Tere Sang Pyaar Mein ( Naagin ) Episode 6

Next day when Ritik gets up Divya throwing the food. 

Ritik : Divya, why are you throwing the food?

Divya : Bhaiya,  bhabhi has not eaten anything since yesterday

Ritik: What ? But Angad told me .

Divya : He has told you lie because Bhabhi told him to do. Bhabhi had fever since yesterday. She is not listening to me .

Ritik : I know Shivanya is angry on me but I want to go to her.

Divya : Bhaiya I’ve plan. Listen you go to Bhabhi and stay silent and when Bhabhi will ask something then I’ll answer.

Ritik : But, Shivanya will know that I’m with her not you .

Divya : Bhabhi is sleeping, she’ll not know.Come with me.

In the room where Shivanya was sleeping Ritik came and touched Shivanya.  He checked her fever. Shivanya gets up

Shivanya : Ritik

Ritik : Shivanya, please your health is not well . Please let me care for you

Shivanya : I don’t want anyone to care for me . When I needed someone there was no one.  So thank you and go.

Ritik went away. He felt very bad for Shivanya. The next day he searched the whole mansion but Shivanya was not anywhere.He then gets a call of Ragini who threats him to kill Shivanya.  Ragini kept condition that if he’ll marry her then she’ll free Shivanya.  Ritik came running to the jungle and saw Shivanya tied to a tree.When he went to her Ragini came with a Gun pointing Shivanya.

Ritik : Don’t do anything to her . Please

Here Shivanya tried to get rid of the rope and finally the rope was untied by someone. It was none other than Angad, Divya and Amrita. They brought police and Ragini got arrested. When they were going Ragini shouted

Ragini:Ritik if you can’t be mine then can’t be hers also .

She picked her revolver and shooted Ritik when Shivanya pushed Ritik. Ritik fell down and the bullet straight went into her chest.

Police arrested her and They took Shivanya to the hospital .

In the hospital

Ritik was weeping bitterly and said

Ritik: This all happened because of me . I should have not let Shivanya alone .

Angad : No bhaiya its not your fault. Its all that Ra….

Ritik : Stop taking her name. For her my Shivanya is here today (cries more bitterly )

Then doctor comes

Ritik:Doctor How is Shivanya?

Doctor : Don’t worry!  She is absolutely fine . Thanks to you because you came here in time.

Ritik smiled and thanked the doctor and asked

Ritik : Can I go inside ?

Doctor : Sure

Inside the I.C.U

Ritik came to Shivanya and sat there . He closed his eyes and sat. After sometime Shivanya woke up and looked at Ritik.

Precap : Shivanya to be discharged

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