Tere Sang Pyaar Mein ( Naagin ) Episode 2


In the morning Ritik came into bedroom where Shivanya was sleeping.  He hugged her kissed her cheek and layed on her and told

Ritik : A very very happy birthday , my dear wife.

Shivanya smiles and gets up and says

Shivanya : Thank you !

She kissed him on his eyes.

Ritik : Now you get ready.  Go Go Go

Shivanya : Why ?

Ritik : Shivanya, its a surprise.  Go

Shivanya :  What is that ?

Ritik : No questions.  Its your husband’s surprise. Right,? Now go

Shivanya goes to the washroom, Ritik thinks

Ritik : Shivanya, this day will be very special for you. You’ll never forget it.

Ritik leaves and after some time Shivanya comes out . Ritik comes from behind and blindfolds Shivanya.

Shivanya : Ritik,  what are you doing?

Ritik : Shivanya,  its a surprise.

Ritik lifts Shivanya and makes her sit in the car. Ritik takes Shivanya to a mall and unfolds the cloth.

Ritik : Shivanya,  I’ve taken you to this place blindfolded because if I would have asked you for coming here then I’m sure you would have denied. So let’s go . Today I’ll choose clothes for you . Come.

In the mall Ritik asked

Ritik : Shivanya, come to the Saree section

Shivanya : Going.

Ritik rejected many sarees but finally he chose a transparent red saree with golden border. It was embroidered perfectly with silver and golden threads.

Then they went to jewellery section.

  Shivanya denied to buy jewellery but Ritik convinced her. Ritik rejected all the jewellery sets but finally he selected a platinum set whose necklace was made of white diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Earrings were made of Emerald and Sapphire and the Mangtika most of all was made up of multi coloured diamonds,sapphires and pearl.The bangles were made of diamonds and pearls . The anklets were made of pearl and emeralds. Lastly the waist chain was super gorgeous by gold and platinum.

Ritik asked Shivanya to try those and when Shivanya tried those she looked extremely Beautiful. Ritik decided to buy that and they went home.

In the evening Ritik came to Shivanya and hugged her. He gave the saree and jewellery to Shivanya and told them to wear.

Shivanya :  Ok,  you go out . I’m wearing.

Ritik : This is my room ,my house . Why I will go?

Shivanya : But.. in front of you ? How can i change .

Ritik :  Oh hello,  when my towel fell down you’ve seen that and also wearing dhoti . In fact you yourself made me wear it.

Shivanya :  Ritik

Ritik :  Do you remember?

Shivanya : Yes, Ritik but

Ritik :  No. Today  I will make you wear saree.

Shivanya blindfolded Ritik but Ritik removes it. He unpinned Shivanya’s saree and pulls it. He pushes Shivanya close to him and kisses her lips . He brings his face near to her and Shivanya closes her eyes. He brings the saree behind her and makes her wear.  He makes the pletes and pits it into her inskirt . Finally he puts the palu and pins it.

Then he takes her to the mirror.  He opens the jewellery box and makes her wear the necklace then, earrings,bangles  and Mangtika.  He made her stand  and make her wear the waist chain and anklets. Shivanya looked angelic, beauteous,cute, dazzling, divine,elegant gorgeous and graceful. These all things were present in her.

Ritik was lost looking at her beauty and said

Ritik : You look perfect today

Shivanya : Who has dressed me ? (Appreciation to Ritik )

Ritik smiled and told

Ritik:  Let’s go. Yours surprise awaits you.

Shivanya : Let’s go

Ritik took Shivanya to the terrace which was decorated with flowers and lights. It looked enchanted in the night and when Shivanya came there the enchantedness was elevated. The place looking like fairy land .

Shivanya : Thank you Ritik.

Angad, Divya and Amrita:Happy birthday Bhabhi

Shivanya : Thank you! 

Amrita : Let’s cut the cake .

Divya : Yes, I’m  hungry.

Angad :  Hurry Bhabhi .

There was a four layered cake of flavours chocolate, mellow jellow, fruity splash and vanilla.  Shivanya blew the candles and cut the cake. They celebrated greatly and at last it was dinner time.

Angad : Bhabhi, I’ve to give you the gift . Take and open

Shivanya opens it and founds a cell phone.Then she unwraps Divya’s gift and finds a photo pendant in which Ritik and her photo is there. Ritik takes it from her hand and makes it wear . Then she opens Amrita’s gift and found a wine bottle and everyone laughed heartily. 

Then Ritik said

Ritik : Everyone gave their gifts . Now its my turn

When Shivanya opened it was a laminated photo and in that photo there were Shivanya’s mother and father,  sangram singh , Ritik and Shivanya.  She burst into tears. 

Ritik :  Stop crying.  Don’t cry. .

Angad : Yes Bhabhi stop crying.

Ritik wiped off Shivanya’s tears . Shivanya asked Angad

Shivanya : Angad, can you give me one more gift?

Angad : Yes Bhabhi

Shivanya :  Would you three like  to live with us? Forever?

Divya :  Why not Bhabhi?  From tommorow we’ll come here ..

Ritik and Shivanya went into their room.

Ritik hugged Shivanya and kissed her lips. He made her lay on the bed. He removes her anklets. Then He removes her waist chain, necklace, Mangtika and all jwellery.  He he kisses her forehead.  She kisses back . Shivanya removes Ritik’s tuxedo shirt and kisses his neck and bare chest . Ritik removes Shivanya’s saree and touches her neck and kisses it . Ritik turns Shivanya and kisses her back waist . He again turns her and goes down touching her body and again comes up. He holds her waist and kisses her tummy . Shivanya lifts him up and turns him and falls on him. She kisses his back . Ritik turned Shivanya and kissed her eyes.Ritik goes down and touches her navel and kisses it while Shivanya closes her eyes.  Ritik gets up and opens Shivanya’s hair. Ritik turns Shivanya and unhooks her blouse and covers her with quilt . Shivanya gets up and says Ritik

Shivanya : Ritik its enough for now. We’ll do this later .

Ritik :  why we’ll do it now.

Ritik sleeps on Shivanya  and kisses her neck and shoulder. They romance hard and sleep

To be continued. . . . . . . .

Credit to: RS

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