Tere Sang Pyaar Mein ( Naagin ) Episode 1


No one is there to come between Ritik and Shivanya

Shivanya : Ritik,go and get ready for office.

Ritik : No 

Shivanya : Why ? Don’t you have to go to the office?

Ritik : I can’t stay away from you.    

Shivanya : Ritik, stop behaving like child and go get ready

Ritik : If I am a child then I can’t dress up by my own , so please help me dress up . (Asks naughtily )

Shivanya : Stop stupidity and go

Ritik holds Shivanya and says

Ritik : I’ll go to office in one condition and the condition is you’ve to dress up me .  If you do that then I’ll go to office .

Shivanya : Ritik, let me go and I’m not doing anything like that

Ritik : Shivanya Today is a very important meeting . If you don’t want to do then….

Shivanya : Ok ! Let’s go to the room

In the room Shivanya unbuttoned Ritik’s shirt and made him wear another shirt . Ritik held Shivanya from her waist and brought his near to her but Shivanya blushed and goes away.

Ritik : I’m going to office Shivanya.

Shivanya : Ok

Ritik : Bye

Shivanya : bye Ritik

Ritik returned home and asked Shivanya

Ritik : Shivanya what is the date of today?

Shivanya : 27th Sept

Ritik got shocked as Shivanya’s birthday was on the next day and he has totally forgotten about it. Shivanya asked

Shivanya : Ritik, What happened? Why are u shocked?

Ritik : No nothing just like this .

Ritik thought of giving Shivanya a surprise. And told Shivanya that he wants to spend time with her .

They both go to the bedroom.

Ritik : Shivanya, let’s go shopping

Shivanya : Now yoy told to spend time with me and now you want to go to shopping. What happened to you Ritik?  Are you ok ?

Ritik : Yes Shivanya lets go .

They both get ready and sat in the car.

Ritik : Today you go to the parlour and get fresh

Shivanya : Ritik you know that I don’t like going to the parlour.

Ritik : For me go to the parlour.Go and I’m also going .

In the parlour

Ritik : Make her as beautiful as a crystal.

Worker : sure sire!

After the parlour Shivanya got  Amazingly Beautiful. She looked like a queen . They went home and had dinner . Ritik gave Shivanya a sleeping pill without the Knowledge of Shivanya.

Precap : Ritik and Shivanya to celebrate Shivanya’s birthday greatly with Angad, Divya and Amrita

Credit to: RS

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