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Before We Start here are some images of ?TWINJ HOUSE?




Let’s Start with a Smile ?


(Here is a Change! Instead of kitten Priya and Kriya found a Golden Puppy ?)


After patting Priya and Kriya to sleep he came in their Room.. He saw twinkle removing her Earrings standing infront of Mirror.. She wasn’t aware of his presence..

He closed the door behind him without getting it to twinkle’s notice and then moved toward’s her..


He back hugged her sliding his hand’s on her bare waist under her Saree making her shiver and moan in Ecstasy..


Kunj then started kissing Twinkle’s Neck and shoulder sometimes licking and sucking there whilst his hand’s caressing her bare waist under her Saree..

Twinkle was breathing heavily ; She turned around and hugged Kunj tightly blushing ?

Kunj Smiled and hugged her back ; His single touch was enough to make her Loose her senses ?

TWINJ broke the hug ; Twinkle was about to go when she was pulled back and pinned to the wall..

Twinkle’s back hit the wall and she was strucked between Kunj and wall who was to close to her and his devilish s*xy smell was invading her senses ; He was looking damn Hot and s*xy in black shirt and faded blue jeans ?

Her breath hitched when Kunj kept his hand on her bare waist and pulled her closer by her waist not even leaving an inch gap between them..

His cold hand’s on her bare waist were sending shivers down her spine and playing havoc with her senses her breathing quickened when he brushed the hairs of her right shoulder and tucked hair strands behind her ears ; Kunj’s cheeks brushed hers and he spoke huskily in her right ear..

K:Looking Hot Mrs Sarna ?

Twinkle blushed hard at his comment ? ; she was enjoying his touch and lost in him completely..

Kunj looked at her and saw her closed eye’s and tomato red cheek’s

Kunj leaned forward and kissed her Forehead lovingly making twinkle smile wide ; Kunj looked at her , Her eye’s closed and smiling wider then before..

He kissed her each eye cupping her face with one hand other was still holding her waist ?

Twinkle opened her eye’s meeting his gaze and losing herself in the ocean of his brown orbs which were hypnotizing her Senses..

Kunj placed sensual kisses on her Red Cheek’s and bit them making her moan ; Igniting an Unknown fire between them ❤

His gaze fell on her shivering pink Lip’s ; there was no difference in Twinkle’s gaze both were looking at eachother’s lips with desire and love..

Closing their eye’s both leaned forward capturing eachother’s lips in a sweet yet passionate kiss..

There Lip’s moulded against eachother as a jigsaw puzzle pouring all their love ; affection and care they had for Eachother ?

There kiss was slow yet passionate ; They broke the kiss being out of breath after 10 minutes..

They were gazing eachother intensely still breathing heavily due to loss of oxygen (Romance ke liye zaroori hai?)

No sooner a sweet moan was heard by twinkle as Kunj kissed her neck ; his name from her mouth was making him crazy and he bit her lightly giving a love bite..

Twinkle moaned once again with a hint of pain and pleasure ; Her hand’s reached his soft lock’s caressing them and encouraging him..

He licked and sucked the same spot to sooth the pain ; his hand’s caressing her waist making her moan more and more ; They were lost in their own world of pleasure and love..

Kunj turned twinkle such that her back was facing him ; her hand’s resting on wall , eye’s closed and uneven breathing due to their proximity , Cheeks red due to blushing..

He moved her hairs to other side ; his fingures brushing her bare back , revealing her bare back to him..Kunj bent a little and started placing kisses on her back making her red like a tomato and moan..

His hand’s were intertwined with hers and resting on wall whilst he was continuing his sweet assault on her senses..

He bit her hard on shoulder earning a strong moan from her, to sooth her pain he sucked and licked that point leaving a perfect love bite..

He again turned her making her face him ; Her cheeks were red due to blushing ? her breathing uneven..

She opened her eye’s meeting his ; this time twinkle leaned forward standing on her toes kissing his Forehead making him smile and close his eye’s feeling the love and passion in her touch..

