Tere Sang Yaara…With you, O beloved Beyhadh FS Part 4

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Tere Sang Yaara…With you, O beloved Part4

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Arjun:I had enough.Now I just want freedom.I will give you everything back.I just need divorce.
Maya became upset.
Saras:Maya…just give him the divorce papers you signed.
Maya handed over the divorce papers painfully.All were happy and jumping with joy.
Maya left the house with Saras.Ayaan followed Maya.
Ayaan:Bhabhi..how could you give divorce to bhai?
Maya:Don’t worry Ayaan.Your brother himself will come to me begging for my attention just I like I begged to him not to leave me.

Ayaan was confused.
Maya left with Saras.

The next day Maya got Arjun’s phone call.
Maya was excited:Arjun…I knew that you will call me.
Arj:I called you to inform you that this coming Sunday is my engagement with Saanjh.
Maya was shattered.
Arj:You are most welcome.
He cut the call.
Maya was depressed.

Saanjh:Arjun..why did you invite Maya?
Arjun:To show her that I can be happy without her.
Saanjh thought:Why Arjun’s pain and happiness are incomplete without Maya?

Saras went near Maya.
Saras:Why are you dull Maya?You got your property back.You are supposed to be happy.

Maya:My most valuable property was my Arjun.Only if I get him back I will be happy.
Saras felt sad.
Maya broke all show pieces.
Saras held her hand:Maya…what are you doing?
Maya:Arjun is getting engaged with Saanjh.
Maya cried embracing Saras.Saras caressed her painfully.
Maya stopped crying.

Maya looked at Saras:Saras…will you get engaged to me?
Saras was shocked.
Maya:You will be ready to get engaged to me.Right?
Saras held her hand.
Saras smiled:Yes Maya..Sure.
Maya smiled:Thank you so much Saras.
Suddenly his face became dull.
He thought:I know that this engagement is only a drama to show Arjun.But still I will do it for your happiness.Because for me your happiness is the most important thing.
Maya:For me you are willing for engagement.I am very much thankful to you for standing with me Saras.
Saras smiled slightly.

Saras Maya reached Arjun’s house,
Vandana:Now why have you come here?
Maya:I came to invite you all for mine and Saras’ engagement on this Friday.
They were shocked.Arjun felt a pierce in his heart.
Arj:Suddenly how come you decide to get engaged to Saras?

Maya smiled:Because I am one step ahead of you.
Arjun did not know what to say.
Maya:Please come for our engagement.I will wait.
Maya walked out with Saras giving then a killing smile.
Vandita:Maya’s true colour is out.She had extra marital affair with Saras.So after signing the divorce papers she is getting engaged with Saras.All her love for you was fake.
Suddenly Arjun lost his control and raised voice:Enough mom.Maya’s love was never fake.She was always a faithful life.She loved me too much to look at another man.
All were stunned.
Vand:Still you are supporting Maya?
Arj:Because it is true.I never had any doubt on her love.The only thing is that she loved me so much that her love became a torture to me.
Vandana became upset.

Ayaan smiled while all others were dull seeing Arjun hearing Maya’s love indirectly.
Maya who was still behind the door smirked.
She thought:Still Arjun can’t bear a bad word against me.
Maya walked off.

Saras Maya’s engagement ceremony…
Somebody said:It’s time to exchange rings.

Maya stared at that person:Time will be decided by me.I know when to exchange rings.
Arjun Saanjh reached.
Maya smiled:It’s time to exchange rings.Saras..let us exchange rings.
Saras smiled.
Saras Maya exchanged rings.Arjun felt very uncomfortable seeing their ring exchange.
Maya smirked at him.
Saanjh smiled: am happy that Maya decided to move on without troubling us.I am happy that she will not snatch you from me again and you will be mine always.
Arjun was silent,but disturbed mentally.

Music was played.Saras Maya started dancing romantically.

