Tere sang yaara Kuch rang Bahara- (KRPKAB) Devakshi Five Shots part 5 of 5 LAST PART


Hey all Fatarajo here. Thank you so much for supporting me through this 5 shots. Actually i submitted this along with my other five shots but idk why it didnt get published. So that’s why I submit again and sorry for the inconvenience caused and delay caused. But i really don’t know why they never publish this part. Well i had this story in mind for Long but i didn’t know which character to use to present this story. But whenever I saw KRPKAB sometimes i thought of this story so that’s why I used devakshi for this and instead of Dev I used Shaheer’s character for a change. Actually i had this story while I was writing the KRPKAB and EDKV combo ff and so once i ended that i started writing this five shots like after a week.here is the five shots last part.

By any chance if you didn’t read the first and second part, here is the link.

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Here is the last but not least part.
There was darkness. Darkness everywhere. No, it was not the darkness in the jail but the darkness in his life. Shaheer sat down and thought how meaningless his life is now. The one whom he loves hates him now because of his one foolish step. Only if he told her the truth earlier on. This much won’t have happened. He felt so much pain in his heart. He didn’t know what to do. But at the same time he knew it was important for him to complete his Mission. Now what was his Mission about?

Just then he saw some light. That light was ray of hopeless. All his hopes. And soon he found his dear Wife present infront of him. Yes Sonakshi has came to meet him. He thought he will never ever get to see her again, but he was lucky to get another sight of her. But why did she came here? At least he can get to speak to his love for a while.

A short smile came on Shaheer’s face as he was excited to speak to Sonakshi.buy before he could speak anything, Sonakshi stopped him and said that she will speak first as she have came to tell him something important.

Sonakshi asked him that why he had done so? Such a big cheat! Couldn’t he have thought twice before doing so? Shaheer wanted to answer Sonakshi desperately why he did so.
“Look Sonakshi, I love you a lot.” Shaheer whole heartedly confessed his love.

Sonakshi was in no mood to listen to him at all. How he could lie to her like this? And that too regarding his identity. If he truly loved her, he would have really told her about his identity but no there is nothing called trust in him. He should have told her at least. Why he didn’t? How could he have done such a big crime? Sonakshi blurted all her questions out to him.

Shaheer said that the matter of religion feared him the most. He knew the truth was bitter he didn’t want to say but he had to. He knew that Sonakshi hated Muslims due to the terrorist Attack in Turkey due to which her Mom died.

Sonakshi didn’t believe him and she said and assured that even if she knew he was a Muslim she would still have accepted his friendship and love because she fell in love with his heart not with his identity. Shaheer felt bad and regretful for this thoughts and realised how much he lost for his this unnecessary thoughts and actions.

Sonakshi was ashamed to fall in love with Shaheer. Well lying about his identity is a reason but not a big reason. Maybe she would have gave him a second chance. It would have been difficult. But if he persuaded her a little and told her the truth maybe she would have forgive him and gave their relationship a second chance. But she would never give him a second chance for this deed. This was a crime. A dreadful crime. Shaheer knew what he did was a mistake but not a crime. He wasn’t that bad. Ya maybe it was a crime that he deceived her and married her deceiving but he lost with love. What else he could have done!

She wasn’t talking about that crime. Well she wasn’t that cruel and selfish that she will let him suffer and punish for this reason and hate him. Well there was something else which is why she hated him a lot. It was the same reason. The same thing which she faced 13 years ago she couldn’t let that repeat again. That was Shaheer was also a terrorist!

Shaheer got shocked listening to this. And he realised all the proofs pointed against him and this is how he got the tag of a ‘terrorist.’ And it was a very big thing. Just because he is a Muslim doesn’t mean that he is a terrorist. It’s not necessary that all Muslims have to be terrorists or all terrorists have to be Muslims. This was his aim to prove this and nothing else. But he didn’t know he will be trapped for this. But who could do all this?

Sonakshi went away angrily, and Shaheer hold her hand. Sonakshi looked on. It was again the same as that day. Again a force pulled her back. She looked. She couldn’t stop this time. If she went back without stopping that time, today she would have live her life happily in Turkey. She couldn’t repeat the mistake and she left his hand and went away. Shaheer screamed loudly that he was innocent but it was in vain.

