Tere Sang Pyaar Mein ( Naagin ) Episode 3

The next morning Ritik woke up and saw Shivanya not there in the room. He searched her and found her working in the kitchen.  He went to her and hugged her.

Shivanya : Leave me, Ritik.

Ritik : Why?

Shivanya : I’ve to cook for you.

Suddenly Ritik gets a call and he leaves Shivanya there and attends the call. After the call

Ritik : Shivanya, my friend Ragini is coming.  Do you have any problem if she stays here?

Shivanya : No,  why I’ll have problem? Well, when she is coming?

Ritik : Tomorrow.

Shivanya : Ok! I will do the preparations. You eat the breakfast.

Ritik : Okay!

The next day  Ragini comes straight to their house and hugs Ritik. Shivanya feels awkward and says

Shivanya : Hi! Ragini

Ragini : Well! Hi Ritik who is she ?

Ritik : She’s my wife, Shivanya.

Ragini : Hello, Shivanya.

Ragini keeps her hand on Ritik’s shoulder and tells

Ragini :Ritik I’m tired. Where is my room?

Ritik : Come I’ll show you.

They both go and Shivanya goes to the kitchen and thinks

Shivanya : Why I felt that Ragini is a little bit fond of Ritik? After all they are friends but they do not look like friends.

Here,  Ragini is thinking

Ragini :Why Ritik? Why? Why you married that girl. She’s not good at all. I can’t see you with her. I will not let Shivanya take my Ritik.

Precap : Ragini to come between Ritik and Shivanya  .

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