Tere mere pyaar twinj episode 9


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Episode 9

Tw is shocked to know uv is kunj s brother.she was abt to faint when kunj shakes her nd asks what happened.
Nd (thinks)no i will tell him later.
Then they go to their aftet taking the scissors.it had a beautiful oracle wid couple dancing on fur elise.tw got really happynd hugged kunj tightly.nd kunj hugged her back.then they break the hug.kunj starts forwarding twrds tw.tw moves back nd gets pinned to the walltheir lips r just 2 milllimeter away when uv knocks the door.kunj fumes in anger
Uv-vhai darwaza kolo
K(moans)aaj meri suharaat yaar pls.
Uv-bhai ek emergency hai
Kunj angrily opens the door
Uv-(stammering)b bb bebe
K(shocked)bebe ko kya??
Uv-she was vommiting and fainted we r taking her to the hospital.kunj leaves without informing tw. Tw is waiting for him alone in the room.
Uv (thinks)look tw i hv ruined ur special night soon i will ruin ur lyf also.


Uv mixes something in bebe s food nd leaves.bebe eats tht food nd later starts vommiting nd faints.and uv informs kunj nd sends him to the hospital leaving tw alone.tw tries to contact kunj so many tyms bt he is busy driving so doesnt attend it.she then msgs him also many tyms.

Kunj reaches the hospital nd asks abt bebe to usha
U-(worriedly)they have taken her for some tests.
doctor comes there nd says its just normal food poisoning u can discharge her tommorow afternoon
K-ok doctor.nd takes his fon to inform uv abt it nd sees 21 missed calls nd 9 msgs from tw.
K-(POV)oh god tw i totally forgot abt her i didnt even inform her.hw could u even do this to her that also on ur special night.she must be very worried.
Then he msgs te.

Sry sry sry sry sry thousand tyms sry tw.actually bebe is admitted in the hospital as she got food poisoning. I am sry as soon asuv told me abt without thinking only i rushed to hospital.i was in so much of rush that i forgot abt u only.i am sry once again????pls forgive me nw i am cming home.???.

On ther hand tw reads the msg nd calms dwn nd thinks i shud hv known it was all uv’s plan.
Kunj reaches home nd goes to their room nd sees tw sitting on the bed.he goes nd back hugs her.
K-i am rlly sry siyappa queen.
But tw just shrugs him off.
Tw(faking anger to upset him)wht sry ha?i didnt mean u shud nt have left bt u could hv unformed me.oh sry i am no one to u na then y shud u tell me(acting like to cry)
Kunj sees this nd feels guilty.
K-i am sry
Tw-(wiping her tears)wht sry u hv no idea hw much it pains nw i am going to sleep.

She goes nd lys on the bed nd covers herself wid the bedsheets.she ayghs to herself nd thinks oh god it was so much of fun.kunj feels guilty nd lays on one side of thebed.
Uv who was watching all this from a distance smirks evilly nd says this is just the first step of my plan there us still more nd more.

Precap-kunj’s manao tw mission

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Credit to: Aishwarya(twinj fan)

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