Tere Sang Pyaar Mein ( Naagin ) Episode 7


Sorry guys for very late update! Actually I was busy with some work ! Well let’s continues my FF and thank you for all the comments that said  ‘please continue tere sang pyaar mein ‘????
Shivanya was looking at Ritik. Ritik opened his eyes and looked at Shivanya who was trying to get up. Ritik stopped her and said

Ritik : I’m sorry ,Shivanya . This all happened because of me.

Shivanya : No Ritik. I should say sorry. I misunderstood you.

Ritik : No, Shivanya it was my fault.

Shivanya : I love you

Ritik : I love you too.

Doctor comes and Interferes

Doctor :Mr . Ritik she is  ok now . You can take her hom

Ritik : Thanks doctor!

In Raheja house when Shivanya and Ritik were in their bedroom Angad,Divya and Amrita came.

Angad : Bhabhi, are you ok?

Divya : Yes , Bhabhi say something.

Amrita : Say bhabhi

Ritik : What nonsense!  Give her chance to say

Shivanya : I’m ok (smiled)

Divya :  Bhabhi,  we have made something special for you . We’ll bring it up.

Then the three go and Ritik and Shivanya are alone in their room.

Ritik : Shivanya, today will you go with me in long drive ?

Shivanya : Is it a question for asking?(smiles )

Ritik : Okay, get ready . (Smiles back )

Shivanya gets up and goes to the wadrobe and opens. She cannot think which saree to wear . Ritik comes and chooses a red saree for her. When she was going , Ritik holds her hand

Ritik : Listen close the door properly and don’t come out early otherwise You’ll scream by looking me (remembers a incident )

Shivanya smiled and got ready . They sat in the car .Ritik was looking Shivanya

Shivanya : While driving you shouldn’t look at me , look at the road.

Ritik : Shivanya, you drive and I’ll see you

Shivanya : I don’t know how to drive (Laughs)

Ritik : Okay! So I’ll teach you how to drive.  Come

Ritik pulls Shivanya and makes her sit in his lap. He holds her hand and keeps on the steering wheel, and gets around her cozily . Shivanya feels warm and good. Then Ritik teaches her driving . The went long distances…………….

Precap : Ritik to save a girl named Narika

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  1. Siddhi

    Goodd episode loved it and missed u and ur ff vet much

    1. Siddhi

      And RS also read my ff a journey from hate to love it’s based on rivanya pls read and comment


        Actually I have read all the ffs posted since – month but i was not commenting or writing anything.And by the way all ffs were really nice

  2. It’s very good missed your ff very much. Update next episode soon..

  3. M.Shakaib

    Nice ff.

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