Anjail,lovely,sindhura,soujanya,meena,rosey,megha 123,piya,tamana,s,chhahat,pavani,ruhani and yashasvi(yashu) tq u guys for yours comments.sorry for late update. guys pls avoid my grammatical mistakes.Lets starts our ff. i decided that this ff only for raglak but there will be some sequence for swasan


Shekhar:ma,sumi they all had arrived.aayush go n call your mom n dadima.

Aayush:ok papa.papa there is ma n dadima.

Dp,ap,rp,sujata, Parineeta,Adarsh came there n greats all there.

Dadima:pls come. I’m so happy in this marriage.

Ap:I’m also happy because we all going to get a new daughter for my house.

Dadima:purna ji where is our groom,sanskaar and uttara.

Sujata:parvati ji see there they all are coming.

Sanskaar wore orange sherwani and the pants are white colour. laksh wore white sherwani and the pants are red colour.

Dadima did the groom welcoming rituals.aayush took laksh n make him have sit at wedding hall.aayush went for ragini’s room.

Aayush:didi they all had arrived.

Swara:what come lets go I want to see our ragini’s groom.

Ragini:swara don’t leave me alone.i’m so afraid.

Swara:ragini don’t worry I won’t leave u alone.haan aayush

Aayush:yes didi me also.

Ap:sumi can I see my bride.

Sumi:ji why u are asking me u can see your bride.don’t ask me like this nxt time.this is your house also.

Ap:theek.sujata, Parineeta come lets go.

Sujata:haan jiji

Uttara:mom I also want to come

Sujata:of course she is your bhabhi u have all rights.
Ragini’s room

Aayush,swara and ragini are busy in their chit chatting n taking pictures.

Aayush: who was disturbing us.let me see

Swara:no aayush let me see u take pic with ragini.

Ragini:haan aayush swara will see

Swara open the room door

Ap:swara beta hw r u

Swara:ook blessing.i’m fine ma

Ragini n aayush stood up n took blessing from ap,sujata n hug parineeta.

Ap:ragini beta u looking so cute

Ragini:thanks ma

Parineeta n uttara tease ragini.ragini gets blush on her face

Sujata: enough don’t tease my daughter okey.sujata lets one dot of kajal on ragini’s face.today u looking sooo beautiful

Daadaji call swara

Swara:yes dada I’m coming.ragini Ii wil be soon don’t worry ok

Ragini:okey swara u go first dada is calling u

After swara ap,sujata,parineeta n uttara also leave from there.mow aayush n ragini only are in ragini’s bedroom.

Swara:daadaji why u call me

Daada:nothing beta.want to make sure ragini is ready Because of that I called u.

While this sanskaar eyes are searching for swara.sanskaar gets mesmerized when he saw swara.she look so pretty.

Swara:ohhh,ragini is ready dada don’t worry aayush n I here y u soo tension be cool.daada now I want company with ragini I have to leave.

Dada:okey beta

While swara going to ragini’s someone hold swara’s wrist took her from there to garden.swara ask him to leave her hand but he doesn’t hears her voise.finally swara gets free her hand n about to slap him.
Ragini’s room

Ragini:aayush why di is so late go n see her

Aayush:yes di u don’t worry I will look for her.u don’t be tension okey.


Man:don’t dare to slap me swara.u looking soo cute.he about to kiss swara but she push him

Swara:stop it laksh (yes it’s our hero laksh) don’t dare to kiss me u are going to marriage my sister.what will people think if they see us together.

Laksh:this marriage will be stop.i will be release from this unwanted relation.my life will be peaceful and I will propose u.

Swara;stop it laksh what the rubbish r u talking.are u mad

Laksh:yes I’m mad with you

While this aayush overhear this conversation but laksh n swra didn’t saw him

Laksh:I know u still love me swara.we will run from here n will marriage somewhere.i know u din’t happy in this marriage.

Swara:noooooooo (shout) laksh u misunderstanding me I don’t love u

Aayush gets shocked while hearing this and gets angry

Swara:before this I’m in love with you but Now I have no feeling against to you.

