Tere Sang Pyaar Mein ( Naagin ) Episode 11


One sunny day

Divya : Bhabhi its very hot . Bring something chilled .

Amrita : Meanwhile lets play truth and dare .

Angad : No we’ll play Passing the parcel.

Ritik : Now we will play Truth and dare and when Shivanya comes passing the parcel.

Angad : Ok!

Shivanya came back with chilled lemonade.

Ritik : Wow Shivanya! Its so tasty .

Angad : Yes Bhabhi!

Narika comes.

Shivanya : Narika , you here
Narika : Actually, I was free . So I thought to spend time with everyone.

Ritik : You did right ! Take this lemonade. Its very tasty.

Angad: Bhabhi, can we start?

Shivanya : Sure.

The game begins and first Narika gets out.

Divya : Narika,open one chit .

Narika opens a chit and there it was written to dance carrying two pots on head.She danced and was about to fell but Angad catched her and the pots fell down and broke. One broken piece stuck in Shivanya’s foot.

Shivanya : Ouch !

Ritik :Shivanya, sit down .

Shivanya : No, Ritik. I’m ok .Narika are you ok?

Narika : Mam, I’m alright but you obey sir . Ok ?

Shivanya sat down and Ritik first aided her foot . Then a call came Shivanya receive the call and a very happy to know that it was Alisha. Angad was also very happy to know that it was alisha’s call and quickly snatched the mobile from Shivanya .

Angad :Alisha ,what happened? why you called?

Alisha : Angad I can’t live without you I love you and I want to marry you

Angad : bhabhi she wants to marry

After the call Narika gets upset and Angad dances in joy.
The Marriage took Place.Narika Got frustrated . She thought that its all because of Shivanya She decided to kill her .

Precap : Shivanya to fall off the staircaseTere Sang Pyaar Mein

Guys , in the 15th episode , the ff will be ended. Don’t forget to read my new ff Romedra.

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