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Last episode: swara and laksh conversation Aayush who saw and heard them. Ragini and laksh marriage.

Chapter 3

Aayush: Finally I my dear sister ragini gadodia got married to laksh Maheshwari.

Swara: Yes aayush but there some correction now ragini gadodia belongs to laksh maheshwari. So from today no no from this moments we all should call her as ragini laksh maheshwari. Okey.

Aayush: Okey my dear captain.

All guests and family members laughed for their childness. At the same time ragini eyes get moist which noticed by laksh and Shekhar.

Laksh: Ragini why are you crying.They just tease you that only. Don’t cry otherwise all family members will get sad.

Ragini: Yes laksh. I will not cry. Okey.

Laksh: That my girl.

Shekhar: Ragini beta why are crying. Go to mandap and he hug ragini. Don’t cry my child. Only your name got changed but you are my child that will not changed even though that god can’t. You are my favourite child. Please don’t cry my girl.

Aayush: what?? Then I’m not your favourite haa papa.
Shekhar: Who said you my second faviourite. Okey.

Aayush: That my papa. He also go to mandap and hug ragini and shekhar.

Swara: Then I. I’m not your favourite haa papa.

Aayush: Nooo .Swara didi not papa’s pet she mama’s pet.

Swara: This not fair.And go to sumi and side hug her.

Aayush: All is fair in love and war.

Ragini: Aayush this is the way to speak with elders okey. Give respect and take respect.Okey. Swara come here.

Aayush: Okey didi and smile.

Four of them share a cute and sweet family hug.

Dadima: How many time our new married couple will stand there. Laksh and ragini beta come down. There are many rituals we have do.

Our raglak nods and came down. Ragini wore her shoes but laksh.

Sanskaar: What happen laksh. Fast wear your shoes and come.

Laksh: But sanskaar my my new. He turn left and right and search for his shoes.

Sanskaar: What my my new. Don’t you know how to speak haa. For what are you searching.

Laksh: Sanskaar my new new. Before two days only I bought that. You know how much I paid for that.

Sanskaar: What you bought? For what you paid. I think you gone mad.

Sujata: what happen beta. what was missing and for what are searching.

Laksh: Arey chichi my shoes are missing. How can I will walk without my shoes.

Adarsh:What laksh are you child. Can’t you keep your shoes properly.

Sujata: Shut up adarsh my beta’s shoes are missing but you talking nonsense. First search the shoes.

Adarsh: His shoes got miss but I have to search to them. Same as usual.In childhood also like this even though after he got married I can’t escape. Why like this only happening to me.

Sujata: Did you say anything.

Adarsh: No chachi.I did not say anything.

Suddenly there some music got played. And our swara came infront of laksh. She hide her hands.

Swara: Laksh if you want your shoes give me some money and then you will get your shoes.

Laksh: why I should give you money.

Suddenly all laughed loudly. Then only he understand hoe his shoes got miss.

Laksh: That means you stole my shoes. Give me back my shoes.

Swara: Okey. she forward her hands but stops there. First give me money and then get your shoes okey.Deal.

Laksh: What?Okey deal. How much do you want.

Swara: fifty thousand.

Laksh eyes popped out and his face got changed.What I can’t give you that much. only five thousand. okey.

Swara: Okey take this. She give shoelace to laksh.

Laksh: what is this. I asked you to give my shoes but you gave me shoelace.

Swara: Yes. I asked you to give fifty thousand but you are dealing with me.

Laksh: Please swara take this first. After that I will give the balance.

Sanskaar: What laksh dealing with her. saying this he take laksh’s wallet. And take all the money in the wallet and give to swara.

Laksh: Nooo sanskaar. Don’t give that.

Sanskaar: why bro.

Laksh: I kept seventy thousand. You gave all the money to her.

Sanskaar: That tour problem. who asked you to deal with her. see now how much did you lost.

Saying this aayush,sanskaar and Adarsh went and stand beside swaraThey all discussing something and all of them receive equal money from swara.Laksh get shocked.

Laksh: What happening here sanskaar and adarsh bhai you also involed.

Adarsh: what to do laksh. Did you remember what you did when I getting married.

Laksh remember something. And said sorry to adarsh.

Adarsh: No way like this also you did with me. So today I take my revenge from you.So I took all of their help. He hifi with them and smile at laksh.