Laksh:no you are lying to me don’t act to me swara I know u very well.
While this aayush return back to ragini’s room

Swara:laksh pls try to understand me I won’t love u.only ragini’s love for u.befor this I loves u but when I heard ragini is love with u. delete all my love for you.now I standing here as ragini’s sister n as your friend.

Laksh laugh loudly and sat down n laugh from whole heartedly.swara didn’t understand anything

Laksh:sorry swara pls forgive me.i did this all to check u. and to confirm that u still not in love with me.n my thought was positive.

Swara:what? But why

Laksh:because I want this relationship start with peaceful and with all ours elders blessings.i know that you didn’t love me after my engagement with ragini.swara do u know one thing I agree to this marriage for u n for my family.when I saw ragini I fell for her. I think that I love her

Swara: congrats laksh I won’t think that u will fell for ragini

Laksh:yes swara.if I saw ragini before u naturally I will propose to her first before u.
Swara:laksh uuuuuuuuu.she starts to beat him after a while she stop to beat laksh

Laksh: one more think I don’t want ragini know about our past swara I want my relation start with full of happinessbut it will take time to forget u.but I’m sure my love only for ragini.from now only she got place in my heart n my life.from now this laksh only for ragini.

Swara:its ok I can understand u.now we have to move to hall.we are getting late.



Dp: Shekhar can we start the marriage

Shekhar:I think so but to confirm I ask Pandit ji. Pandit ji can we start the marriage.
Pandit:yes sure ask bride come down.

Shekhar:swara bring our ragini down

Swara:ok papa
Ragini’s room

Ragini:aayush did u found di.where is she.

Aayush didn’t notice that his thought was full on swara n laksh conversation.ragini shook aayush.aayush get out from his thought.

Ragini:aayush I’m asking u where is di. is that your thought is here.are u ok.or have you fever.

Ragini touched aayush forehead

Aayush:di I’m alright.swara di talking with our relatives.di can I ask u something

Ragini:yes sure

Aayush: how much you love jiju

Ragini gets tears

Ragini:I love him more than my soul.only he my life

Aayush:sorry di for asking u this question.

Ragini:why u asking sorry u have alrights to question to me ok.nxt time don’t ask sorry to me.

Aayush:ok di

Ragini smile n kiss aayush forehead n they share a hug

Swara:ragini papa ask u to bring down.your marriage will start come lets go.

They all went for wedding hall while this
Aayush(mind):di I promise u that u will spend your life with jiju forever with full of happiness.if anything happen I will not leave anyone.i promising


Ragini gets down laksh get mesmerized in her beauty

Sanskaar: kya hua lucky u staring ragini for so long

Uttara:haan why bhai is that bhabhi looking sooo cuteeee

Laksh:both of u will stop.don’t tease me ok.

Laksh n ragini stood for exchange garlands. as ragini is about to make laksh wear the garlands,sanskaar lift him up. ragini couldn’t wear him the garlands.so aayush n shekhar lift ragini up.now they are equal stage when ragini make laksh wear the garlands sanskaar pull him back.so ragini faoled this time but laksh ask sanskaar to stop.because he can’t see ragini struggle.ragini make laksh wear the garlands.

It’s laksh turn same thing happened but our laksh finnaly make ragini wear the garlands.

Both of them have sit in mandap.pandit ji start wedding ritual.uttara does the ghat bandhan.

Pandit ji ask ragini to promise laksh that she wiil be with him whole life.ragini promises.pandit ji ask laksh to promise Shekhar that he will take care of his daughter whole life.shekhar gave ragini hands to laksh n ask him take care of his ladoo.

pandit ji asks them to stand up for pheras.ragini walks ahead of laksh during first 3 pheras. everyone shower flower petal on them happily.

while the song manamaganin sathiyam play from kochadaiyaan movie.

