Tere sang yaara Kuch rang Bahara- (KRPKAB) Devakshi Five Shots part 1 of 5



Hi all. Fatarajo here. I hope you all still remember me. I am the writer of Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste. And now I got some time so I am going to write a 5 shots on Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi , and one and only Devakshi. I hope you all will like the story.

Here is part 1 of the five shots .
She found a diary. What was the diary about? From the moment the diary caught her eye, she cannot move her eye from it. She isn’t able to help her paralysed eyes due to the book and her hands start moving and due to its movement the pages of the diary starts flipping. She started to read words, then sentences, then paragraphs ,chapters and when she finished the entire diary she didn’t even realised. It seems that the diary had something which touched her heart. This time instead of her eyes her entire body was paralysed but from inside. Without any thought she just climbed on the bed and closed her eyes and went to sleep. In her journey of her sleep, what was she thinking about? Maybe that diary. But what was the diary about? Her eyes were closed but from inside the words, sentences, paragraphs, chapters the entire diary was going on in the form her dreams maybe.

Next day morning,
Two teenage girls of the age of 14, is shown and they are happily hoping out of the place and chattering and laughing. Among the two girls, one had the same eyes. Literally the same eyes of that who was reading the diary.
And then the other girl was like,
“Give me a hi-5 Sonakshi!” The other cheered in excitement.
Yes that girl was none other than Sonakshi Bose, a teenager.
“Finally I can meet Mom after so many days. Mom must be waiting outside the airport .” Sonakshi said happily.

Yes Sonakshi just returned to her mom’s after a trip and is at the airport.
While Sonakshi and her Friend were walking and evidentially Sonakshi is more excited than her Friend after all she is going to meet her Mom who means the world to her. And then blossomed out as soon as he saw her Mom and her smile became more wider. Sonakshi holds her friend’s hand and starts running towards her Mom who was waiting for her and just some distances and a glass window is between them. Once Sonakshi comes to the other side, she will be out of the airport and she starts heading for it.

And while the chattering of the crowds jingled into her ears suddenly there was a loud sound. Very loud sound. Bang! Bang! Bang! Sonakshi’s happy face turned out to terror as she looks around and sees some guys overpowering the entire crowd and is in complete back. The airport was attacked by terrorists! Yes, there is an terrorist Attack going on in the airport. Sonakshi’s heart started to beat more. She wanted to go to her Mom now to feel safe but it was too late. The terrorists were surrounding around Sonakshi and others. Never ever in life Sonakshi felt so lonely and nervous despite the entire crowd around her. They were now controlled by the terrorists. Sonakshi just wanted to go to her Mom and nothing else. But the ruthless terrorist will kill her if she does so.

Sonakshi’s Mom for whom Sonakshi meant everything too. She couldn’t bear the fact that her Daughter was suffering inside. Polices were called and they slowly to tried to catch the terrorists and rescue all the trapped people there. Sonakshi and all the trapped people’s heartbeat increased with one bang. As the bang count increased the no. Of people alive also decreased with it as they were shot to death. Sonakshi was still alive and she knew her life was still at risk and she may also be one of them soon. Sonakshi’s Mom imagine what must be Going on especially when she saw her Daughter in this state. She couldn’t be patient anymore and she rushed into the airport.
“Bang!” Again it goes, Sonakshi looks and this time something happened which really stunned Sonakshi as if she was shot. It was her Mom who was shot.The ruthless terrorist just shot her once she stepped into the airport.

“Mom!” Sonakshi shouted.
Later slowly polices managed the situation and caught the terrorists and managed to rescue the rest of the alive people including Sonakshi there.
The first place Sonakshi ran was to her Mom. Sonakshi carried her Mom in her lap and realized that she was no more and her soul left. Blood was smeared on her hands.!Sonakshi was shattered!
“Mom!” Sonakshi shouted and conveyed her emotion and depression and sadness she had over the loss. Sonakshi had no one to cry over their shoulder as her Father also left her when she was a baby.

12 years later,
A beautiful city of Turkey is shown. The pretty buildings, the cute trees and the sweet people were surrounded throughout the city in Turkey. A lady whose eyes and the fringe of her hair is covered thanks to the hat on her head. She is shown Cycling the cycle through the city of Turkey. And that smile we saw in the initial parts is shown.

And then another lady is shown following her.
“Sonakshi, wait for me!” She said while chasing her.
Yes the lady in hat was none other than Sonakshi Bose who is now grown up to a 26 year old lady.
Sonakshi paid no heed to her and happily continued speeding her cycle.
Finally Sonakshi looks at her and have this cute naughty smile on her face. In joy she flies her hat off in the sky.
She smiles. Music plays.
End of part 1.

Precap for part 2: Sonakshi arrives in India and looks around. A guy is introduced who is a mamma’s boy as he hugs his Mom who means his world to him. He and Sonakshi meet each other and they stare at each other shockingly and lovingly at first sight!

The next part I will publish tomorrow as I already wrote the 5 shots. Sorry for no Dev scenes in this part, but I assure you there will be Devakshi scenes in part 2-5.
This story is more of Sonakshi’s life than Dev’s life that’s why. But next parts there will be Devakshi scenes.

I hope you all liked the first part of the 5 shots. The next part I will publish tomorrow. Till then feel free to express your opinions πŸ™‚

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    It was so heartbreaking!!but it’s so dejavu because this happened to my friend(like exactly)anyways!great episode and keep the amazing as always work up!!;)

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey nishi OMG :O serious? Well i write this 5 shots because i got inspired from some bollywood movies and this part was of my own imagination after i read news regarding terrorists Attack and i feel so bad for those people who lost their family due to these attacks including ur Friend really sad to hear
      And happy u liked the epi and anyways thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

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