Tere Sang Pyaar Mein ( Naagin ) Episode 10


Angad : Bhabhi,  can you please come with me?

Shivanya : Where Angad?

Angad : To Alisha. She is angry on me.

Shivanya laughed.

Angad : Bhabhi!

Shivanya : Ok ok! But not today! Take Divya or Amrita.

Angad : They also said no .

Shivanya : Then……. take Narika.

Angad : Bhabhi you are great. I’ll go and talk to Narika.

Angad took Narika to Alisha

Alisha : Duvee I said get away .

Angad : Lovee! Please take this gift .

Alisha :I said get away .

Narika : Angad you go .

Angad : But……

Narika :  Go.

Angad goes and stands far away.

Narika :Alisha listen

Alisha: Please Narika stop .

Narika thought : Angad you are only mine.

Narika :  aw! Alisha do you know Angad had started drinking, smoking and gambling .

Alisha :  Thanks Narika! From now I’m going to end everything. 

Alisha messaged Angad and told that she’s breaking up. Angad came to Narika and cried . She gave her shoulder to Angad for crying . Slowly they became friends. Soon this relationship turned into something else. They  were in love with each other .

Precap: Marriage

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  1. Siddhi

    Good episode Rs

  2. Clivisha12

    amazing please continue.

  3. Clivisha12

    amazing please update the next episode ASAP

  4. Amazing episode. Add rivanya romance

  5. Naaginfanforever

    Good episode Rs


      Thanks Everyone! Shreyaa and Naaginfanforever please update your own ffs respectively


    Will try to update soon

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