Thank u..stay tuned dear

  2. awesome…!!

  3. Nice
    Pls make it long and give equal imporatnce to both couples

  4. Amazing

  5. Nice…

  6. Soujanya


  7. Fats

    Great update. It’s sad Ragini has to act like Laksh’s puppet ?. And aww SwaSan’s first meeting was nice. Can’t wait to read the next part ?

  8. IQRA222

    swasan first meet was nice
    i am sad for ragini how laksh is behaving with her

  9. Nice

  10. Mica

    waaa,,,it’s a good luck that Swara met a good person, and Sanskar met a nice girl

  11. Asra

    awesome dear….swasan scenes superb….plz update soon dear…tkcr dear…

  12. Wonderful

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