Tere Sang Pyaar Mein ( Naagin ) Episode 4


That night Ragini came rushing into Ritik’sroom

Ragini : Ritik I’m feeling scared .Can I sleep here? Shivanya can you go there?

Ritik : Shivanya you stay here , I’m going there.

Shivanya : No , Ritik its ok I’m going (feeling awkward and in the verge of crying )

The next day In the kitchen when Shivanya was working Angad, Divya and Amrita came as Shivanya told them to live forever.

Angad : Bhabhi

Shivanya : Angad

Divya : Bhabhi,  we are here

Amrita : yes Bhabhi.

Shivanya : Thank you! 

Amrita :  Why? Thank you

Divya : Bhabhi,you told that we are also your brothers and sisters then why are saying thank you.

Then Ritik comes .

Ritik : What are you doing?

Angad :  Hi Bhaiya , are you not taking care of Bhabhi,  she looks so dull

Ritik : Shut up! Well I’m going to the market with Ragini . I’ll eat dinner there.

Ragini comes there and keeps her hand on Ritik’s shoulder and makes him hold her waist.  Everyone is shocked.This incidences kept increasing but one day

The door bell rang. Angad opened the door and there was a parcel delivery boy.

Boy :Sir parcel

Angad : Who has sent it ?

Boy : Mr. Ritik for Mrs Shivanya (Actually the parcel was sent by Ragini to make Shivanya apart from Ritik ).

Angad: Bhabhi take its your parcel .

Shivanya : Give me

Shivanya opened the parcel and burst into tears.  In the parcel there were photos of Ritik and Ragini in which Ritik was in bare body and Ragini was romancing him.

Divya : Bhabhi,  What happened?

Shivanya handed the photos to Divya . Divya saw and got shocked. They all saw got shocked .

Precap : Shivanya and Ritik to quarrel hard.

Credit to: RS

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  1. Nice pls continue and also add rivanya romance.pls update fast as I always wait for ur ff.

  2. Very nice can you please write a little because it’s very nice

  3. plz.. updatee the nxt eps soon ‘coz i liked it very much….

    1. Shivali pls don’t say like this.

    2. alia, very thanks
      siddhi thank you but can’t add now because intense scene is going on.but will try to insert and update fast
      writer thank you but would you say what i have to write a little
      laraib,thanks , will update soon

      finally shivali, mind you language and stop commenting on my ffs if you dont like them . mind it.

  4. It’s just awesome but please add rivanya romance. Update next episode soon

  5. its good RS that u haven’t taken Shivali’s comments seriously ….

  6. Sorry if u r hurt but seriously its not that much gud

  7. But i promise i will never read nd comment on ur ff … m really if u hurt

    1. Shivali good to here that you understood.And also read my ff Supernatural Series (Naagin,Kasam Tere Pyar Ki, Vishkanya, Tei and) and Naagin-Love forever Season 2.?

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