And then came the entry of someone. The entry of a guy. He looked younger or around the same age of Shaheer. And Shaheer’s expression became anger as his face is shown.
“Oh so it’s you, who have done all this. You will be exposed and punished Nisar.” Shaheer angrily said. That guy was Nisar. And he was the actual terrorist. Nisar smirked at Shaheer’s failure and left. Shaheer got angry and hit the jail cage.

Shaheer got into flashback. Actually he was working as a secret agent, in other words a detective. His job was to track of any big plans going on in any terrorist group, and to track them. He couldn’t reveal about his profession for the sake of the safety of his family. First he managed to hide it from Ishwari and now Sonakshi. This was one more reason, in other words the actual reason why Shaheer didn’t want to tell Sonakshi that he was Shaheer the Detective. And not many knew this.

Shaheer’s Mission was to get hold of terrorists. And he did manage to expose around 8 terrorist attacks and also stopped them. He never took credit of his job. He was in disguise of a normal person doing a simple government job but this was not the case. He hid this for the sake of his family and country. And even from the person he loved the most- his Wife.

One day he found a guy named Rithik. He was very good friends with him until he overheard his conversation that he was actually Nisar, a terrorist and that he will attack India now. Shaheer couldn’t believe he was friend with a terrorist. But he had to save India from this attack and not only India but also the world. So to gather proofs and play safe he hid this from Nisar and started collecting proofs against him. But unfortunately Nisar got to know about all this and he used this against Shaheer and he ended up getting the tag ‘terrorist’.

This was the actual Shaheer Khan. He wasn’t a terrorist. Infact he was a true Indian who was a patriot guy and wanted to save his country and people. That’s all. But he got punished for this? Maybe this punishment was for lying to his Wife about his identity from the beginning. He should have at least told her his name to her.

But Nisar is very dangerous. He can do anything. Tomorrow is the day when he will execute his plan and has planned a bomb. Shaheer couldn’t just sit in the jail and see this charade. He knew that he is the only one who could save this Attack from happening and stop Nisar. But for that he had to get out of the jail. But how could he get out of the jail? No one was ready to believe him and why would they? He didn’t have any proof. Finally he got a way out. It was difficult but he had to do it. This was the only possible way.

Shaheer managed to elope from the jail in the darkness of the night and he ran. And where did he went to? Guess. His house. His own house. He went to his house and tried to gathered proof. He looked everywhere, and he went into his room. And while finding, he saw Sonakshi. Sonakshi was sleeping peacefully in the room. Shaheer didn’t want to disturb her so he made sure he didn’t made any sound and did his job. He even got hold of Sonakshi’s reports and looked on. He was so happy. But again he got back to his work.

Later after his work was done, he sat down at his table and wrote a letter. He hoped that this letter did what he couldn’t do. He kept the letter on such a place which Sonakshi can take and read it.

He sat beside sleeping Sonakshi. Maybe with very much difficult she got into sleep. She was so depressed. Shaheer kissed on Sonakshi’s forehead and whispered from heart to take care of herself and their unborn baby. And he also apologised to her for not telling the truth.

Next day morning, Sonakshi woke up and she got a shock when she read the letter. She got stunned and she knew she must do something. That’s what the letter read.

“Dear Khargosh,
I know my khargosh is very angry with me, but I am sorry I had to lie to you about this. It’s true that the fear to lose you was the reason why I lied that I was Dev not Shaheer. I could have told you the truth but I didn’t because I had another intention. That was to save my country and people. I am telling this truth to you, the biggest truth of my life. I am Shaheer Khan, a Detective. I know you may not believe me. But at least do this for me. Make sure Rithik doesn’t escape. He is not Rithik he is actually Nisar a terrorist and he is planting a bomb at Qutub Minar tomorrow. I eloped from the jail only to stop this Attack after that what will happen I don’t know. But I know you are there. Make sure the bomb doesn’t blast. And i don’t know when I will be able to meet you. And I got the news of me going to become a Father. I know you were angry with me that’s why you didn’t share with me but you had all right. I just want to say in my absence take care of yourself and our princess. Princess because I know it will be a girl. And don’t take stress. Just do as I say. In the next page, you will get to know what to do to stop this. Only you can stop this Attack. And possible do meet me again. I just want to say I love you.
Yours, Shaheer.”

