teja,yashasvi(yashu) thamk you guys for all yours comments.i will give more space to raglak.so don’t worry my dear ff friends.for your all kind information I will not ableto update my ff because this year I have a important exam.i’m not india citizen.sorry guys for my late update and forgive me for my future late updates.but I will try my best.thank u.as as usual avoid my solecism.lets start our ff chapter 1.

Gadodia mansion

Two girls and one boy are seen they hug each other while sleeping peacefully covers themselves with blanket.the room include the house full of decorative flowers. suddenly sun rays fall on their face.

Lady:wake up it already late.we have to do many rituals.wake up.

Girl 1:mom pls let us sleep peaceful for sometimes.

Boy:yes mom didi is right. Agree with her.

Girl 2:Swara and Aayush wake up it’s already late.we have many works to do wake up.

Yes,it our swara,aayush and ragini.the lady none other than our Sharmishtha.

Swara:hello madam today is your last day.today is your wedding by tomorrow you will wake up with your husband. Haan aayush.they give hifi to each other.

Ragini lightly get blush on her face.

Sharmishtha(sumi):okkk okay it’s over don’t dare to tease my lovely daughter. today is her last day in our house tomorrow we all will miss her.

Ragini:maa don’t say like that.i always remember all of u.

They all get tears and share a group hug

Sumi:okey all get up and take yours baths

After they had their baths. After that they all gather in dining room.

Dadima:sumi serve the food to them.ragini beta take your breakfast full of your stomach, because this is your last day.by tommorrow you will miss all of these foods which cooked by your dadima and your mom.

Daada:haan I will miss my dear girl.

Ragini:pls don’t tell like that otherwise I will break this marriage.

Shekhar:ladoo don’t tell like,we all won’t tell like this ok.swara make sure ragini get ready for her marriage.

Dadima:swara make sure that my ladoo look like devi paravati okey.

Swara:all right dadima I will make sure that my sis look like devi paravati.

Aayush:papa I will purchase some gifts for our guests.

Shekhar:okey beta

Maheshwari mansion

Ap:romi(servant) romi order all our servants prepare all the arrangement for the marriage n I want all the preparations must be met with flowers and beautiful.

Romi: jee madam

Ap:okey now u can go. Adarsh beta you have to go to the sweet store n get our sweets.

Adarsh:jee maa

Sujata:jiji i didn’t get my attire for wedding.this uttara always like this did’t do any work complet.

Ap:sujata don’t worry uttara will get your attire pls keep calm.

Sujata:ican’t jiji thre are some more times only for the marriage and we will late.

Uttara:mom here yours attire.

Sujata:thank god I got it.why u so late.some days you are becoming more lazy.for now go n prepare for your brother wedding.

Uttara:there traffic jam mom.okey mom

Ap:uttara make sure all get ready for the time.

Uttara:okey bade ma

It’s evening

Gadodia mansion

Swara: ragini you looks so gorgeous i’m sure laksh will not take his eyes if he see u

Ragini:thank u didi

Ragini wore Lakshmi lehanga in Green and wore a gold set jewellery.I imagine she’s like in the picture below

Dadima:ladoo u looks so beautiful

Shekhar:maa and papa they call me that they will arrived here within 1hour.

Dadima:okey beta, swara take care of ragini I have alots of work to welcome them.

Ragini:swra,aayush is that I’m looking beautiful.

Swara and Aayush:yessssss you look so beautiful.okey you are asking for 20 times this same question.

Ragini:okey don’t tease me.

They all share a group hug.

Precap:dadima welcoming the groom nad the groom’s family.laksh and swara conversation aayush overheard.
Aayush asking ragini something ragini gets tears.

Guys don’t get angry on me because this chapter 1 is some conversation between famil members.chapter 2 will be awesome.let your all comments which is positive or negative.i need all your suggestions.

Which actor will suitable for aayush character.leave your suggestion.thank you.

Credit to: hema

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