Laksh: Why you did like this to me. I your beloved bhai right.

Sanskaar: Yes,laksh but do you remember what you with me when adarsh’s bhai marriage. When I asked you some money which you got for stole adarsh’s bhai shoes. You didn’t give me money. So take revenge from you.

Laksh: you all took your revenge right. But one day I also will take revenge from all of you. Okey now give me my shoes.

Adarsh: No way we can’t give your shoes.

Laksh: what this bhai. I gave money for all of you right for now what?

Adarsh: The same rule will follow. On my wedding day I walk without shoes right. You only gave this idea so for now you have to follow this rule. Am I right sanskaar.

Sanskaar: obviously bhai.

Laksh: Okey,I will walk without shoes but for sure one I also will take my revenge from all boyh of you. Remember this and note on your calendar.

When laksh start to walk suddenly ragini stop him.

Laksh: What ragini you also want to take revenge from me haa.

Ragini: Wait a second laksh. And the she call aayush and whispered something in his ear for their privacy. And then aayush went away from there.

Laksh: Ragini what happening here. Why you call aayush and then he went away. Can you tell me and will you let me to walk for today.

Ragini: Wait for few seconds laksh and then you will get to know your answer. here aayush came.

Aayush hand over something to ragini which got wrapped with wrapping paper and it looks like a box. Ragini gave that box to laksh and laksh take that box from ragini. When he opened the box he got happy and kiss her. Ragini get shy and lowered her head. Laksh dance madly. all look at him confused.

Sujata: Arey what to him jiji. Why him behaving like this.

Ap: I also don’t know sujata? Laksh what happened? Why you’re dancing like mad? What happened beta, anything serious.

Laksh: Ma ma I got it ma.

Ap:What you got it laksh?

Laksh:See this ma your bahu so sorry my beloved wife give me this shoes.Saying this he show a pair of shoes.

Sujata:Arey,wow ragini you did a nicw work dear.You save my son.

Swara:This is not fair ragini.How could you do this.

Adarsh:Haa.Ragini you can’t do this.I’m so sad.Laksh give me back these shoes.Give that laksh.

Laksh:No bhai.sorry.

Saying this laksh shows his tongue.Adarsh try to get laksh’s shoes.Suddenly both stop their actions.

Dp:Adarsh and laksh enough.Adarsh you’re elder than laksh but you showing your naughtiness.And laksh now only you got married but all your behaviour shows that you’re not well matured.Both of you behave like a married and mature men.

Rp:Bhai,leave it.Be cool.Today laksh’s wedding day don’t scold him bhai.

Dp:No,ram if I don’t scold them.they will not change their behaviour.

Ap:Ji.don’t embarrass them in this crowd.Show all your anger on them in our house.Please ji.

Dada:Haa,dp ji leave them.Both of them showing their love and care for each other.We all can’t understand about that.Swara bring ragini to her room and let her rest.

Dadi:Ragini beta first get freshen up and rest.After that we will call you for bidaai.Laksh beta you also go and get freshen up okey aayush bring laksh to your room.Go.

Aayush:okey,dadima jiju come lets go.

Dadi:sumi,come we have to prepare for bidaai.

Sumi:Ji ma,shekar please go and greet guest.

Shekar:I will sumi.First you go with and prepare for ragini’s bidaai.

At aayush’s room

Laksh:Not bad aayu.Your room look tidy.So nice.

Aayush:All because of ragini di. Di always tell keep your room clean, bath twice a day, brush twice a day and many more.

Laksh:Seems like your didi sorry sorry my biwi is a hygienic person.So have have to change my behaviour.

Aayush:No jiju di will change herself for you.don’t worry.Jiju I will ask you one question will you answer me.

Laksh:Yes, aayu tell what the question?

Aayush:Did you love anyone?And still are you in that relationship if you loved someone.Don’t think bad about me jiju I just want to ask this question when you came to saw ragini di.That only.
Laksh:No aayu I don’t love anyone.I only love your di only.
In his mind:oh god what type of question he ask me.How could I tell him that swara and I loved each other.Is that he know about my past love no no laksh why are thinking like he only ask you to clarify his doubt only.Please maintain your secret.

Aayush:Jiju what happened.

Laksh:Nothing aayu.

Aayush in his mind:You lied to me jiju.I know you loved swara di and you loving her also.I will not let you to spoil my ragini’s di life wait and see.Suddenly dada call him.