Sonakshi read the letter and cried. But she wiped her tears. She was the brave Wife of her Husband. She took a deep breath and read the procedures and do as it said.

On the other hand, Shaheer was eloping but unfortunately police got hold of him. And they got ready to bring him back to the jail. Shaheer tried to said that there is an Attack going to happen and he had to stop it but the police didn’t believe him. At the same place, Nisar was there with his gang doing the Attack. Yes they all were the place where the bomb was located. Nisar smiled looking at Shaheer.

Shaheer was waiting for Sonakshi to do something but nothing happened. Maybe she didn’t read the letter that’s why. Shaheer realised that Nisar was about to press the trigger. Shaheer knew he had to do something. At the same time Sonakshi reached there and looked around. And as Nisar was about to press, Shaheer knew he had to do something. He freed himself to stop Nisar but. But the police shoots Shaheer down. Bang! Bang! Bang! The police shoots him thrice and he falls down on the ground.

There Sonakshi manages to stop Nisar and he fails to press the trigger but she shouts seeing Shaheer shot.
“Shaheer!” Sonakshi ran to Shaheer.

Sonakshi pointed to the police that not Shaheer, Nisar is the terrorist and she have all proofs. The police manages to get hold of Nisar and arrests him. On the other hand, Shaheer was struggling with his life as he was in pool of blood after getting shot thrice.

Sonakshi who is teary eyed took him in her lap and asked what have he done? Shaheer gave his love to Sonakshi and told her that he knew she will trust him and come. And he is happy he could see her for one last time before dying and it was time for him to leave this world. He made her promise to take care of herself and their baby. Sonakshi cried and told him that he couldn’t leave her like this and that she is sorry for not believing him. Shaheer said he is sorry for lying and hiding this. Sonakshi and Shaheer confessed their love one last time and Shaheer dies in her lap. Sonakshi cries.

Later, Shaheer gets respect from many people for the sacrifice he made for his country. That was his life. Many people prayed for his soul to rest in peace.

After a few months, Sonakshi gave birth to a baby girl. She was happy because she knew that Shaheer wanted a girl and was also emotional remembering about him. Sonakshi took the baby in her arms as the baby remembered her of her love and she badly missed Shaheer. Sonakshi kissed the baby on the forehead.

Suddenly, Sonakshi starts getting breathless and she knew it was time for her to leave this world and go to her Mom and hubby, the two people whom she loved the most in her life. Sonakshi handed her baby to Elena and a diary and told Elena to give this diary to the baby when she will be 12 years old. And later Sonakshi breathes her last and the baby cries over the demise of her mom.

After 12 years ,
Elena gifts the diary to Erica, the Daughter of Shaheer and Sonakshi. Erica looked a lot like Sonakshi and had the same eyes Sonakshi had. And Her character was just like her dad who would do anything for the one whom she loves and a very kind hearted and silent person. Erica took the diary and started reading it. She read the entire story of her Mom and dad, written by her Mom. Erica read it and didn’t love at all. The story touched Erica’s heart and she went to sleep. (Same as part 1, first para, yes thats Erica not Sonakshi) She looked at the sky.
“I miss you and I love you Mom and dad.” Erica said while looking at the sky and felt asleep.
The end

Message: Well via this five shots I had two messages to convey.
A lie can change your life and it maybe the biggest mistake in your life. Well lies are meant to be exposed be it big or small. Everyone in this world lies but they eventually get revealed somehow one day. But if you truly loved someone never lie regarding your identity, if you truly love him or her openly tell him or her everything, regardless of the result. It maybe anything, but will definitely better be then the result that comes once the truth is exposed instead of being confessed.
And not all Muslims are terrorists or all terrorists are tourists. Say no to terrorism and racism.

Sorry for the sad ending but the story was like that’s why. I hope you all didn’t find the story stupid or bad. I am afraid you all may find it bad. But i really wanted to write this story that’s why I wrote it. I enjoyed reading all of ur comments.

