Tere Sang Yaara…With you, O beloved Beyhadh FS Part 2

Tere Sang Yaara…With you, O beloved Part2
Thanku Sydell 4 the banner.

Thanku all for supporting this FS though Saras Maya will also be paired up.

Dedicated to Super Saiyan who suggested a jodi name for Saras Maya:Samaya.

Maya smiled:How are you?
“I am fine Bhabhi”.
Yes..it was Ayaan.He smiled at Maya.
Maya:Everyone including Arjun thinks that I separated you from Arjun.How can I separate I separate you from Arjun when you are the only person who supported me always.I would not have been able to forgive myself if I had broken ties with my sweet devar Ayaan.

Ayaan:It was my decision to stay away from bhai seeing how he behaved during the Holi party.
No one knows that I was also there at your holi party.If maa had known that I had attended your Holi party she would have been hurt thinking that she lost both her sons.I did’nt want to hurt Maa .So I attended your holi party secretly.But I left the party seeing how bhai and Saanjh behaved there.

Maya:I only gave them bhaang.I was wrong.But for me I was correct.I did that to see how Arjun and Saanjh would behave in drunken state.Because people’s true colours come out when they are drunk.Arjun was more drawn towards Saanjh than me.It killed me literally.I was scared whether they will cross their limits.I was not willing to share my Arjun with Saanjh.So I did’nt try to patch up Arjun and Saanjh when Arjun broke his friendship with Saanjh.I was selfish.
Ayaan:All wives are selfish like you Maya bhabhi.Even Arjun bhaiyya would have done the same thing

Maya:Ayaan…Arjun reached there?
Ayaan:Yes bhabhi.All are very happy.But bhabhi..I called you to inform you that all are discussing about bhai and Saanjh’s marriage.
Maya’s heart was pierced.
Maya:How can they do it?Still Arjun is my husband.We are not divorced yet.
Ayaan was upset.

The next day…

Saras visited Maya.
Saras:Maya..did you eat?
Maya was lost in thoughts.
Maid:Maya Madam has not eaten anything.She just fed Jhanvi Madam.
Suddenly Maya awoke from her thoughts and looked at Saras.
Saras:I knew that you did’nt eat anything.That’s why I came here.Eat.
Maya:No Saras.I am not hungry.
Saras:How can it be?
Saras took a plate for her:Eat.

Maya:No Saras.
S:I won’t leave you unless you eat.
He started feeding her.She looked at him lovingly.
Maya thought:Saras is such a nice friend.He is so caring.
He finished feeding her.
Saras:Maya…I heard that you are not bothered about what’s happening in your office.
Maya:Saras…it is in Arjun’s name.Arjun is looking after everything very well.I can trust him in that.He is very capable of that.
Saras:Did you talk to Arjun today?

Maya burst into tears.
Saras:What happened Maya?
She was only crying.
He wiped her tears.

Saras:Now tell Maya.
Maya said painfully:Arjun is going to marry Saanjh.

Saras was shocked:How did you know that?

Maya was silent.
S:Ayaan told you?
Maya was stunned.
S:You may be wondering how I came to know about you meeting with Ayaan.Maya…3 years back through Arjun I met you.Arjun had shared with me everything which happened in your life.One day accidently I saw your secret meeting with Ayaan.

Maya could’nt believe it.
S:Maya…if you had cut off your relationship with your innocent brother in law I would have felt bad about you.But I am happy that you are not as bad as people think.
Maya smiled.Saras smiled.

Vandana:We should call the panditji immediately to fix Arjun and Saanjh’s marriage.
Saanjh and Arjun blushed.Maya who reached there with Arjun was very upset hearing it.but she controlled her pain.
Maya:How can Arjun marry Saanjh when I am alive?I am his wife.
Saras:Right.Saanjh…being a lawyer you may be aware of our marriage rules and laws.Only after divorce remarriage is possible.Otherwise remarriage won’t be considered a legal and the second wife would be called by a mistress.
Saanjh got irritated as Saras called her mistress indirectly.
Arjun gave some papers to Maya:I had expected it Maya.So I already signed the divorce papers.Now I can marry Saanjh.Right?
Maya felt upset.

Maya:But only after 6 months divorce will be granted.
Arjun:But before that Saanjh and I can get engaged.Right?Then after 6 months wedding.Did you hear that?

Maya felt sad.
M:But what if I don’t sign divorce papers?

Maya smirked.
Arjun smiled:Then I will prove that you are mental.No court will force me to live with a mad lady.
Maya was shattered.
Vandana:It is better to sign the divorce papers Maya.Otherwise we will prove that you are mad and you will not be able to face public.

Vandana kicked her out and closed the door.Ayaan felt sad.Maya cried.Saras caressed her:Maya…don’t shed tears for the people who have no feelings for you.

Saras dropped Maya home.
Maya was weeping:No..I won’t sign divorce papers.I can’t leave Arjun.
Saras:Maya…why don’t you set Arjun free if you love him?That is love.Right?

Maya stared at him:It is easy for you to say.Will you leave the person you love for another person?

Saras smiled:Yes.I have already done that.
Maya could’nt believe it.

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  1. its awesome.. i really wish some of it actually happens in the serial.. like ayaan keeping a contact with maya.. cant imagine maya suffering all alone , like she is now.

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanks a lot

  2. Fuggysona

    wow nice i was actually crying
    what the hell that monkey arjun is doing
    i like the name arjun because shaheer acted in that name
    but i did not like the character of this monkey
    i am hell crying reading it
    it is soo emotional

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanku so much.If it touched ur heart i feel happy

  3. Very nice. I m loving this one. Hope Arjun realizes his mistakes & Maya’s love . Hope he returns to Maya soon. Waiting for their loving moments. And Saras is doing a great job actually in this story. Thank u so much for the story. Btw please tell me how many part of this u will update? And who r the couple here? And once again thanks for the beautiful story.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thanku so much 4 the support.This story will have 5 parts with 2 endings..one with Arya n the other one with Saras Maya

  4. oh surprising that ayan supports maya and they have such a sweet relationship of devar-bhabi , saras is very supportive to maya , happy abt that .wow so saras also left his love for somebody else , is it maya ? u said this story may have two endings , really waiting to see how u end it but hope maya get a person who truly loves her .awesome update

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