She kissed his eye’s then his cheeks and then to tease him kissed his chin to which he frowned making her giggle , she brushed her nose against him to tease more not letting their Lip’s brushed against eachother..

Her torture didn’t ended up here ; Her lips travelled toward’s his Lip’s lightly brushing them against her soft one’s she trailed her kisses down his chin followed by his Jaw bone and neck..


Upto this moment half of his shirts button was broken by his Punjabi sherni , Twinkle did same with Kunj kissing him hard on his neck placing love bite there..

She completely opened his shirt ; it fell down of his body ; They were once again engaged in a passionate wild kiss..

she then pushed him on bed n came on top of him… She again kissed him… This time wildly..

They both were kissing like there was no tomorrow.. After breaking the kiss twinkle started placing love bites on his shoulder n neck while kunj was moaning twinkle’s name… she was then kissing him on his cheat n Abs…

Kunj’s hand reached the back of her blouse ; He undid her dori to which twinkle moaned his name..

He again pushed her on bed n came on top of her… He removed her saree from her body leaving her in two piece… He came near her Ears n whispered :u still have a perfect body baby ?

Twinkle blushed hard ; Her cheek’s crimson red and hugged him… He hugged her back smiling and caressing her back..

After sometime they broke the hug n kunj placed a Loving kiss on her Forehead and then a sensuous kisses on her Red Cheek’s..

Twinkle laid back on the bed ; He again kissed her n then breaking the kiss moved down kissing her neck sucking and licking there giving her pleasure ; then he kissed at bit her cleavage ; placing love bites there..

He then moved further n placed kisses on her belly n sucks there giving ultimate pleasure to her making her moan and pant relentlessly due to pleasure… He kissed each n every part of her body marking her as his all over again..

After sometime he came back Upto her Lip’s n again kissed her passionately whilst caressing her bare body , twinkle doing same to him…

Kunj broke the kiss ; both panting and breathing heavily and rested there forehead against eachother…

There eye’s closed a blissful smile adorning there faces ? Both opened there eye’s at same time sharing an eye lock; there eye’s conveying their need to be eachother’s ; there love & lust toward’s eachother visible; Lust of Love ; Lust to be eachother’s and to be claimed by eachother once again..

Twinkle placed a Kiss on the tip of his nose giving him positive response to go ahead and marking her as his once again..

Kunj intertwined their hand’s and pinned them on bed whilst looking into twinkle’s eye’s entered her making her moan in pain and ultimate pleasure ; tears escaped from confines her eye’s feeling ultimate pleasure and a little bit of pain..

Kunj again kissed her to completely distract her from pain ; this time slow yet passionate ; He was caressing her waist and back to sooth her pain and wiped the lone tear that escaped her eye with the back of his free hand..

Twinkle smiled within kiss seeing his concern and love same as the year’s before ; this person alway’s makes her fall deeper for him..

She can’t thank enough to her Babaji for sending her Kunj in her life whilst for kunj it was no less ; Twinkle and his princesses were his life ❤

Twinkle’s pain soon converted into pleasure and being loved by her Kunj once again gave her heavenly feeling..

They were Two bodies ; one soul since year’s but claiming eachother again and again gave them ultimate happiness and pleasure..

Taking their love to another level again and again is bliss to them ; moon’s and stars witnessing union of two souls once again screen got blurred..

(Bas Ab thori si privacy dedo unhein ??Hope it wasn’t vulgar ? I had written this much mature content for the first time ! Sorry if it was vulgar)


TWINJ were lying in eachother’s embrace covered in a single duet ; Twinkle’s head was resting on Kunj’s Chest ; She was sub-consciously making pattern on his Chest and Torso whilst Kunj was caressing her hair’s..

There was complete silence ; but that silence was soothing and calming to them ; that silence said untold stories ; their untold word’s filled in that silence..

After some minute’s Kunj broke the silence when remembered his promise done to Priya and Kriya to make twinkle agree for that little puppy ?

He didn’t knew how to initiate the conversation as he knew he would be gone for sure ?



K:Woh (stammering) woh I was thinking..