And as this is the last part so it’s a request to silent readers that if you all really liked this 5 shots ek comment Toh banta hain. (I deserve a comment?) And whoever commented really means a lot to me and inspired me to write more of these kind of stories. Love u all. From FTRajo.

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  1. Well, well, well!
    Joyee Aapi!
    Pool of tears and snapping of my nose, that’s my condition r’now.
    Both ur five shots made me emotional, nd I just feel so blessed that U r my frnd.
    One ques jus popped up in my head, ur writing style was different before, I mean u used to write in dialogues, but now paras? This writing style, I just love this way, and the way u describe the emotions, but I am really keen to know abt this sudden change. Hope I wasn’t offensive.
    Love u?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey laddoo thanks for commenting happy u liked it yeah both r sad ones and aww that’s so sweet of u and wel no i m not offended well Many asked me this actually i have two kinds of writing style if i write ff i use the dialogue one and if i write a few shots i use this one hope u got my Ander dear love u too 🙂

  2. Manya

    Joyee Di?I salute u?What a msg Appi❣Really ur imagination is out of this world?It was such a beautiful story with a such a beautiful msg and why not it is written by our Joyee Appi????❣❤️??❤️???❤️??????loved it
    Plzzz write another ff
    Love u ??❤️❤️

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Ayushi thanks for commenting hPoy u liked the message and really sweet of u and will try to write another one love u too 🙂

  3. Angel20

    Ohh finally it’s published!
    So it was awesome!! Sad but still amazing!!
    Come back soon dear!
    Love you loads!!

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Maria thanks for commenting happy u liked it
      And will comeback soon dear
      Love u too ?

  4. Bhoomi

    ?? U made me cry… This is very emotional….. But fantastic …. U described it very well…. Heart touching… Plzzzz write more… Come back soon ?…. Lots of luv…. Hands off…U Nailed it!!!! ??

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey bhoomi thanks for commenting
      And sorry for making u cry
      And happy u liked it
      And will try to comeback soon

  5. Thanks dear for such a nice story . And I like the moral very much. See u soon with another f2f.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey princess thanks for commenting happy u liked the story and moral and will try to comeback asap

  6. Aaru

    Very emotional end yaar!!

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey aaru thanks for commenting yes emotional ☹️

  7. Yashfeen

    Firstly, everythng ws beautifully potrait..every scene, dialogues, emotions n everythng is just perfect frm beginning till d end..
    It was a perfect love story..as love jst doent mean to have bt to give..n shaheer gave hs ol to sonakshi..
    D letter is d best thng in todays ff..very emotional n touchy and at d same tym realistic too..
    Thr r lots of thng goin in my mind in regard of ds ff..bt the wrds r lost insde me..
    As well as d two messages wch u cnveyed made ds ff bst of ol…coz d messages guide us to live a better lyf…bth d messages teaches us a big thng…thngs wch vl help us to live a peaceful life..
    Bt still I vl say it wud have been bttr for sona to talk to shaheer befre taking sch a big step…no matter if she thnks tat he betrayed her or hes a teterrorist coz luv is d biggest thng in d world..one can leave everythng for love…love can change any1…bt u have to wrk fr it..jst fr d sake of luv wch ws thr in betwn dm..fr d sake of dr child..atleast for once.. she shud have confrontted hm..bt ds is my opinion
    Nw lets talk of d writter so farin u r jst perfect ur writing is stupendous…n d best thng abt u is tat u link characters very well..so hats of to u fr ds ff..na osum ff.
    N plzzz came back soon

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey yashfeen thanks for commenting well happy u liked it overall and happy u liked the letter part and well sona she was just disappointed as she remembered about her childhood tragedy so that’s why she got scared and happy u liked it overall and will try to comeback soon

  8. Fabulous ????❤️???????❤️???????❤️ And a emotional one ?????but u have completely won by conveying great messages in just 5 shots ????❤️?…….awesome ??❤️??

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey maleeha thanks for commenting happy u liked it and also the message conveying part ?

