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Well this episode is on Special Request of my Gummie Bear ? My Nishu di ??

Infact this episode is dedicated to her ? Love U So Much Nishu di ??

Let’s Start with a Smile ?

Sunray’s were peeping through the narrow slit’s between the curtains and fell on our heavenly Couple TWINJ ?

They were sleeping cuddling eachother when twinkle’s sleep got disturbed due to Sunray’s and she stirred in her Sleep cuddling herself more in Kunj ❤❤

But still the sunray’s were disturbing her ; so she grumpily opened her eye’s and then slowly not to wake Kunj removed his hand from her waist and went to properly arrange the curtains..

Twinkle looked at wall clock it was 8 in morning ; but she knew Kriya and Priya would be up and be here any moment so she went toward’s bed and arranged pillows such that they both can come and sleep again with their father ?

Twinkle took her dress from wardrobe and went to freshen herself and took a warm shower as it was Cold morning..

Here two small foot step’s could be heard who peeped into TWINJ’s ROOM secretly giggling thinking to disturb there parent’s ?

But to their dismay twinkle wasn’t their ? but Kunj was sleeping in the middle of the bed ; They walked upto either side’s of bed and climbed slowly not to disturb Kunj..

Both layed on either side of him and hugged him ; Kunj Smiled in his sleep knowing who else could be either than his princessess and cuddled them more ; such that both Priya and Kriya were half lying on him , their tiny legs around his torso and their head’s placed on his either shoulder cuddling him..

Twinkle came out of washroom wearing a beautiful white and green knee length dress looking beautiful ?


She saw them sleeping and smiled at them it wasn’t new for her ? It was their Saturday routine ? sleeping late and whole day spent in laziness ?

Twinkle went down to prepare breakfast for all four of them as today was a special menu listed from Priya and Kriya ?


Kunj ; Priya and Kriya were sleeping peacefully when Kunj’s phone beeped disturbing Kunj!

He opened his eye’s grumpily and then looked at his daughter’s who were fast asleep cuddling him ; He placed soft kisses on their head’s and without disturbing them picked his Mobile from site table.

It was a message from his PA reminding him his Monday Schedule and Meetings ; Kunj sighed and then looked at time..

It was now 9:30 ! So he knew twinkle might have prepared the breakfast till now ; so he started his mission of waking his princesses ?

K:Kriya baby get (patting her cheek) Priya come on get up princess ! It’s 9 in the morning (caressing her hair)

Kr & P: 5 minutes more papa ! Plzzzzz..

K: No babies ! It’s already late.. Ur mamma would have prepared the breakfast till now ! Come on get up..

Finally after many trials Priya and Kriya woke up rubbing their eye’s ; Kunj Smiled at them and placed kisses on their head’s whilst in return Priya and Kriya kissed his Cheek’s wishing him GOOD MORNING..

He took them to bathroom along him and made them brushed their teeth and freshen up and then dressed them in cute colour Cordinated purple frock’s and then tied their hair’s to help twinkle!

It was their rule that on Saturday’s they equally divided the work and do so that they can get as much as time possible to spend with eachother and their daughter’s..

When twinkle make breakfast Kunj get Priya and Kriya ready ! And then whilst twinkle clean dishes Priya , Kriya and Kunj all help twinkle to set plates back from table !

They were a happy small family ; Kunj sometimes missed his parent’s but they never cared to bother about him ? Leela often come on Sunday’sto spend time with them or they go on outing..

Whilst getting them ready Priya and Kriya were as usual full of their question’s and Kunj was patiently replying them ; some were so cute that he could not stop giggling at them ?

P:Papa !

Kunj hummed in response as he was busy tieing Priya’s hair whilst Kriya was busy setting her father’s hair ?

(They were sitting on bed)

(Imagine how cute this scene must be ? Wish this could be a part of TASHAN E ISHQ ?)

P:Did you asked mumma about keeping that puppy ?

Before Kunj could reply kriya jumped on him from back wrapping her tiny arm’s around his neck and asked the same..

Kr:Yes ! Yes papa.. did U asked mamma ??

K:Kriya careful princess u could have got hurt (Fake Anger as they were sitting on edge of bed and the way Kriya jumped on him she could have fallen down due to misbalance)

Kriya came infront of him and Cutely holding her ear’s asked sorry which make Kunj smile wide and he kissed her cheek when Priya being a drama queen like twinkle started..

Kr:(Holding her ear’s)Sorry Papa ?

K:(kissing her cheek) It’s Ok! But be careful next time ?

P:Haww Papa ?? kisses only for Kriya (Fake Cry ?) U don’t love me (Fake Sobbing ?)

Kriya rolled her eye’s at her and muttered ‘DRAMA QUEEN’ whilst Kunj giggled at her antics and tickled her making her laugh loud ??

K:Drama Queen! Papa don’t loves u Haan (tickling her more)

P: Hehe papa ?? I am Sholly ? I was just doing drama ? u know na I am ur cute si , choti si drama queen haina (says cutely)

Kunj stopped tickling her and was amazed to see how she exactly resemble twinkle in each and everything ? from her likes to dislikes ; her Siyappa’s and Drama’s ? exactly like her mother..

Kr: Papa tell na mumma agreed to keep the puppy or i’nt??

K:(Fake Sad Face) Woh na..

Kr & Pr: (In sad tone) Mumma didn’t agreed ??


Kriya and Priya’s eye’s sparkled that moment with hope and what Kunj soad made them jump in happiness and excitement leaving Kunj to admire his daughter’s ?

Kr & Pr: Yippeee ??? Thank U Papa (kissing his Cheek)

K:Ok! Ok enough of Ur jumping! Come let’s go down and have our breakfast and then we also have to help ur mamma na then only we can go to Nani’s house..

Kr & Pr: Yes Papa..

They went down down stairs , Priya and Kriya settled themselves on table whilst Kunj went inside kitchen to see twinkle..

Kunj froze at the beautiful sight of his wife ; her hair’s tied in a messy bun and a strand of hair disturbing her ; claded in beautiful dress looking beautiful..

She failed to notice his presence so Kunj went and stood at back of her , he slid his arm’s around her waist and blowed air on her bare available shoulder making her shiver due to proximity..

Kunj placed a wet kiss on her neck making her moan in ecstasy ; He bit that place slightly making her moan his name And then sucked n licked that point to sooth the pain creating havoc on her senses..

T:(whispering moan) Kunnnjjj…

Kunj turned her around and put that single strand of hair that was loitering on her face behind her ear’s and placed a Kiss on her Forehead mumbling a GOOD MORNING making her smile..

Twinkle smiled at his gesture ? This gesture of him alway’s have tingly yet beautiful feelings to her ?

It’s said true that ‘ONE KISS ON FOREHEAD IS BETTER THAN THOUSAND KISSES ON LIP’S’ ; it gives a different kind of satisfaction and love ?

Twinkle mumbled the same and raised herself on her toes repeating the gesture kissing his Forehead ; They stood in silence for minute or two resting their forehead’s against eachother ?

Twinkle’s hand placed on his chest whilst his holding her waist ; their forehead’s resting against eachother and eye’s closed savouring the moment when they heard Priya and Kriya shouting for their breakfast ?

They took the breakfast and placed on table ; Priya and Kriya jumped in happiness to pancakes as breakfast and munched on them happily..

They had their breakfast talking and laughing , enjoying with eachother and then helped twinkle to clean table and then get ready to go and meet Leela ?

So Here I End this Episode ?

Hope it was worth reading ?

Well after this there is another Shot of FRIENDSHIP N LOVE !

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