Aayush:Jiju you rest and wait here.I will come back.Okey.


At ragini’s room

Swara:See ragini dadi tell me to take care you.so go and get freshen up.Chalo chalo.

Ragini:No swara I feel okey and I’m not tired.I will get freshen up at home baad mein okey.

Swara:No ragini but dadi tell me to take care of you.If dai get to know for sure she will scold me.

Ragini:Swara dadi will not scold you.I will tell her okey.don’t worry okey.
In meantime dada call swara.

Swara:I will came.Dada is calling me.If you don’t want freshen up okey but get some rest.I will come back and lock your room.

Ragini:Okey swara I will.First go dada is calling you.

Swara get out from room.Ragini locked her room and go near bed.Suddenly someone knocked the door.Ragini go to open the door and she opened the door.She get shocked to see that person who infront of her right now.

At kitchen

Dadi: Hey ramu fast get all the things for bidaai. It should be perfect.okey.

Ramu(servant): Ji sahib. I will do everything as you want.

Dadi. Aayush beta please come.

Aayush: what dadima.What you want.

Dadi: Aayush please keep all laado begs in car. And make sure your dada eat his pills.

Aayush: Dadima don’t worry I already keep them in car.

Swara: Dadima eat this pills otherwise ragini will not leave. Saying this she give some pills to dadima.

Dadi: You’re right swara if I don’t eat my pills she will get angry on me. I don’t want my laado to get angry on me. Swara please check your dada for sure he didn’t eat his pills.

Swara: No dadima dada already ate his pills. You only didn’t eat your pills. Dada always perfect.
Dadi: Okey don’t support you dada.


At Shekhar’s room

Shekhar seeing one photo and get teary.Suddenly sumi comes there and stand behind him and put her hand on his shoulder.

Precap: Ragini’s bidaai. Swara kiss laksh everyone gets shocked even though laksh also, only one person didn’t get shocked. Who is that person? Adarsh prank on laksh. Laksh remembered his past . Raglak first night ?Who is that person in front of ragini at her bedroom? Why Shekhar get sad seeing a photo? Whose phote is that?

Sorry guys if this part so boring. Don’t stop reading my ff coming days there will many twist and romantic scenes for our raglak. Please comments all you negative and positive commens. Next time I will clear all my mistakes. Please avoid my grammatical mistakes and typos. Sorry guys for the late to update my ff. From now I will update my ff regularly. Please guys supports me I need all your supports guys. Thank you for read my ff guys.


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      Thank You Dear.continue your support for me and reading my ff.yes your are 50 percent right but there are a lots of twits.but i will reveal them later.

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    Omgggg!!!!its damnnnnn interestng story my sweetypie…..loved it so so soooo muchhh..oh god sooo many suspence…hmm!!!waitng eagerly for it to b revealed…..ur writng ability ws damnnn fabuloussss…n ur story isssss fantastic yaaaar..post nxt part soon plzzzz…keeep rockng n stay blesssed dr…love raglak 😉 thnku so much for dis superb story 😉 😉 😉

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    Aayush didn’t get shocked and the person in front of her room was the person in the photo I think or Sanskaar 👫 Loved it so post soon xx

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    It’s simply outstanding
    Loved it to the core
    If laksh still loves swaragini
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    Precap seems interesting
    Please do continue soon
    Eagerly waiting to read more

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      Thank You Dear.continue your support for me and reading my ff.no dear in past laksh only love swara and in present he only loves ragini.but there are a lots of twits between them.keep continue dear.as soon i will upload my next part.

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    i actually loved Ayush, he is the best brother. ragini is so lucky to have him in her life, and their bonding is amazing. you have already created so much suspense. so update soon.

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      Thank You Dear.continue your support for me and reading my ff.yes he love ragini so much even though she his half sister.he relly care for ragini and will sacrifice his life for her.keep reading dear.

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    awesome i hope there wont be any misunderstandings between raglak due to swara’s kiss and ayush i loved his character his love towards ragini superb

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      Thank You Dear.continue your support for me and reading my ff.not at all but for now ragini will not misunderstanding swara’s kiss for laksh and there are a lots of twist.so you have wait for that.

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      Thank You Dear.continue your support for me and reading my ff. from next chapter there will be a lots of raglak’s scenes don’t worry dear.keep reading.

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