Lagan Lagan Lagan Lagan Lagan Lagan Lag Gayi Hai
Tumse Meri Lagan Lagi
Lagan Lagan Lagan Lagan Lagan Lagan Lag Gayi Hai
Tumse Meri Lagan Lagi

Arjun could’nt bear Saras touching Maya.
Saanjh pulled Arjun for a dance.
Arjun could’nt concentrate on his dance.

He was continously looking at Saras Maya.Maya smirked noticing his jealousy.

Aankhein Tere Daras Ko Tarse Ho O O O O O Ho
Aankhein Tere Daras Ko Tarse, Yaad Me Teri Naina Barase
Hoton Pe Hai Naam Tera, Saansonn Me Hai Naam Tera
Ho Mera Dil Gaya Gaya Gaya Gaya Gaya

Saras was engrossed in his dance with Maya.

Lagan Lagan Lagan Lagan Lagan Lagan Lag Gayi Hai
Tumse Meri Lagan Lagi
Ho Lagan Lagan Lagan Lagan Lagan Lagan Lag Gayi Hai
Tumse Meri Lagan Lagi

After the dance while Saras was going to the washroom Arjun pulled him harshly staring at his face.
Arj:How dare you touch Maya?
Saras:Touch Maya?
Arj:Don’t act innocent.I saw you holding Maya’s waist..shoulder while dancing.
Saras:I was dancing with her.That’s why.Without holding her how can I dance with her?
Arjun could’nt control his anger:You…
Arjun slapped him hard.
Saras stared at him:What difference does it make to you?If you can dance with Saanjh why can’t i dance with Maya?And I am dancing with my fiancee Maya.Why are you getting angry?I have full right on Maya and you have no right on Maya.
Arjun shoved him harshly:Still I have right on Maya.Still we are not legally divorced.Understand?

Arjun left Saras and walked away.Maya watched this from behind and smirked.
Maya :Still you claimed me as your wife.I loved it.

Saras walked towards Maya.
S:Maya…Arjun is really jealous.You are becoming successful.

Maya smiled.

The next day was Arjun Saanjh’s engagement…
Saras Maya came.Vandana gave the ring to Arjun to put it on Saanjh’s finger.Maya was burning with anger.
Maya removed her ring and gave it to Saras.
M:Saras…my ring got removed.Guess it’s loose.Can you make me wear it again?
Saras made her wear the ring.While Saras was doing that Maya coughed purposefully to divert Arjun’s attention.
Arjun looked at them and got irritated seeing Saras putting ring on Maya’s finger.
Vandana:Arjun…put ring on Saanjh’s finger.
Arjun was not hearing it.
Saanjh became dull waiting for Arjun to make her wear ring.
Vandana noticed Arjun’s eyes on Maya with a shock.
She raised her voice:Arjun!
The ring fell off his hand.
All were shocked.Saanjh became upset.
Vandana called Arjun in loud voice:Arjun!
Arjun came back to his senses and looked at Vandana.
Van:Where is your mind?Now it’s yours and Saanjh’s engagement and instead of making her wear the ring you are looking somewhere else?You are so careless that you dropped the ring down.

Vandana took the ring from the floor.
Arj:I am sorry Saanjh.
Saanjh:It’s ok Arjun.

Arjun put the ring on her finger painfully.Saanjh put the ring on his finger too.
Maya could’nt bear it and left.Saras followed her.Saras held her hand.
M:Saras..I just can’t bear it.Arjun Saanjh exchanging rings.No..I can’t watch it.

S:I know you are not able to bear Arjun Saanjh’s engagement.But you should be happy that Arjun was’nt happy with his engagement.You yourself viewed it.His heart was so restless seeing us together that he forgot that it was his engagement.Very soon he will realize his mistake Maya.

Maya smiled slightly.

Arjun realized that Maya was not there in the hall.
Ayaan:She left bhai.
Arj:She left?
Ayaan:Yes.What else will she do sitting here?She has no right in this house now.Right?Then why should she stay here?

Arjun was dull.

After 4 months…

Vandana was crossing the road.She got a phone call from her friend.She started talking to that person.Suddenly because of her carelessness a car hit her.

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