Kanne Kaniye Unai Kai Vidamaatten
Sathiyam Sathiyam Idhu Sathiyame

Maalai Soodiya Kaalai Kadhirin Mele
Sathiyam Sathiyam Idhu Sathiyame

(Oh My Dear, I Will Never Abandon You
Promise, Promise, This Is A Promise

On The Sun’s Rays Which Adorns Garlands
Promise, Promise, This Is A Promise)

Oru Kuzhandhai Pole Oru Vairam Pole

Thooimaiyaana En Sathiyam Punidhamaanadhu
Ippiraviyil Innoru Pennai Sindhaiyilum Thoden
Piridhor Pakkam Manam Saayaa Piriyam Kaappen

(Like A Baby, Like A Diamond
My Promise Is Pure And Sacred

In This Birth, I Wont Touch A Woman Even In Thoughts
Will Safeguard My Love For You Without Heeding To Distractions)

and then laksh comes forward from 4th phera.

Chella Kolusin Sinungal Arindhu Sevai Seiven
Netri Pottil Mutham Pathithu Nitham Ezhuven

Kai Porul Yaavaiyum Karaithaalum Kanakku Kelen
Un Voru Vaadhamum Mudiyum Bodhum Unnidam Thorpen

(Will Serve You By Just Knowing Just The Sound Of Your Anklets
Will Wake You Every Morning With A Kiss On Your Forehead

Will Not Question You, Even If You Spend All Our Wealth
Will Willingly Lose To You In All Our Arguments)

laksh makes ragini wear mangalsutra.ragini is happy.

Kanne Kaniye Unai Kai Vidamaatten
Sathiyam Sathiyam Idhu Sathiyame
Maalai Soodiya Kaalai Kadhirin Mele
Sathiyam Sathiyam Idhu Sathiyame

Artha Jaama Thirudan Pola Adhirndhu Pesen
Kaamam Theerum Pozhudhilum Endhan Kaadhal Theeren

(Oh My Dear, I Will Never Abandon You
Promise, Promise, This Is A Promise

On The Sun’S Rays Which Adorns Garlands
Promise, Promise, This Is A Promise)

laksh fills her maang with sindoor.

Maadha Malarchi Maraiyum Vayadhil Maarbu Koduppen
Noi Madiyudan Nee Vizhundhaal Thaai Madiyaaven

Swasam Pola Arugil Irundhu Sugapadavaippen
Undhan Uravai Endhan Uravaai Nenjil Sumappen
(Will Never Talk Arrogantly Like A Midnight Thief
Even After The Lust Ends, My Love For You Never Ends

Will Embrace You On My Chest, When Your Periods Get Over
Will Become A Mother’s Lap When You Fall Sick)

laksh makes ragini wear toe rings

Un Kanavugal Nijamaaga Enaiye Tharuven
Un Vaazhvu Mannil Neela En Uyir Tharuven

Kanne Kaniye Unai Kai Vidamaatten
Sathiyam Sathiyam Idhu Sathiyame
Maalai Soodiya Kaalai Kadhirin Mele
Sathiyam Sathiyam Idhu Sathiyame

Oru Kuzhandhai Pole, Oru Vairam Pole
Thooimaiyaana En Sathiyam Punidhamaanadhu (3)

(Will Make You Feel Better, By Being With You Always Like Your Breath
Will Bear All Your Relatives Like My Own, In My Heart

Will Give You Myself To Make All Your Dreams Come True
Will Give You My Life For Your Longevity

Oh My Dear, I Will Never Abandon You
Promise, Promise, This Is A Promise

On The Sun’S Rays Which Adorns Garlands
Promise, Promise, This Is A Promise

Like A Baby, Like A Diamond

My Promise Is Pure And Sacred) the song end

both families looks happily.pandit ji says marriage is complete n asks them to take elder’s blessings. they take pandit ji’s blessing first n then everyone’s blessings.laksh holds ragini hands.the scene end with happy face.

Precap:laksh shoes was missing.ragini’s bidaai.ragini n laksh first night.

Guys sorry if the chapter was so boring.leave all yours comments eventhough its positive or negative.

Friends I will choose adi character from yeh hai mohabbatein for aayush character.

Tq guys.see you all in nxt chapter.bye.

Credit to: Hema

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