  9. Sharica

    It was not stupid,or bad at all. It was the best story. It is amazing, lovely, nice, inspiring, heart touching and overall the very true and very nice story. U r really creative and inspiring. Loved it from the bottom of my heart. U r very right that we should never lie. I will never forget this story. It is not only a fan fiction but more than that. Loved loved loved it. It is my favorite ff from now and for ever.love u. Keep writing stories like this.
    Lots of love

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Tina thanks for commenting and happy u understood the message of my five shots and fav ?? omg that really means a Lot to me and so ur name is Tina? Hi Tina ??

      1. Sharica

        U mean ur name is Tina too?

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Areh no no my name is not Tina ??? ur name is Tina right?

      1. Sharica

        Opps?sorry! My mistake. Yes my name is Tina. And what is yours?

  10. Dhira

    ??? no words to say
    Superb shot superb story
    I believe what you said is true
    Tc hope you will be back with another great and awesome shots like this ?????

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey dhira thanks for commenting happy u liked it and will try to comeback asap

  11. Very nice. I really liked it. Keep giving us new and good ff’s like this in future also. ????

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey dolly thanks for commenting happy u liked it overall and thanks for inspiring me to write more ?

  12. Sakthi

    Omg..u made my tears come out with ur ff..such a lovable episode..ending is sad but it means a lot..u have succeeded in giving ur messages..loved the story very much..god bles u..hope to see u in another ff.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey sakthi thanks for commenting happy u liked it and sorry for making u cry and happy u liked the story and Will try to comeback soon ?

  13. Erina

    No no no that i totally not expecting for u. I.. I. I really hate u… So much. Haiye y to vhi hua jis hath k sahare hm chalna sikhe usne mujhe aise jagah mera hath chor dye jaha mjhe uski sab se jyada jarurat ty. U broke my heart ??????????
    Anyways coming to ur ff it was awesomeeeee,commendable, amazing, heart touching nd heart breaking. Vse dear aap kiss Film se inspire hua ho kahi aap ne “South movie =shareef badmash” – by aaluu arjun ki to nhi dekhi???????
    I’m not at all happy with end i wanted my shakshi (shaheer +sonakshi) at least vo happily rehte aur most importantly jinda rehte. Ya i know story required that but…
    Koi nhi but plzzz next time jab v aana happy ff ke sth aana bcse i hate sad stories. I truely hate jab hath chorna hi tha to itne beautiful sapne kyu dete hai. I felt bad nd seriously cried through out while going through ur ff for sona bcse na usko uski maa ka sth mila na dev ka aur na hi apni beti ka. I hate u tmne mjhe bahut rulaya ?????????nd anyways coming from my world i loved ur ff nd i must say u r awesome writter nd i’ll never forget u for this
    With loads of love

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey erina sorry maaf kardo na yaar and happy u liked my ff and so sorry for making u sad and will write happy wala ones next time and love u too and thanks for inspiring me

      1. Erina

        Ok i’m ready to forgive u but only on one condition promise me ki tm jaldi vapas aaoge nd next time happy vala ff k sth. Done deal or not?????

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Okay i will try to comeback asap

  14. The story was superb ???
    But emotional too ???????
    Very well written ????
    Hope to see u soon with another great story

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey benish thanks for commenting happy u liked it and will try to comeback with a new story soon ?

  15. Erica

    I haven’t been commenting on this ff but I wanted to comment on your lasts shot!all your 5 episodes are wonderfully portrayed!awesome?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey nishi thanks for commenting happy u liked it overall dear 🙂

  16. Hi fatarajo.☺.nze story .but it was a very sad to read the ending?.awesome story .plz jaldi sa nxt part Ko post karoo. Waiting to see the nxt devakshi epi?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey niki thanks for commenting
      Well when I get a story will defiantly write 🙂

  17. Esme

    Heart touching !!!!!! People die but they remain alive in our memories. This is outstanding. Wow. Aweeeeeeeeeesome.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey esme thanks for commenting happy u liked it yes u r right I have so many of my close ones like they died but they r still in my memories

  18. Simplesweety1

    Loved It … :'(

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey simplesweety1 thanks for commenting happy u liked it:(

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