Tere Sang Pyaar Mein ( Naagin ) Episode 9


It was a pleasant day. Everyone were sleeping peacefully in their rooms respectively. Ritik wakes up and sees Shivanya sleeping deeply . He said

Ritik : Today I will not wake Shivanya up. Let her be lost in the woods of dreams.

He went and drank some water . Then he thought to make breakfast for Shivanya.  He quickly opened the fridge and took out eggs and vegetables. He prepared a delicious breakfast with two cups of tea for them.He went to Shivanya and slept on her cozily. Shivanya felt the warmth of Ritik and opened her eyes.

Ritik : Good morning, sweetheart

Shivanya : Ritik

Ritik gets up and serves her breakfast and bed tea .

Shivanya : What’s. …..

Ritik : sssssh. Taste it

Shivanya : Very tasty….

Ritik hugs Shivanya and gets up .

Ritik : I’m going to office Shivanya. Take care.? ?

Shivanya : OK!

Ritik : Where is blue shirt ?

Shivanya : You are wearing a blue shirt.

Ritik : Button is not there

Shivanya : I will stitch it .

Shivanya brought the Stitching box and started Stitching. Ritik held her waist . Suddenly Shivanya pricks her hand and Ritik’s chest . They laugh. After some time Ritik went to office and then came back with Narika to get some files.

Shivanya : Ritik, you here?

Narika : Actually we need some files.

Shivanya : Ok take it.

Then Angad enters there.

Angad : Bhabhi,  who is she?

Shivanya : She is Narika who works in Ritik’s office. Narika , he is angad my brother in law.

Narika : Hi

Angad : Hi

The moment Narika saw Angad , some thing wrong happened with her. She felt good but at the same time she felt bad . (Actually she was in love with Angad.)

Angad : Hello miss! Where have you lost?

Narika : Nothing !

Angad : What’s your status? What’s your qualification? And where did you work previously?

Narika : Status:Single
              Work: Dharmendra Ltd

Angad : No boyfriend?

Narika : No. Tell me about yourself.

Angad : I have 1 girlfriend named Alisha. I call her Lovee and She calls me Duvee and I want to marry her only.I am B.tech and I worked here only .

Shivanya : Well, you didn’t say that you had a girlfriend?

Angad : Bhabhi!

Narika’s heart broke when she heard Angad had a girlfriend.
Ritik got the files.

Precap : Alisha and Narika to meet.

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  1. Siddhi

    Awesome episode pls continue soon

  2. Naaginfanforever

    Nice. Please continue?

  3. Yes update tomorrow it today please…..Update asap…..ASAP

  4. Awesome episode. Adds more of rivanya romance

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