T:(Looked at him with narrowed eye’s) U was thinking ?

K:(Closing his eye’s and said in a go) Why shouldn’t we pet a puppy?

T:(Rising herself in her elbow whilst keeping other hand in Kunj’s Chest) Mr Sarna ! Well why so suddenly?


T:Kunnnj! (Whinning like a baby) U are spoiling Priya and Kriya to no extent ? I know it must be there demand! Isn’t it ?

Kunj Smiled and nodded his head in YES And said twinkle taking in his embrace again..

K:I love to Spoil U three ? Cause u three are my only family and I love U all ! My world reside by U three ! I can’t imagine my life without U ; Priya and Kriya (Bit Emotionally?)

Twinkle was in ‘Aww’ all the time ? He was gem of a Person ❤

T:Acha Wese Mr Sarna! So did Ur daughter’s find there puppy or still have to?

K:(Grinning) We already brought puppy home ?

Twinkle’s mouth was wide Open due to shock looking cute as hell ?? whilst Kunj giggled seeing her reaction ?

T:(Hitting his Chest) Haww Mr Sarna ? U and Ur daughter’s won’t change ?

K:Sorry (holding his one ear)

T:(Making Cute Faces) It’s Ok..

Twinkle got up wearing Kunj’s shirt from bed confusing him..

(Aur Romance Chahiye ? Comment kardena Warna kisi FF mein romance nahi dungi ??)

K:Where are U going?

T:To take bath ! I don’t want to sleep this sweaty and moreover tomorrow is Saturday and I know U won’t be letting me get up early so I will take bath and then sleep..

K:(Naughtily) Should I join U ?

T:(Same Tone pulling Kunj closer as she was still sitting on bed) Why not Mr Sarna ?

Kunj was on cloud nine seeing twinkle agreeing so easily ? (And my reader’s too romance jo mil raha hai ??)

Kunj got up and carried twinkle in his arm’s whilst twinkle wrapped her hand’s around his neck and was teasing him continuously nuzzling her nose in his neck and kissing there ?

Kunj made her stand under shower and opened the tap ? making them drench ; His white shirt completely sticking to her body and was transparent by now..

Kunj pulled her closer by her waist ; Both sharing an intense eyelock ; water running down there bodies..

Kunj opened the buttons of the shirt and it fell of Twinkle’s body; They leaned in and kissed eachother passionately..

After breaking kiss he started kissing her neck ; sucking and licking giving her pleasure ; Twinkle doing same momentarily..

They were lost in their moment of love completing eachother all over again..

With lot’s of romance and teasing they had shower and after one hour came out of bathroom wrapped in their bath robes and then changed into their shirt’s and pajamas respectively..

Twinkle set the bed whilst Kunj picked there clothes from the floor helping twinkle and just opened the lock of the door..

In case in morning some times Priya and Kriya wakes up before TWINJ on holiday’s so if they come there than don’t find it close..

It was so cause after waking up in morning Priya and Kriya will come to TWINJ ROOM and then will wake them up sometimes or sometimes will cuddled up with them and sleep ?


So here I end this episode ?

It is specially posted on Preshu’s request ?

Thank U so Much for commenting and supporting ?

Rayna dear I will soon post my FS to ? It’s just that I am bit busy so isn’t able to write ? Will surely post by this weekend ?

So tell me how was Romance? ???

Hope it wasn’t vulgar ?

Well if U want more romance in other FF and FS to na then I want 20+ Comment’s (White mailing ??)

Sorry I wasn’t able to comment on anyone’s post ? I was hell busy since last few day’s and today a bit un well too ?

I hope U people won’t mind ? I will comment soon when I will read the stories ?

Before I take leave well I need ur suggestion ?

Which of Three FF’s or FS U people want to read this Week ?







Choice is all Urs ??

But Any three ??

So I will take a Leave ??

LOVE U All❤❤❤
Take Care??
Keep Smiling ☺☺
Supporting ??
Load’s of Love ???
Bye Everyone!
See U Soon ☺☺
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