Tere Sang Yaara…With you, O beloved Beyhadh FS Part 3

Tere Sang Yaara…With you, O beloved Part3
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Maya was shocked.

Flash back…

3 years back in a supermarket Saras and Maya collided with each other and Maya’s things fell down.
Saras:I am sorry.
He started picking things from the floor and gave her.Then only he saw her cute face.
Maya:Thank you.
He was mesmerised by her.

tere sang yaara
khushrang bahara
tu raat deewani
main zard sitaara(Rustom)

She walked away.

Later he met his school mate Arjun.They hugged each other.
Arjun:Hey buddy…After many years I am meeting you.

Saras:I was in London.I thought of settling in India.By the way what’s happening in your life?
Arjun:I got married.
Saras:You married Saanjh?

Arjun became dull:No..I loved the girl I love.Maya.
Saras:I am sorry.I thought you and Saanjh..
Arjun:Everyone thought so.But Saanjh is only friend.Now even that relationship also does’nt exist.
Arjun told him everything…how Saanjh blamed Maya for causing cracks in their friendship and pulled her..and how Maya fell down leading to her miscarriage.
Saras was shocked.
Arj:I broke our friendship.
Saras felt sad.
Arj:I will introduce my sweet heart Maya to you.
Arjun took Saras home.
He introduced Maya to him:This is my sweet heart Maya and this is my childhood friend Saras.And this is my dearest friend Saras.
Maya smiled:Hello..

Saras was shocked seeing Maya as Arjun’s wife.He felt an unknown pain.
He thought:Why I feel so much of pain seeing her as Arjun’s wife?
Maya:I feel I have seen you somewhere.
Arj:No way.He just reached India recently.
Saras:Actually we had met at the super market.

Maya:Oh yaa…now I remember..

Days passed…

Saras Arjun Maya had frequent meetings.Saras realized that he has fallen for Maya.But controlled his feelings.


Maya was shocked.
Saras:I want you to be happy.So now also I wish you had a happy life with Arjun.
Maya became upset and did’nt know how to react.

Saras:No Maya…don’t say anything.Let us forget everything and think of what to do next.

Saras left biding good bye.
Maya thought:Saras is so selfless.He still helps me without expecting anything from me.Poor guy.

The next day…

Saras Maya met.
Saras:What decision did you take?
Maya :I will sign the divorce papers.

Saras was stunned:Maya?Are you serious?

Maya smirked:Yes Saras.But it’s not the end of our relationship.It will be a only a new start.Our love story will have it’s season2 after I sign the divorce papers.

Maya chuckled leaving Saras in confusion.

Vandana:I hope Maya signs the divorce papers.
Arjun:Maya has to sign it.
Suddenly Maya came there with Saras.
Maya:You are right Arjun.I signed it.
All of them were very happy.
Maya :But I have a demand.I want alimony.
Arjun:What do you want?
M:I want everything I transferred to your name back.
Arjun was shocked.
Maya:Think well Arjun.You will be a big zero again.

Arjun was confused while all others were dull.
Vandana:Arjun..don’t fall in her words.It’s not money or luxury which is needed.It’s peace and happiness you need now.Though you had luxury you never had happiness with Maya.Do you want to go back to that life again?

Saanjh:Arjun..Maya is trying to trap you again.You want me or Maya’s property?

Arjun stared at Maya.

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